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Prayer Request: Perfect world

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Perfect world (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"This way, everyone." There is a special person to guide Shi Hao and these outsiders to enter the mining area along a path. There are many ancient mines here, some of which have been dug for tens of thousands of years and are still going on. One big hole after another appears on the ground, all numbered. Some mines are very special, far away you can see the glow rising, which contains great things, but unfortunately those are not open to the outside world, only let the prisoners of the God level strong to mine. Because no matter how many of these prisoners are dug up, they have to turn in. Outsiders can come here because the black prison has to be opened to the outside world under the pressure of various religions, and one of the main reasons is that it is too difficult to dig here, which requires the real strong to go deep underground, which is very dangerous and troublesome. Shi Hao did not come for mining, but only to find clues to his grandfather. But when he really got close to it, he was still a little surprised that there was a treasure deep underground, containing good things, and he saw with his own eyes that someone had dug up a large piece of divine material. This is a strange crystal, crystal clear and transparent, in which there is a trace of thunder, dazzling lightning, was fixed there, and did not rush out. Good thing, this is Shinto Thunder, enough to alarm the top! The jailer was overjoyed and ordered people to put it away and seal it carefully in the treasure box. Alcatraz is controlled by several super powers,beam impact tubes, the strongest of which is Mount Bulao, which is enough to control and dominate everything here. It can be said that half of the resources on the island belong to the Qin people. If this crystal is offered, it will certainly cause joy and reward above. For the strong who practice lightning, this kind of thunder is a treasure. Shi Hao is very moved, looking at the lightning, faintly found a vague rune hidden in the middle. Then stay for a while, look for clues about Grandpa, and take a chance. Shi Hao secretly said. In the next half month, Shi Hao went deep into the ancient mine to dig and really participate in it,aluminium coated tubes, and he knew why the island was so terrible. As long as you go deep underground, you will catch the curse, and it will take twice as long to get back to the ground, and the strength of the curse is proportional to the cultivation. Rumor has it that when religious leaders come here, they suffer the strongest curse, and even cause crying, blood and tears, etc., which are very evil and accompanied by thunder. There is a terrible legend that a religious leader once fell here. Therefore, under normal circumstances, that level of people will not appear, for fear of unpredictable consequences. These ores are so hard that they are superior to all metals. Shi Hao said to himself, this underground ore is difficult to dig until it reaches the realm of the king, and as a venerable person, it is very laborious. No wonder the powerful prisoners were left alive, and only such people could mine. Those shackles are very special, Precision steel tubes ,impact beam tubes, targeted to limit their power, can not fight back jailers and jailers, but can go deep underground to dig. During this period, Shi Hao went in and out of several different ancient mines, intentionally approached the jailers and the prisoners, and got a lot of information. See, the prison general, originally wanted to strangle the one-armed strong man alive, but was almost killed by the one-armed man with shackles. Inadvertently get this news, let Shi Hao heart a tight, eyebrows jump and jump, almost let the murderous look burst out. Someone wanted to strangle his grandfather alive and let him burn with anger. The Fifteenth Master was so dangerous that he was almost killed here! He looked ahead, and it was a gray-haired jailer, in the realm of the Venerable, holding a whip that gave off black light, and beating a group of prisoners severely. He had high cheekbones, thin lips, snake-like eyes, and a mean look, and the prisoners would be whipped if they were a little slow. His name is Qin Chengshang. He looks fifty or sixty years old. I don't know his real age. How did my grandfather provoke you and try to strangle him alive? Shi Hao clenched his fist in the dark. You don't have to think about it to know that the 15th Master's strong character, subjected to such humiliation and torture, is bound to break out. Here, several other people are also Qin people, all of them are looking for the trouble of the one-armed man, several times to find fault, eager to kill immediately. Said the jailer, pouting and motioning to the front. A few more men came to the edge of the old mine and struck the prisoners heavily with shining whips. "Why?" Someone asked in puzzlement that the foreign miners had a desire to explore, because they had only been here for half a month and already felt bored. Facing stones harder than metal all day long, and the darkness underground, this kind of life makes people feel dull, such rumors and so on are easy to be interested. Without Shi Hao to explore, other people's questions are tantamount to helping him ask a thorough question. I heard that the one-armed man had a magic elixir. Before he was discovered, he fed it to a young girl, which made many people of the Qin clan angry. Therefore, he was sent here with a group of prisoners. The jailer whispered that he came from another big force and was not in harmony with the children of the Qin people in the mine, so he dared to reveal the news. Shi Hao was silent. When he was in the lower world, he had already heard that when his grandfather got out of trouble from the forbidden place of the Black Forest, he not only brought out the magic weapon, but also got an even more amazing elixir. The old man returned to Shiguo excitedly with the rare magic medicine and wanted to give it to him to eat, but it failed. After such a long time, the Fifteenth Master still kept it, which made Shi Hao feel warm and a little blocked at the same time, and there was a very sour feeling. Grandfather lost an arm, and if he ate the elixir, he would surely be able to reproduce it, but he was reluctant to give it to him all the time. I heard that Qin Chengshang had a great grandson, a very famous genius of the Qin people, named Qin Mu, who discovered the elixir. Needless to say, Qin Chengshang was jealous of this, otherwise, if his grandson got and took the elixir,stainless steel 304 pipes, he could tamp the foundation and make Xiu advance by leaps and bounds! "How dare you! The Qin people failed to take someone else's elixir and sent it here as a prisoner. Qin Chengshang even retaliated like this. It's too much to strangle the one-armed man!" Everyone shook their heads and felt aggrieved for the Fifteenth Master. As for Shi Hao himself, he was holding back his anger, calming his mood and looking at Qin Chengshang not far away. Has Shendan been eaten by Aman? Where is she now? Shi Hao whispered in his heart.

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