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Prayer Request: Wearing the Book "Big Brother Becomes My Three-Year-Old Son" by Beauty Wushuang

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Wearing the Book "Big Brother Becomes My Three-Year-Old Son" by Beauty Wushuang (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Cloud flying mirror is a little funny: Do your girlfriend have these things, then do your wife is not to be praised to heaven ah. Unexpectedly, he thought about it and nodded earnestly: "Well, well, I will send you to heaven with my life.". Yunfeijing thought he was joking. Unexpectedly, in the third year, he presided over the success of the manned space project. The man asks her cautiously in the back: "Can go up to heaven now, can you marry me excuse me?" Chapter 59 In the early morning, the golden sunshine scattered in the small garden, and the green grass seemed to be dyed with a layer of golden soft light. Under the shade of a tree, Tang Su sat on a pure white hanging basket rattan chair, reading a book intently. Today is the weekend, but she is free. Tang Su. Over there, Yan Jingyang rushed out of the room, and this time he grew taller again. Morning. @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City Tang Su looked at Yan Jingyang who had come up to her. He was six to seven years old now. Tang Su, I have grown taller again. Yan Jingyang's voice was still tender and crisp, lacking a bit of milk, and his steamed bun face had faded from his baby fat and turned into a small Zhengtai. You like me more, don't you? Only when she likes him more and more,best whirlpool tub, will he grow taller and taller. With such recognition, Yan Jingyang's cool little Zhengtai face can not help but burst into a smile. No Tang Su denied a sentence, then lowered his head and continued to read. Yan Jingyang raised his eyebrows and raised his mouth high. "It doesn't matter if you don't admit it. My body can't deceive me." White and tender face to be proud of how proud, Tang Su is like him. In full light, Tang's white ears were slightly red, and no matter what Yan Jingyang said, she just refused to admit it. Tang Su,american hot tub, you sit over a little, I also want to come up. I remember that Tang Su also put a hanging chair in Tang's room, and last time he sat with her for a while. Take off your shoes. Tang Su put the pillow on her leg on the other side and let Yan Jingyang sit against it. @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City This hanging chair was even bigger than the one in the Tang family, and it was no problem for Tang Su to curl up and lie down. Yan Jingyang ran into the room and took out a book, then took off his shoes and began to climb up. Compared with before, now he is no longer so embarrassed, need to stand on tiptoe, pout small buttocks, hard to climb up. Yan Jingyang opened the book, he looked at the distance between Tang Su and himself, a little far, in fact, that is, endless swimming pool ,indoor endless pool, the distance between two hands, he still did not like it. The little buttocks moved, and he leaned over to Tang Su. Don't get so close to me. It's so hot. Tang Su couldn't help opening his mouth. Originally only a little breeze blowing, his body is like a small stove, with its own heat, close to her, she is hot to death. Yan Jingyang turned his face sideways and looked at her with his big black eyes. "Do you dislike me?" @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City Tang Su: "Not.." Get the answer, Yan Jingyang's small eyebrows were satisfied to pick, and then, the small body and close to Tang Su a few minutes, his short legs against Tang Su's legs, his arm against Tang Su's arm, wish to stick together. Tang Su is wearing short sleeves and shorts, the skin is cold, and warm and smooth, Yan Jingyang light is close to her feel very comfortable. The sunlight falls under the tree, the green leaves become more and more green, several wisps pass through the branches, and secretly fall on the hanging chair, the breeze blows, quiet and beautiful. At that moment, the doorbell of the gate rang and was pressed several times in succession, as if there was something urgent. Yan Jingyang frowned subconsciously with displeasure when he was disturbed by people who were not interested in such a rare good time for two people to be quiet and alone. I'll get the door. Tang Su put down the book, passed through the light pink soft-soled slippers, and walked over to the gate. Oh, little girl, it's so nice of you to be home. Tang Su looked at the aunt outside the door and recognized that the other party was a neighbor who had moved here before. "Aunt, what's the matter?" Aunt Li smiled so hard that the wrinkles on her face deepened a little. "Well, my niece's daughter, Xiao Tian, is celebrating her birthday today. I want to invite you and your children to celebrate and eat cake together.". ” "Thank you for your invitation, aunt. Say happy birthday for me, and I won't go there." Tang Su smiled and refused to export. In fact, I also know that it's not good for you to bother the little girl. We just moved here not long ago, and we don't know anyone. Xiao Tian's child can't make any friends in kindergarten. Aunt Li sighed, "How can a child's birthday not want to be lively? We only have me and my niece there today. Xiao Tian's father is on a business trip. I don't want to invite you and your children to go there. At least it's a little popular to make Xiao Tian's child's birthday a little happier." "Little girl, you can rest assured that it will be ready after the child has finished cutting the cake." "With a bitter face, Aunt Li begged Tang Su." All right, wait a minute. Tang Su turned his head and said to Yan Jingyang, "I'm going to eat cake at my neighbor's house. Do you want to go?" Yan Jingyang tightened his eyebrows and pinched his little fingers holding the book, "I'll go with you." After closing the door, Aunt Li led the way. "Your genes are really good. This child is six years old. He is really handsome." She looked at Yan Jingyang, who was following Tang Su with a straight little face,endless pool factory, and praised that the old man felt good-looking for a child with Zhou Zheng's facial features. Well, it's six years old. Tang Su replied vaguely that she could not figure out how old Yan Jingyang should be now. Our little sweet is five years old today. She is one year younger than him. Maybe we can be good friends. Aunt Li's face wrinkled with laughter. Yan Jingyang did not hum with a straight face. After a while, they came to the door next door. Aunt Li opened the door and let Tang Su and Yan Jingyang go in. "Please come in. My niece is inside." 。

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