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Prayer Request: Artificial Stone: Types and Applications

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Artificial Stone: Types and Applications (Jan 25, 2024)

Prayer Request:
Artificial Stone: Types and Applications Artificial stone is a synthetic stone product that has been used since the 18th century for various applications such as statuary, architectural details, fencing and rails, building construction, civil engineering work, and industrial applications such as grindstones . In this article, we will discuss the types of artificial stones, their constituent materials, and applications.Get more news about Artificial Stone,you can vist our website!Types of Artificial Stones Artificial stones are constructed from cement, sand, and natural aggregate such as crushed stone. They can be cast into complicated and considerably detailed forms, and various sizes can be manufactured . Here are some of the popular types of artificial stones:Ransom Stone: It is also called chemical stone, which has a compression strength of at least 32 MPa. Ransom stone is manufactured by blending silica soda with cement to provide fancy and ornamental flooring . Concrete Block: Concrete blocks are used for the construction of steps, window sills, and piers. They are cast in the construction site . Artificial Marble: It is constructed from Portland gypsum cement and sand using either precast or cast in situ technique. For precast production technique, the casted artificial marble will be stripped from the mould after three days and then treated with liquid fluorite of magnesia solution at the age of five days. After that, the stone is washed and wrapped with paper for 24 hours and treated again with the same solution, and it will be polished at the final stage at the age of 30 days. For in situ construction method, layer of prepared mixture is placed on a canvas, and the thickness of the layer shall be 1.5 mm greater than the required thickness of the stone to be constructed. The surface of the laid layer is rubbed and then polished properly . Bituminous Stone: It is produced by impregnation of granite and diorite with refined tar. Functions of bituminous stone include providing wear, noise, and dust resistance stone surface . Victoria Stone: It is a granite piece whose surface is hardened by submerged the stone in silica soda for two months . Garlic Stone: Garlic stone, which is employed as a surface drain and flagstone, is produced by mixing and casting Portland cement and iron slag . Imperial Stone: The procedure used to produce imperial artificial stone includes careful washing of finely crushed granite, mixing granite with Portland cement, cast the mixture into a favored form, and finally steam cure the casted imperial stone for twenty-four hours .

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