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Prayer Request: Building block city

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Building block city (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Let's start talking nonsense like this. Don't talk about hygiene. None of the tortoises and turtles are hygienic, and they still live a long life. Originally, we were just talking about summer vacation arrangements. He went to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and I went to Australia. After returning from abroad, we wore underpants and went to the small river depression in the countryside to catch fish and shrimps. Mention the thing of exam answer, he does not take it seriously: "You are at ease good, even if the school went up this thing to the top of the line, I also won't recruit you." "If you don't confess, others may not." "What are you afraid of? Wei Wei and I are the only ones who receive your text messages directly. No one else knows the source of the answer. When the time comes, I will carry it and not say it. What can they do to me?" Only then did I feel a little relieved. It's a big taboo to keep a secret. As long as you overcome this, the safety index will be much higher. Just then, the door of the other cubicle creaked open and a man walked out quickly without saying a word. The octopus asked jokingly, "Just open your ears and listen to who that man was!" " I grinned contemptuously and ignored him, but for a moment we were all lost in thought-the secret had been revealed. My mind went blank, and I was almost constipated with remorse. Maybe it was a teacher or a dean of the school, or maybe it was a meritorious officer of the student union. Just now we said each other's name, the identity has been exposed, if that person ran to report, then my life is over. I lifted my pants and stood up, feeling extremely melancholy. I really didn't expect that there would be no freedom of speech in such a place of reincarnation and no taboos. At this critical moment,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, there are only two wise choices, one is to surrender, the other is to abscond. After quick thinking, I thought the second choice was more reliable, so I ran away as soon as possible. I went back to the city to hide that day, and the octopus fled back to his grandmother's house in the countryside overnight. After lurking for two days, we flew out of China with our respective mothers. My cousin settled in Australia. She took me out to play. I saw koalas and kangaroos! I take photos everywhere during the day,whirlpool hot tub, and when I get back to my residence, I upload them to an online photo album. Like the men and women around me who love to pretend, I annotate each photo with locations, weather, people, events, moods and feelings. However, compared with the octopus, I was really not up to standard. He also took pictures and uploaded them, and accompanied them with a beautiful text, which was full of affectation. I will never wrong him, with his little self-criticism can not even write the broken writing, in any case can not write such a moaning words, probably written by Mao Yingying. It is often said in TV dramas that people in love are blind and sometimes have low IQ and aesthetic retrogression, which seems to be the case. Verse 36: Plagiarism Justified, whirlpool hot tub spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, Cheating Innocent (3) Although I had a good time in a foreign country, as a loyal and patriotic teenager, I was not happy, and I was always concerned about my motherland, because I was afraid of cheating. More than half a month later, I ended my trip to Australia and flew back nervously. My mom went to her poker friend's house to show off, and I rushed home to open the mailbox without stopping, and the report card from the school appeared in front of me. I got the sixth place in the class, the gap with the top five is not big, music zero, sports full marks, art just passed, ideological and moral column is blank. I carefully read the comments written by the teacher in charge of the class, and found that he wrote the connotation: "The student is talented, diligent in thinking, helpful, but lack of enthusiasm for learning.." Isn't it just a routine comment? Is it written so euphemistically that I am helpful? Is this a compliment or a insult? Is it an allusion to my cheating? It shouldn't be. I heard that the comments were written a long time ago. Octopus also came back from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. His father was very happy to see the report card, because Octopus's English score was as high as 98, four times his usual English score. But his father was a little angry when he saw the comment: "The student mingled with the teachers and students at school.". "His father thought that this was an extremely serious quality problem, even if he hit the students, how could he hit the teachers?"? Octopus did not dare to explain, because his father is more concerned about face, has always thought that his junior high school degree is comparable to today's undergraduate degree. He came to the city by car to play, and the two of us went to the stadium to play football together. We loved to pretend that Australia was so beautiful and Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand were so beautiful that the bumpkins almost mingled with us. We couldn't find any fun, so we called Wei to come out to play. Confucius said that a threesome must have "meaning", such as I hurt the octopus with Wei, or I hold Wei with the octopus. Two men and a woman is a very delicate combination, usually there will be a scene of two dragons playing with a pearl, two boys around a girl desperately to flatter each other, to flatter each other, which has nothing to do with feelings. Wei Wei was preparing to go out when she answered the phone. She said she was going to go to a friend's appointment. The other party had asked her out several times. This time she finally decided to go. I was about to give up when she said, "Forget it. I'll go to your place." As the octopus was a guest from afar, Wei Wei and I took the initiative to invite him to dinner, and he readily agreed. The three of them sat down at a nice restaurant and chatted while eating, and I mentioned cheating in passing. Wei Wei thought for a while and said, "I haven't found anything for the time being, but I think the school will definitely find it." "Why?" "Our answers are not too different, almost exactly the same, the correct rate of multiple choice questions is very high, so many people's test scores have risen sharply, who believes that there is no cheating!" I nodded helplessly and looked at the octopus resentfully. The octopus quickly lowered his head to study the dish in front of him. He put a few catties of salt and barrels of oil in it, and dared not look at my sharp eyes. Every year at the beginning of the term, our school will "bring to justice" some people. Although I have always believed that this kind of "strike hard" practice has the spirit of breaking the law, teachers believe that its deterrent effect is very effective. From the perspective of their world view,endless swimming pool, my coordinated cheating behavior is already a heinous crime, and I should be directly beheaded by the political and educational department. Verse 37: Plagiarism is justified, cheating is not (4).

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