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Prayer Request: Cool Han

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Cool Han (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Kara has no income for so many years and now she returns most of the only signing money to herself How much can the five of them get Han Fei kindly rejected Han Shengyan Before Han Seung-yeon could speak Park Kyu-ri who was sitting beside her stood up and interrupted "We have money so we should pay you back What's the matter" Koo Hara Kang Ji-young and Nicole all nodded agreeing with Park Kyu-ri's words Ah I said I would return it later You'd better take the money and buy some delicious food to go home Uncle and aunt must be worried about your recent termination of the contract Now you have signed a contract with YG Company which can also make them feel at ease! "Han Fei shook his head and Cosmetics Materials said with a smile" Hearing Han Fei's words several women chose silence Indeed after all they are only girls in their early 20s Jiang Zhiying is not even 20 years old And several people have made such a big thing how can their families not worry Several people's phones do not know how many times a day to ring the most they call is their parents In the call they can clearly feel it Parents' worries Since the trainee era They gave up all the free time for the dream Didn't have a good accompany family Although the family is very supportive But a few people always have some feel bad in the heart And after debut Consecutive 5 years don't go home to send subsidies Household use Even sometimes parents came Will give money to yourself At that time a few people have only one idea That is to find a crack in the ground Do you want to play Wii It's fun and I'm sure you'll be addicted to it as soon as you play "Han Fei saw that several people looked a little embarrassed and immediately changed the topic" I got up and took out the Wii from the TV cabinet connected it to the TV and then the game screen came out Quick who will come to play tennis with me first "Han Fei handed a game controller behind him and urged" But Nicole took over the game controller Nicole's family are in the United States so she did not care much about these she is together with the feelings of her sisters the greatest wish is to go on with her sisters until the most brilliant moment Wow Nicole I can't see that your skill is good "Han Fei waved his arm in a big way and caught the ball from Nicole in front of him He could not help sighing" This girl is absolutely an old hand Fortunately the living room of Han Fei's apartment is big enough If he changes to the apartment before Kara Han Fei's big move will definitely hit several girls sitting behind him Gradually the sitting girl also seems to have been successfully diverted by Han Fei and finally the game controller in Han Fei's hand was snatched away by Hara in short after that China Chemicals Suppliers he did not touch a game controller is a few girls playing At 11 o'clock in the evening Han Fei looked at his cell phone and thought it was almost time He shouted to the girls who were playing games crazily "stop we should go to the supermarket otherwise we will be late and it will be really closed" It seems that several people who have been addicted to playing are reluctant to put down the game controller Before going out they solemnly want Han Fei to say "We will come up to play when we have time or you can lend us the Wii" Han Fei felt that he had dug a hole for himself and shook his head with a wry smile It seemed that he had only bought the Wii for less than a month and was about to change ownership Very smoothly out of the area and no one noticed that this group of people in the evening TV hit today's entertainment headlines Han Fei took Kara to a nearby subsidiary store of Lotte Department Store which is the largest store organization in Korea and has subsidiary stores all over the country Most of the people who come to the store are already sleeping soundly in my room at the moment At 11 o'clock in the evening who will come to the store except some idle and boring people Above the first floor it is to buy clothes and other ancillary goods The large supermarket is on the ground floor Han Fei pushed a cart and took the escalator with five girls to the underground supermarket At this moment in the supermarket in addition to the cashier and some staff the rest of the people shopping in the supermarket is basically very few a few women like fish like the sea excited pushing Han Fei running forward it seems that there is a big sweep Ji-young where's the note you wrote tonight Take it out "Han Fei turned to Jiang Zhiying and said" However Jiang Zhiying's expression seemed to be somewhat hesitant at the moment With a slightly embarrassed tone he said "I was just playing games and forgot about it" Han Fei rolled his Detergent Chemicals eyes at the ceiling and said secretly that playing games could really make people fascinated and frustrated Without the shopping list Han Fei had to take them to the daily necessities area first Various colors of towels various shapes of cups various brands of shower gel shampoo and so on Han Fei walked with five people a shopping cart was full five people's daily necessities were full of a shopping cart which made Han Fei secretly shocked thanks to the thoughtful service of the supermarket they would deliver more things to their doors otherwise they could not even take them A full shopping cart was pushed down to the side of the cash register and Han Fei pushed an empty cart from the side followed by five girls to continue sweeping After buying daily necessities the following were snacks The snacks of the five girls were so many that people couldn't imagine them Han Fei picked up a bag of puffed food in the shopping cart and looked at it Then he put it back and said to several people "Hey do you really like these puffed foods" 。“ Brother Han Fei would you like some "It's our treat today" Jiang Zhiying said generously Or forget it I am not interested in these "Han Fei smiled and refused a big boy what snacks to eat" A pile of puffed food filled another shopping cart and when Han Fei pushed the second full shopping cart down the checkout counter the cashier looked at Han Fei with some surprise Now you can calculate the money first There may be several cars later I'm afraid you'll be too busy "Han Fei pushed out another empty car Before leaving he kindly reminded the cashier who was a little surprised

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