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Prayer Request: The stars change

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The stars change (Nov 16, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"The monkey just broke through ten years ago. If the eldest brother just opened the world of Jiang Lan in a hundred years, the monkey is estimated to be a six-level demon emperor." The black feather is deliberately tearing down the stage. Don't be jealous of me, Shaggy Bird. If you want to reach the seventh level of the demon emperor, at least in a few thousand years. Hou Fei said triumphantly. Qin Yu is secretly thinking in his heart. This penance, the strength of their brothers have improved a lot. Especially Hou Fei. The seven-level demon emperor is a super mythical beast, and Ao is nameless. If you count his magical stick, it can be compared with the nine-level immortal emperor. As for Qin Yu. It's almost the same. At least the eight-level immortal emperor is in front of Qin Yu. That's almost death. Qin Yu. One side of the room blue smiled, "look at the strength of your three brothers now, even if three nine-level immortal emperors attack you, you can also escape safely.". Me and Wuxu, they are not very helpful to you. The house blue obviously thinks that Qin Yu's strength is enough to protect himself. Not enough. Qin Yu said helplessly, "Our strength today is not very afraid of Emperor Yu and Emperor Xuan, but that Peng Demon Emperor is too difficult to deal with.". I saw his speed with my own eyes. His speed is at least three or four times that of me. When I really fight, I will be at a complete disadvantage. And Peng Demon Emperor's attack is very strong. Even with my current defense, I believe he can break my defense with a full punch. "Peng Demon Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Great Ape Emperor, these three people are not comparable to the general nine-level immortal emperor." Qin Yu said with a long sigh. Now Qin Yu strength is not afraid of the general master, can have the enemy of the inheritance of treasures. It's still too strong. Facing the Dragon Emperor, I am no match at all. However Peng Demon Emperor, when you are in danger,cattle weight tape, I can still block him and save your life. House blue smiled faintly. One side also Qu also grinned, ha ha said with a smile: "Qin Yu, you can rest assured, with the strength of the house blue boss.". The Dragon Emperor is no match for him, but the Peng Demon Emperor can stop him. It's me.. "Nine Turn Dark Golden Body" reaches the ninth floor, and also dares to compare with Peng Demon Emperor. " Qin Yu looked at the house blue in surprise. In the heart is gush out of the surprise, the dragon emperor once with force pressure against the central immortal emperor,horse weight tape, forcing the central immortal emperor will Ao Wuxu release. At that time, the house blue thought it was not as good as the dragon emperor. Qin Yu himself has always thought. The house blue is not as good as the Dragon Emperor, and it should not be as good as the Peng Demon Emperor. After all Peng Demon Emperor and Dragon Emperor are almost the same, but who would like to say so today. House blue senior, isn't this Peng Demon Emperor about the same strength as the Dragon Emperor? One side of the black feather asked. Qin Yu, Hou Fei and others also looked at the house blue, which is what they are confused about. House Blue smiled faintly and said, "So-called.." Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, Peng Demon Emperor and Dragon Emperor are almost the same, but I just gram this Peng Demon Emperor, so I can block him, of course, just block him, his speed is too fast. I want to beat him, but it's impossible. "Oh.." Qin Yu had some understanding in his heart. Uncle Wu, Wheel tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, you are so awesome. A toast to Uncle Wu from Xiaotong. Hei Tong, who had been listening, suddenly stood up with a smile and said. As soon as the room blue looked at the black Tong, in the eye has the spoiling color: "Good, good, the small Tong toasts the wine, I must drink certainly." House blue, also Qu, including Ao Wuxu, are very spoiled for Hei Tong, after all, they grew up watching him. After the banquet. Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Bai Ling then stayed in the Qingliu Garden, the house blue also stayed in the Qingliu Garden, for the house blue, practice is not in a hurry. But also Qu has entered the Jiang Lan world to practice. Qu also wants to rely on Jiang Lanjie to reach the realm of the nine-level demon emperor earlier and earlier. In the days of Liu Lan Xing, Qin Yu and others lived a peaceful and happy life. Usually, the three brothers sometimes learn from each other, sometimes drink together, and sometimes visit some natural scenery of Liu Lanxing, but also carefree. And the house blue, is also very carefree in the three cities of Liu Lan star to stroll at will, the day is very comfortable. This day. Qin Yu's three brothers were drinking wine in a courtyard, and Qin Yu stopped drinking. He cast his eyes into the air as if he were thinking something. Big brother, what are you thinking about? Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked at each other, and then Hou Fei put down his glass and asked. Oh Qin Yu woke up from the memory. I was just thinking. We have come to the world of immortals and demons. Even if we only calculate the time of the world of immortals and demons, it has been hundreds of years. I don't know if my father, my eldest brother and my second brother have ascended to the world. Qin Yu said with a slight sigh. With the speed of their father's practice, it is estimated that it is not yet, but what is the truth. It's really hard to say. Who knows if my father will practice very fast? Qin Yu had a wry smile on his face. One side of the black feather comforted: "eldest brother, don't care too much, this practitioner road, once set foot on, can only rely on their own.". If you can help, you can't. You don't have to think too much. Qin Yu nodded his head. Hey, big brother, can you open the second floor of Jiang Lan's world now? Hou Fei suddenly asked. You are very strong now, and you should be able to do it. Qin Yu shook his head. Open the second floor of Jiang Lanjie? Their own strength is now good, nine turn dark gold body reached the seventh layer, nine turn strength is also strong enough. But it's not enough to open the second layer of Jiang Lan's world. I still have a long way to go to open the second floor of Jiang Lan's world. I can't worry about it. Qin Yu said, suddenly turned to look. Hou Fei and Hei Yu also turned to look at the door, only to see Hei Tong in a yellow shirt smiling niftily. Xiaotong, what's the matter? The black feather is a little cold, but it also has a feeling of a strict father. Hei Tong looked at Hei Yu with his eyes. Hei Hei smiled: "Dad,fish measuring tape, I want to go to the Green Blue Star." "Green and Blue Star?" Black feather doubts, "where are you going to do what?"? It seems that Liu Lanxing is not small. It's enough to have a good stroll in the three cities of Liu Lanxing. Hei Tong snorted and shifted the target. Looking at Qin Yu, his big eyes looked at Qin Yu: "Uncle.". I want to go to the Green Blue Star. "The green and blue star is the core planet of the green and blue galaxy where Liu Lan is located. There are good and evil people mixed up there. What are you going to do?" Qin Yu asked.

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