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Prayer Request: Business Road

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Business Road (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
1. It's worth reading. The protagonists in the book, Lin Shangwo and Park Zhongyi, represent "business ethics" and "business skills" very well. Only by following the business ethics can we obtain great wealth, but it is not enough to understand the business ethics, but also to understand the business skills such as Machiavellian and competitive wisdom. In the book, "Small business aims at profit, and big business aims at people." This sentence is very reasonable. No business is more profitable than the acquisition of talent, and no asset is more valuable than credit. Like Samsung Electronics Group, this book is very suitable for giving away to customers and employees. — — Huang Chunhong, chief representative of MTL in China 2. After reading the story of Lin Shangwo borrowing money from three people to do business. I have a deeper understanding of business ethics. Using one or two pieces of silver to earn one point is not what businessmen do, it can only be called the peasant philosophy of "planting melons, planting beans", and first-class businessmen should do "planting beans and melons". Although the third borrower "indulged" in debauchery, he could see what would happen six years later, and eventually got a huge profit of 100000 taels of silver. First of all, people who are generous should have a broad mind and vision, like Lin Shangwo, the protagonist in Business Road. Only those who are not burdened by money regard business as a career and let nature take its course is the highest realm of business. Ou Zhiqiang, President of Huaqiang Industrial Corporation of Liaohe Oilfield 3. Good book 。 The key is that it reveals the true face of the so-called "business ethics". Lin Shangwo gave Piao Zongqing, a powerful minister, a blank silver ticket, which was similar to Lv Buwei's management of the throne of Qin. The author has a deep understanding of the way of doing business. This book contains a large number of Confucian and Buddhist thoughts on cultivating the mind, as well as strategies for competition and life. These philosophical thoughts are like a string of pearls scattered in a book, turning over a few pages will give people some insights. Jiang Xuewen, General Manager of Beijing Otec Petroleum Technology Company Jie Ying Cup in The Way of Business, Woman Lao Tzu said, "The Tao can be Tao, but it is very Tao." Confucianism has the Confucian way, Buddhism has the Buddhist way, Taoism has the Taoist way, the sage has the sage way, the common people have the common people's way,jacuzzi suppliers, women have the women's way, and literature and art have the literary way. In terms of literature and art alone, poetry has its own way, books have their own way, and paintings have their own way. Whenever we comment on the success of a work, we should start from two aspects: one is the artistic value, the other is the profound connotation, and the latter is more important, that is, what the ancients called "mind" rather than "skill". South Korean writer Choi In-ho's novel The Way of Business shows us another law of the business world: The Way of Business. What is business ethics? Just like a ripe "old fruit" given to Lin Shangwo by Qiu Shi Jin Zhengxi, who was exiled to Jeju Island, wealth is as flat as water, and people are as straight as balance. Treat finance as equal as water, and treat people as upright as scales. The writing art of Shang Dao is superb: the ink-splashing historical picture of the Korean Dynasty in the 19th century, the plot of many flood lines, the changing fate of the characters, jacuzzi manufacturers ,outdoor endless pool, the suspense of the story, the vivid psychological description of the main characters, the use of familiar Chinese classics of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and the Zen witticisms that burst out from time to time.. All these make a Chinese reader convinced or even ashamed. The author's profound knowledge of Sinology shows the profound influence of ancient Chinese civilization on Korean culture and history, as well as the worship of Korean scholars to Chinese culture. Reading Cui Renhao, it is difficult to see that he is a Korean who speaks another language, which may be the inheritance of culture, but also a kind of realm for writers. The novel begins with the unfortunate death of Jin Qixie, the chairman of Linping Group, in a test car accident, which leads to three relics of Jin Qixie, a "wheel fanatic": the motto in the wallet, the Jieying Cup and the Jiapu Collection. As a result, Lin Shangwo, a legendary figure in the 19th century who was silently worshipped by President Jin, began to appear. Lin Shangwo, a grocer who just started his career, embezzled his employer's money in Beijing and collected 500 taels to redeem Zhang Meiling, a 15-year-old child prostitute. Zhang Meiling's inner skirt with the words "Uiju businessman Lin Shangwo" was free, but when Lin Shangwo returned to North Korea, he was expelled from Uiju business forever. In desperation, Lin Shangwo, who was wandering in a foreign land, once again entered the Mount Kumgang Autumn Moon Nunnery where he had studied at the age of 15. Master Shi Chong of Qiuyue Nunnery realized that he was a man with big roots, so he took the way of drinking to help him realize the truth. Lin Shangwo was tortured by the Dharma Master and wanted to commit suicide. Just then, Kaesong businessman Piao Zhongyi found Lin Shangwo with a mysterious silver ticket and advised him to return to business. Lin Shangwo took the gift from Master Shi Chong, Jie Ying Cup, on his way. There are eight characters on the cup of Jie Ying: Jie Ying prays to die with you. Later, Lin Shangwo praised the cup in the preface of Jiapu Collection: "My parents gave birth to me, and I became a cup." Covering the volume and meditating, the author feels that he does not think so. Rather than saying that Lin Shangwo "became a cup", it is better to say that "become a woman, destroy a woman" is his true portrayal. After visiting Lin Shangwo and Piao Zhongyi's trip to Beijing, it was realized that the person who issued the 5,000 taels of silver was Zhang Meiling, who had become Lady Zhou, a doctor of Guanglu in the Qing Dynasty. Life is really a magic game! It can be said that Lin Shangwo, a businessman in Yizhou, is a great benefactor to Zhang Meiling, a weak woman, and conversely, Zhang Meiling, the wife of Zhou, is also a great benefactor to Lin Shangwo. All these can be regarded as the origin of Master Shi Chong's "knife that can kill and save people" in everyone's hands. From then on, Lin Shangwo embarked on the successful road of "the best businessman in the world". He expanded his contacts, met Li Xizhu, a wealthy businessman, employed Hong Jinglai, relied on Piao Zongqing, an important official of the imperial court,garden jacuzzi tub, and associated with Jin Zhengxi, a teacher and friend of Qiu Shi. He used the word "death" to successfully defeat the boycott of Beijing businessmen, and used the word "tripod" to resolve the second crisis in his life.

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