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Prayer Request: Shanhai High School

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Shanhai High School (Nov 16, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Nothing more than. Has never taken care of other people's big young master, very not easy to take care of once, in the canteen pick and choose a big circle, specially picked no onion ginger spicy porridge and fish, the result is that the other side is not grateful, would rather find Li Moyuan with cold instant porridge. The taste of being neglected is always not good, and at the age of sixteen or seventeen, they often care about something, even if it is very small and insignificant, like a needle soaked in lemon juice, which can always be accurately inserted into the most sensitive nerves. It's quite sour. It's really sour. Ji Xingling stepped on the table frame with one foot and dangled the chair. Cut! Do you like to eat?.. In the evening, the wind outside the window is stronger. Lin Jing went home in the afternoon and slept first. After dinner, he slept again. He didn't sit up with a yawn until nine o'clock. Wechat showed a series of new messages, mostly greetings from classmates, reminding him to pay more attention to rest,hot tub manufacturers, and the class group also brushed the omnipotent "drink more hot water" for half a day, filled with strong collective warmth. The only thing that wasn't warm was the next-door neighbor. Cold, your brother Xing's wechat head portrait is also very cold, and it will remain dark for ten thousand years. Lin Jing also specially opened a look, the last message still stayed last night,outdoor whirlpool tub, not the network delay. > This chapter is not finished, click the next page to continue reading AD4 /> “……” "Auntie!" Lin Jing stepped on his slippers and stood at the bedroom door and asked, "Did anyone knock at the door when I was sleeping?" "No." Jiang Fenfang is knitting a sweater. "Oh, the industry committee has come to collect signatures. It's going to be a general election." Teacher Kobayashi has no interest in the election of the industry committee, even if he elects an Ultraman. He hurriedly put on his thick coat and grabbed the exercise books and papers on the desk. "I'll go next door and do my homework for two hours." "Are you going there tonight?" Jiang Fenfang stood up in surprise. "You're sick. Be obedient and go to bed early." "It's all right, I woke up." Lin Jing sniffed, unscrewed the handle and went out, just as the elevator door opened. Ji Xingling carried his schoolbag: ".." "Did you just come back?" Asked Lin Jing. "Play ball." Ji Xingling glanced at his hand and said, "Sleepy, I'll go to bed first." "Have you finished your homework?" "Copy it tomorrow." "Ji Xingling, why did you copy your homework again?" "I can't do it anyway. Copy it." "Do you want to get five hundred in the mid-term?" Ji Xingling listened impatiently and closed the door with his backhand, Whirlpool bathtub ,jacuzzi swim spa, "bang". Lin Jing: "…" Hu Meimei on the sofa was startled: "Do you close the door or open it?" "Go to take a shower." Ji Xingling threw his schoolbag on the sofa and went straight into the bedroom. Hu Mei-mei knocked at the door doubtfully. "Who provoked you again?" Ji Xingling was too lazy to speak, so he only twisted the shower to the maximum and turned on the bathroom stereo. A group of very cold tourists are sitting in a cafe in old Quebec.” Ji Xingling:? Only then did he remember that he had just changed his music to English listening after listening to Xiao Lin's advice two days ago. When Hu Meimei heard the English recitation coming from inside, she was briefly confused, wondering how her son was still in the mood to study, and whether Bai Ze's guard was so useful. The eldest young master turned off the hair dryer in the The harvest of lemons "of the" Peasant Jabulani ". It's a ***ing harvest. It's so sour that I'm hallucinating. Hu Meimei asked, "Do you need heart-to-heart guidance?" Ji Xingling lies on the bed in the bedroom: "I don't need it for the time being." "All right." In view of her son's good performance during this period, Hu Meimei did not question him much, but also took the initiative to close the bedroom door for him, leaving a separate space for adolescents. The mobile phone on the desk buzzed and vibrated, and the small green bar of Wechat jumped out. Li Moyuan, who is busy with his studies, may have just taken a bath and finally had time to look at the message list. General Manager Li: Ji Xingling, why don't you accept money. General Manager Li: This is from Lin Jing. General Manager Li: The eight-treasure porridge at noon. General Manager Li: By the way, are you neighbors? How is his cold? I sent a message but he didn't reply. General Manager Li: Did you sleep. "Ding Ding Dong Dong", Ji Xingling was so shocked that his hands were numb. *** me, you should form a cross talk group with Yu Yizhou. Why are you so talkative? And Lin Jing caught a cold and didn't sleep well. Why do I need to know. Brother Xing: I don't want the money. You can return it to him. General Manager Li: Oh, that's OK. Li Moyuan pointed out the head portrait of the duck and turned the six yuan back. But Mr. Kobayashi was so angry that he turned off his phone. As for why to be angry-sick home all afternoon can not get the care of my deskmate, but also locked in the door of 1301, the whole thing is simply inexplicable, so it can be appropriate to be angry. The cold current froze the air and the wind blew all night. There is seldom autumn in Jincheng, but it always goes from summer to winter. It seems that two days ago, they complained about the sun at the sports meeting, but the next day, the people of the whole city had already folded their arms and trembled in the wind. As soon as Lin Jinggang arrived at school, he was caught by Li Moyuan to ask a math problem. He did not know which competition book he had found it from. The light topic was very convoluted. The two of them studied together for a long time before they could barely solve the first step. Li Moyuan: "In view of the fact that we can't do it, I reasonably suspect that the title is wrong." Front desk heard, silently thumbs up, dads cow. Lin Jing wiped off the old graphics, just about to draw a new one, the chair beside him was dragged heavily, Ji Xingling always had thorns on his body, wherever he went, Lin Jing took a look at him, did not say hello,5 person hot tub, and continued to study the topic with Li Moyuan. The Yu Yizhou of back row sees unusual however, one hand is propping up a head tut -- did a long time, is the problem here.

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