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Prayer Request: A good marriage is planted in the field of medicine

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A good marriage is planted in the field of medicine (Nov 16, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Did she ask you to come? Then why didn't she tell you what heresy she had just said? Du Chengsong's eyes breathe fire. I asked for it myself. Du Xiaojun said, "I don't know anything else. I only know that the Du family owes her twelve years. My younger sister has just come back. No matter what she says or does, there must be something inappropriate. Whether it's me as a brother or you as a father, you should tolerate her as much as possible and mention her again, instead of making a scene with her. What kind of man are you shouting at her like that?" 182, see red (second watch) It was the first time that Du Xiaojun had spoken to Du Chengsong in such a tone. Du Chengsong's face was hard to see to the extreme. Who was looking forward to my little sister's return? Du Xiaojun's voice and expression were stern, and every word was in his heart. "Who told us that my younger sister was sold by human traffickers in Fenzhou to be a child bride for ten years?"? It was the father who found the younger sister, and it was also the father who said he wanted to bring her back, but now it is still the father who turned against her. If you don't like your little sister, don't let her come back to suffer from this dirty gas. If you want to pick her up, you should let her enjoy the feeling of going home. Now it's like this. Father is not like father, and home is not like home. How can she get a foothold in this home? Since Dad doesn't like her so much, I'll go to find her and send her back to Fenzhou early tomorrow morning. Du Xiaojun turned around on the ground and went to Haitangju. Stop right there! Du Chengsong shouted in the back. Du Xiaojun, as if he had not heard of it, still walked forward. Du Chengsong quickened his pace and grabbed Du Xiaojun's arm to twist him back. Dad, what are you doing? Du Xiaojun glared at him viciously. Du Chengsong loosened his hand and shouted, "Go back to your outer courtyard!" Du Xiaojun pinched his finger joints. Du Chengsong also seems to feel that his attitude is too tough, soft under a few minutes, "your sister there,outdoor whirlpool, I go to find her, you do not have to go." "She's my sister. Why can't I go?" Du Xiaojun is not convinced. If you are asked to go back, you will go back. Where is so much nonsense? Du Chengsong stared. If I don't go back, I'll go to find my little sister! Du Xiaojun put down a sentence angrily and went straight to Haitangju. Du Chengsong frowned and followed him. Du Xiaoyu sat in the yard reading, although just had a big fight with Du Chengsong, but this does not affect her mood, after all, for people who do not care,hot tub spa manufacturers, she does not have so much patience to get angry with each other, just some heartache Yang. Cuihuan came in and reported, "Miss, the Third Master and the Fourth Young Master are outside asking for an interview." Du Xiaoyu said, "Oh," but there was no big reaction. Cui thought she didn't hear it and repeated it again. Du Xiaoyu closed the page and ordered Cui to say, "Let the fourth brother come in. As for the others, if they want to stand, they will stand outside all the time. I don't welcome him here." The jade bracelet was startled. "Girl, that's your father. I'm afraid it's not right to do so, is it?" Du Xiaoyu laughed, "I thought he was my own father, and he didn't regard me as his own daughter!" Cui bracelet hesitated, Chinese spa manufacturer ,outdoor spa manufacturers, not knowing whether to send a message or not. Du Xiaoyu said lightly, "If you can't pass this on, you don't have to pass it on in the future. Go to another yard to serve you." Cui's face turned white. "The maidservant is going." With that, he hurried to the gate of the courtyard to send a message. Du Chengsong listens to Du Xiaoyu to let Du Xiaojun go in, leave him a person outside, immediately not happy, staring at Cui bracelet, "what else did your girl say?" The jade bracelet lowered its head and dared not speak. Du Chengsong threatened, "Say!"! If you don't tell the truth, I'll sell you right away. The jade bracelet was so frightened that she knelt on the ground. "Third Master, the girl." She said.. "What a waste of words!" "The girl said that she treated you as her own father, but you didn't treat her as your own daughter." Du Xiaojun on one side snorted coldly and brushed his sleeves into the gate. Du Chengsong was stunned in place. —— "Little sister." See Du Xiaoyu, Du Xiaojun can not say the heartache, "Dad he did not start to hit you?" Du Xiaoyu smiled, "I'm just waiting for him to beat me. It's just right for me to completely break off the father-daughter relationship with him." "Little sister, what are you talking nonsense, there is four elder brother, four elder brother will never let him bully you.". ” "Fourth Brother, you shouldn't have picked me up. I don't belong here." Du Xiaoyu looked up at the gray sky, his voice with unspeakable depression and regret, "You all say this is my home, but I have never felt the warmth of my family since I entered the courtyard.". I thought that my father, who had been looking for me for ten years, was the best father in the world. He was responsible and responsible, and knew how to take care of his wife and children. But in fact, I only saw a selfish man who was self-centered and could not be refuted by others. He always thought that Niang had lost me, and nailed the crime on Niang's head, thinking that Niang was unforgivable, but he never saw that Niang had regretted it for ten years, haggard and old, more than thirty years old, looking like a man of forty or fifty years old. He always complained about Niang's soft temper, but never thought that it was his neglect and indifference that made Niang come to this day step by step. If he had been willing to give her a little warmth and encouragement when Niang had just lost her daughter in the most painful and helpless time, and not to blame her blindly, Niang might not have been so self-reproached, and maybe she could have more confidence to cheer up. Ten years, ten years of guilt and self-reproach in the heart, but who really loves her daughter's mother, who can break away from the shackles of guilt, who can really stand up and have the mood to fight with others or put everything aside to deal with other things. The sense of guilt was like a nightmare, which trapped her mother for ten years, turning her from a dignified and virtuous lady to a timid woman who would shiver in front of her husband. If someone could encourage her patiently at the very beginning, comfort her and tell her that one day her daughter would come back again, Niang would not be like this today. But no,endless swim pool, there is no such person, everyone is blaming her, everyone thinks she is guilty. Even her husband's father refused to forgive her.

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