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Prayer Request: I won't be lonely with you.

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I won't be lonely with you. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
It is an exotic place, Zhongji Li went there once for work reasons, but for the same reason, he did not have time to appreciate the national customs. Two people's trip is said to go, Li Wanqing is also in the next day to find the bride, found that people have been taken away by the groom. She angrily dialed the phone of the smelly boy who did not let people worry, "You smelly boy is going to get married, how can you still be so unmeasured!"! You're going to stand the guests up at the wedding, aren't you? ! ......” Wait for her to roar to finish, Zhong Ji Li just puts the mobile phone beside ear again: "Mom, I had gotten card married.". Besides, you're still at the wedding. I promise we'll be back before the wedding. After a while, the voice of her precious daughter-in-law came from the other end of the phone, "Mom, I'm sorry.." Li Wanqing instantly changed her tone, "Oh, what are you sorry for? You have a good time outside. There is a mother here at the wedding. You and Li Li can come back before the wedding." On the second day after the court session, the young couple disappeared, and the shrewd Li Wanqing certainly knew that it was her son who loved his wife and took people out to relax. Mu Shengyu: "Thank you,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, mom." When she finished thanking her, her cell phone returned to Zhong Jili's hand. He said, "Mom, you are partial." Li Wanqing rolled her eyes on the other end of the phone, simply explained a few words and hung up the phone. Mu Shengyu was a little worried, "is it not good for us to do this?" Zhong Jili pulled her into his arms and said in a low voice, "Our mother said she would help us take care of it. Don't worry.". The most important thing for you now is to relax and have a good time for a few days,ceramic bobbin element, and then go back with me to be my bride. Mu Shengyu relaxed and snuggled in his arms, "Zhongji Li, you are good to me." To be honest, she was surprised that he put down his work and accompanied her out to relax, but she was still very touched. Zhong Ji Li: "You are my wife, I am not good to you, who is good!" " She thinks, say again: "Husband, you are good to me ~" Chinese New Year + Honeymoon After the Chinese wedding, the two newlyweds flew to England. At the beginning of December, there were white snowflakes in the sky above London, England, and their Western-style wedding was held as scheduled. In addition to Shen Wenhao and his wife approaching the due date can not come, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,Alumina Ceramic C795, Fu Ze, Yin Lu, and Yang Nanfeng family of four came to send blessings. This is the first time that the two babies of the Yang family have gone abroad. They are so excited that they run around the street like two crazy hooves after jet lag. Yang Nanfeng looked at his wife next to him and said helplessly, "Mom said that the two babies are more like you in character. I didn't think so before, but now it seems that this is reasonable." Wei Yi looked at her husband with a smile. "That means you can't. My genes are stronger than yours." Yang Nanfeng: ".." What's the matter with being criticized by his wife for no reason. After the wedding, they stayed here for a few days and were busy returning home to deal with the company's year-end affairs. He will go on his honeymoon after the New Year. He is conscientious and responsible in his work, so besides the annual summary of this month, he has to arrange his work for the month when he is not there after the New Year. So as soon as he came back, he often worked overtime. Comparatively speaking, Mu Shengyu was relatively idle. Everyone is busy at the end of the year, Lu Xiaoyan is busy talking about announcements for her little newcomer, Lu Yihan is busy working part-time.. Li Wanqing is afraid that her daughter-in-law will be bored. Originally wanted to take her home to live, but they have only Alaska at home, so Mu Shengyu politely refused her request. However, Li Wanqing often asked her to go shopping and took her to her good sisters to "show off" her daughter-in-law. ...... Time passed quickly, and the Chinese New Year was coming soon. This was the first time that Mu Shengyu spent the Chinese New Year in China. It was very different from the usual New Year in England. The relatives of the Zhong family had a very lively time for many years. He took her to the Li family to visit relatives, and she saw Lu Xiaoyan! It seems that Lu Xiaoyan and Li Qian are approaching a good thing, but it seems that Li Qian's mother is not satisfied with her. However, the Chinese New Year was a day of family celebration, and Mrs. Li did not embarrass her on the surface, but her attitude was obviously cold. But Lu Xiaoyan is not the kind of fawning person, naturally will not hot face stick to other people's cold buttocks, but the courtesy of her or no less, after saying hello to Mrs. Li, sitting next to Li Qian obediently. The atmosphere is still harmonious, after lunch, their younger generation played for a while Zhongji Li was preparing to take her home, came an uninvited guest-Yin Qianqian! The relationship between the Yin family and the Li family is relatively close. Yin Qianqian first said hello to the elders and then skipped to the chess and card room. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Zhong Jili and his wife coming towards me. They got married some time ago and were exposed on the Internet. However, Yin Qianqian could not stop her young lady's temper for a while. The moment she saw Mu Sheng Yu, her eyes showed a fierce light. She and Mu Sheng Yu's enmity had been formed for a long time. She would never forget the slap in the rain that day. Zhongji Li a cold eye swept over, Yin Qianqian instantly afraid, no longer fiercely staring at Mu Sheng rain, but a cold hum, across them toward the room. She's here for Li Qian, but.. When she saw the woman beside Li Qian. He immediately pulled down his face. Mu Shengyu clearly saw her face twisted, thinking that she would not be able to hold her temper, but the next second she switched to a false smiling face. After greeting several brothers and sisters of the Li family, he sat beside Li Qian as if no one was watching, completely ignoring Lu Xiaoyan. Although Li Qian did not let Yin Qianqian come as usual, Lu Xiaoyan still felt a little uncomfortable. Lu Xiaoyan got up and went to the bathroom, and then Yin Qianqian found an excuse to leave the room. Mu Sheng Yu also quietly followed the past. As she expected,ceramic bobbin heater core, Lu Xiaoyan was blocked in the toilet by Yin Qianqian. Yin Qianqian looked at her with the eyes of cheap goods, and his voice was sharp and harsh. "Don't you look at what you are? Do you deserve Li Qian?"? If there were no guests today, Auntie would have kicked you out. 。

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