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Prayer Request: Ruxue Nifty Princess Cool Wang Ye [through time and space] (not bad! End (including extra chapter and sequel)

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Ruxue Nifty Princess Cool Wang Ye [through time and space] (not bad! End (including extra chapter and sequel) (Nov 16, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Do you think I'm old so soon?" He blushed, pressed my shoulder, pushed me down on his lap, and looked down at me ferociously. "Shall I prove it to you again?" "Ha ha ha," I am ticklish, giggling to beg for mercy: "No, you are not old, I am old, OK?" "Qin Qin, how old are you?" He's curious. Twenty-five. "Twenty-five?" He was obviously taken aback and looked incredulous. "Then why haven't you married?" "Strange, are you happy that I'm married?" I'm slightly angry. Of course I didn't mean that. Are all those men blind? Confused, he suddenly remembered Su Yue and opened his eyes wide. "God, isn't your sister older?" I am shocked to laugh at your silent words, but there is also a time of gossip? "My sister and I are twins. We are the same age." I stretched out my fingers and pinched his cheek. "Come on, life has just begun at the age of twenty-five. Why did you go to the grave of marriage so early?" "Don't all women want to get married early so that they can find someone to rely on?" He is very confused. What an arrogant man, with that look, as if I had married him, what a powerful backer I had! "Silence," I sat up straight and looked at him with a straight face. I decided to be honest with him. "Did I ever tell you that I'm not from Black Snow?" "Yes, you were drunk that time, and you talked about the four countries of romance. You are not from any country." He put his arms around me and smiled. "It doesn't matter what nationality you are.". The important thing is that we are finally together, and you can't run away from me again. "Silence, listen carefully." I looked at him deeply,Pi tape measure, clenched my fist and looked serious. "Maybe you won't believe what I'm going to say next, but I'm telling the truth." "What for?"? Are you really a monster? He looked up and laughed. I looked at him motionless, awestruck and sad. Qin Qin, don't worry, relax. He stopped laughing, held my shoulders, and announced lightly but firmly: "Even if you really are, I will not let you go." "Of course I'm not a monster." I glanced at him with bitterness in my heart. Then what are you worried about? He breathed a sigh of relief and laughed with a refreshing smile. I'm from the future,Fiberglass tape measure, a civilization a thousand years behind you. I took a deep breath and announced quietly, waiting for his reaction. Oh, and then what? His face was calm, as if I had told him that the sun was shining today. Oh? Then? That's all I looked at him angrily. Other people's troubles are so light in his eyes? "What do you want me to do?" He put his arms around me and laughed heartily. "You are a living person. What does it matter if you are a year too early or a thousand years too late?"? It's better to be a thousand years late. No one can take you back. You will always be with me. "We have very different perspectives, very different lifestyles, and we grew up in completely different environments." Alas, good distress, good struggle oh! "The point of view can be changed, the way of life can be slowly adapted, although there is no way to grow up in the environment, but I do not see how much impact this will have on our feelings." He dismisses nonchalantly one by one, is touching the chin to fall into the distress: "I do not know, has the child to be able to have the influence to your body?" "Again, I don't want to have a baby!" Holding back my anger, I solemnly declared that I was discussing my origin with him. Give birth to what? "By the way, I have to ask you, Adhesive fish ruler ,tape measure clip, is there any way to make your body stronger?"? I think you are too thin. You should eat more. As if he had never heard of it, he suddenly jumped up and rushed out like a gust of wind: "Ah, yes!"! It's like I haven't made breakfast yet. I stared. This is a complete chicken and duck talk! He doesn't worry about what he should worry about. He worries about what he shouldn't worry about! 139 I fell madly in love with the life of swimming at sunrise and resting at sunset. Here, there are no worries, no jobs, no conspiracies, and no rights. Yes, just full of endless love. His eyes are no longer filled with sadness and loneliness, his words are no longer cold and indifferent; he will smile, the smile from the heart, plus the most dazzling diamond in the world; although most of the time I am still talking, he just listens quietly. However, that affectionate focus, full of love of the eyes, but let me fall deeply, lost in his eyes, unable to extricate themselves. I often unconsciously in his eyes under the palpitation, silly, over and over again, tirelessly repeat: "Silent words, I love you!"! I really love you so much! At this time, he would stretch out his hand to ruffle my hair and pretend to be indifferent and say, "Girl, you've said it many times, I'm tired of hearing it!" But his eyebrows would curve downward; his eyes would glow; his thin lips would rise; he would hold me in his arms and kiss me passionately in the next breath. So the sun disappeared, the white clouds disappeared, the green mountains and waters disappeared.. Only two young and fiery hearts are left to intertwine intimately, telling the eternal love with the most primitive lust and the oldest rhythm.. It turns out that love really makes people stupid! In the daytime, Moyan accompanies me to wander around the mountain, just like a king inspecting his territory; in the evening, both of us wander in the Cabernet Sauvignon Lake, watching the scenery of the lake and mountains; at night, in our cabin, snuggling together, I will tell him about my past, my parents, my classmates, my friends bit by bit; about the future world, about ships, planes, satellites; Talk about my life, talk about novels, talk about computers, talk about the Internet: happy to talk about Gu Long and Jin Yong, angry to say that we seven sisters in the bar fishing for beautiful men.. Hee hee, he was so angry that he was smoking! Angry silence will severely "punish" me, with his young and masculine body rest, with all his love, to ignite passion together, through one after another of the lover's hot and lingering spring night.. A few white clouds were floating in the blue sky, a few eagles were hovering in the sky,Walking measuring wheel, and the warm breeze was blowing the treetops, full of vibrant green. The mountains stretch as far as the eye can see. There was no one around, and the world was as quiet as if we were alone.

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