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Prayer Request: Qing Yu Nian

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Qing Yu Nian (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Qing Yu Nian "This dead ice lump" Fan Xian laughed angrily and scolded "It's natural to do what you say I'm not an old cripple who has no taboos" "When you return to Beijing help me give this letter to Yan Bingyun and ask him to find a way to send it to the emperor's case" Fan Xian pondered for a moment and then explained He handed over a thin letter The content of the letter is very simple that is he has left Kyoto Will fulfill the content of the agreement between that night and His Majesty the Emperor and also ask Your Majesty to abide by the promise Natural Toxins of the Son of Heaven that a word cannot be recalled And I wish Your Majesty good health Take care The main reason for this is that the few friends who are still blockaded in Kyoto are still the main reason Fan Xian is clear His majesty's main goal is that if he can escape from Kyoto alive then he will consume his national strength Provoke the discussion again and leave Shisanlang and them in Kyoto It doesn't make much sense The carriage turned several hands and circled several times in the field of Kyoto Take advantage of the dense path in the mountain and several conversion points prepared by the Control yuan It took three whole days To get outside a large state city in the neighborhood Naturally the carriage will not enter the state city but choose to hand over here Look at that familiar face Fan Xian couldn't help laughing and said "You're here" I'm much relieved Back to Nanqing from the capital of the Northern Qi Dynasty he had been preparing to meet the king outside Kyoto and pretended to be an old man Wrinkled face get on the car to look at Fan Xian's injuries can not help but feel heavy heart I'm not in the mood to laugh He shook his head What do I have to be Wang Qinian took out the powder and cloth clothes from his bosom With a forced smile he said "My daughter-in-law dressed up as an old man" Fan Xian gave a wry smile He did not make a pretentious gesture He took it over directly and said "It's much more convenient for you to dress up as an old pole than I am" When he was changing his clothes Wang Qinian couldn't help lowering his voice and asked "My Lord did you plan to leave Kyoto from the very beginning" I'm not a fairy The plan always fails to catch up with the changes Fan Xian smiled slightly Then he replied "If I could win in the palace" Naturally there is no need to leave Beijing again But now that I have lost I must make sure that I survive Fortunately my luck is as good as ever I hear that's not a place for people to go And few people can go Anyone who dares to go They're all dead Who said they were all dead Kuhe is alive Sean's alive too My uncle My mother does not live well "Fan Xian eyes slightly squint seems to be in the pursuit of those figures back" "It's not enough just to survive" he said softly "This time I lost in Kyoto so I went to the temple to look for my uncle What other choice do I have This is something that has been thought out for a long time You don't have to stop me China Chemicals Suppliers ] Wang Qinian's face was a little ugly "I don't want to stop you" he said Who in the world dares to stop you Who dares to stop Except for Your Majesty I'm afraid the rest are all dead It's just the temple It's not the palace That's where the immortals live I'm afraid I can't find a place with you for decades "Our goal is not to toss about" Fan Xian coughed twice He forced himself to control the burning sensation of the meridians in his body and said with a forced smile "Don't be too afraid" This in itself is what Fan Xian has thought about He has more knowledge of that ethereal temple than anyone else in the world Even faintly He can capture the real background of the temple of course This is all just speculation Your Majesty is so powerful Even after that shot Still survived Wake up Fan Xian is clear After this battle Your majesty will no longer personally out of the palace to risk now placed in the situation between Fan Xian and the emperor It was the mutual coercion based on the long conversation between father and son before they started fighting After all this is a war between two people whether it is Emperor Qing or Fan Xian Do not want the flames of war to extend to the world so Fan Xian this battle defeat We must find a force strong enough to defeat His Majesty The world has been unable to find only to go to heaven to find Fan Xian felt a little heavy He knew how noble the temple was in the hearts of the world but he was worried about the safety of Wuzhu For the sake of his own meridian injury for many many purposes he had to go to Natural Toxins the temple How to go "Wang Qi pulled the reins lightly and asked a very honest question" The world worships the temple but no one knows where it is To the north All the way north All the way north Fan Xian said WWWxiAosHuoTXTcom Chapter 138 people on the journey The wind comes from the north but the people in the wind are going all the way to the north The carriage went around the mountain and quietly brushed the blank area between Yanjing and Cangzhou When it was about to reach Beihai snow fell again at the end of February The place was desolate and cold unlike the four fields and the carriage was covered with a thin layer of snow like black bread stained with crumbs walking slowly on the road of the wilderness Wang Qinian who was driving the bus was wearing a rain cloak which was barely used to block the snow but his eyelashes and beard on his lips were still frozen by the snow which made him look a little miserable However his eyes which were usually muddy and dull were so clear and sharp in the wind and snow at the moment They swept slowly from both sides of the road without letting go of any suspicious movement Wang Qinian is already very old but such a big snowstorm still did not let him show any feeling of fatigue the old guy is as thin as a monkey but the muscles are like a kind of bone full of strength full of spirit such a long journey did not let him have the slightest discomfort Thanks to this powerful figure on the wings of the Control yuan he was able to keep disguising himself along the way break through the joints forge documents break through the numerous inspection lines of the Nanqing court and successfully bring the carriage to a place not far from the border

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