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Prayer Request: Special Sniper Back to the Three Kingdoms

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Special Sniper Back to the Three Kingdoms (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
On the other side, Wang can took Zhao Yun, Chen Dao, Zhang Ren and Dian Wei to the hillside quickly from the periphery, killing all the soldiers who fell behind. Due to marten's army too much, Wang can and lv Meng hurried, failed to catch up with marten. Time is not long, marten with d three brothers have rushed up the hillside. A short stretch of road, marten breathing appears to be a little short, is obviously exhausted. Carrying his pike, he stood in the middle of the road on the hillside. He turned to look at Ma Chao, Ma Xiu, and Ma Dai. "Meng Qi," he ordered, "you take Ma Dai and Ma Xiu to retreat, and I'll break the back with my troops." When Marten saw Wang can's army chasing him, he knew it was almost impossible for them all to escape. When the army comes, someone must break the back and buy time for the retreat. Otherwise, once surrounded by Wang can's soldiers, the whole army is likely to be wiped out. When Ma Teng saw that Ma Chao was ready to speak, he shouted, "Ma Chao, this is an order. Execute it immediately!" D listened, silver teeth clenched, eyes filled with tears. He understood marten stayed to block the army of Wang can is for what, nothing but to give their brothers after the break, save their lives. Marten stay after the result,whirlpool hot tub, d is almost unthinkable. If you stay, you will have a narrow escape from death. When Ma Teng saw that Ma Chao was not leaving, he shouted, "Wang can's army is catching up. Hurry up!" For the sake of his son, he can only throw caution to the wind. Marten can't let his son stay behind, so he can only come forward. Although marten can let the generals under stay to resist, but ultimately not reliable. Now MOS rail has been killed, if d and Matthew were also killed, the horse home is broken, in order to pass on the incense,China spa factory, marten must stay. Everything is for the Ma family. Marten stared at d, loudly urged d to leave. D knelt on the ground with a splash, tearfully kowtowed three times toward marten, then stood up and turned to run toward the mountains. So did Matthew and Ma Dai, turning and running into the mountains with their pikes. Just as the three of them were running, a hoarse voice came from Ma Teng behind them: "Meng Qi, remember to avenge Dad!" D listened to marten, body a tremor, immediately stare big eyes. He looked back, but saw marten carrying a pike, standing on the road, blocked the rush up lv Meng army, don't let lv Meng, Dian man and Huang Xu chase. Father! D roared, after the voice fell, is already in tears. When Ma Dai saw that Ma Chao looked sad, he quickly persuaded him, "Elder brother, my uncle has taken great pains. You can't live up to his high expectations. Withdraw quickly. Once we are caught up by Wang can's soldiers, massage bathtub manufacturers ,endless pool swim spa, my uncle's efforts will be in vain." Matthew also said persuasively, "Brother, if we delay a moment more, Dad's efforts will be wasted. Let's go quickly." D looked back again, and then rushed into the mountains with Ma Dai and Matthew with their soldiers. Because marten in the rear to stabilize the situation, delayed the pursuit of Wang can army. At the top of the mountain, marten stands proudly. He carried a gun on the narrow mountain path, blocking the way of Wang can's army. Marten, however, is still standing in place, motionless, let the generals under rush to fight. If he stands here for a moment, he can buy a little more time for Ma Chao, Ma Dai and Ma Xiu. If marten take the initiative to fight, the line of defense is easy to be breached, when the rear is unstable, more difficult to clean up. Therefore, marten would rather not move. Marten willing to stay to die, under the generals also throw caution to the wind, try to resist the army of Wang can. With a broadsword in his hand, Wei He said in a loud voice, "Master, the last general will block Wang can's army here. You and the eldest son will retreat together." Wei and a face of determination, willing to die for marten. Although Wei He is not the most outstanding general under Marten, Marten knows him well and deserves his death. Ma Teng looked at Wei He with relief and said, "Wei He, with you, we will fight again after we die." Wei and a listen, the heart is very sad. After a pause, Marten went on to murmur, "Although you have the heart to die and are willing to serve me, the son Lang in the army may not be so.". Therefore, I must stay. Only by staying here can I arouse the fighting spirit of the soldiers and make them resist to the end. Wei He sighed and did not continue to persuade. The two men stood on the official road on the hillside, like two stone carvings, motionless. "Whew!" Suddenly, there was a sharp sound of breaking air in the air. I saw a bow and arrow quickly shot in the air, toward the horse to shoot. Marten had previously been protected by soldiers, unable to attack. Now marten fair and square standing on the road, there are no soldiers around to protect, it is easy to aim at marten. Because of this, Wang can take a bow and shoot an arrow at Marten. The speed of the arrow is very fast, marten did not notice. When marten heard the sound and found a bow and arrow, the arrow was close to him. Ding! With a crisp sound, the arrow penetrated the armor and immediately pierced the flesh and blood of the body and poked it into the body. However, Marten did not feel the slightest pain, because he stood in front of Wei He. Just when the bow and arrow to shoot marten, Wei and did not hesitate to come forward, for marten blocked the bow and arrow. The bow and arrow were so powerful that they penetrated Wei He's body directly. Wei He noticed that the strength of the bow and arrow was so great that he grabbed the bow and arrow through his body with both hands to stop it from moving forward. In this way, marten survived, not affected. Wei He was shot by an arrow, his body softened, and he fell directly to the ground. Before Wei He died, he did not make any surprising remarks, nor did he make any great contributions, but he protected Marten with his own life and protected Marten's safety. Hiss! Hiss! Marten hands holding Wei and the body, a few gasps in a row. Hateful! With pain in his heart, he reached out and closed Wei He's eyes, then stood up. Marten clenched his pike and shouted, "Kill the enemy,outdoor hot tub, kill the enemy!" His voice was hoarse and he appeared to be short of breath. However, marten soldiers heard, but to kill the enemy.

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