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Prayer Request: A candy-how happy, how lonely

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A candy-how happy, how lonely (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
She suffers from childhood depression, slow movement, reduced activity, withdrawal and depression, and in severe cases, she may be in a state of stupor. Slow thinking, whispering, reduced speech, slow flow of speech, self-blame and inferiority.. Sandalwood doesn't understand. She doesn't want to understand. Mother understood and kept asking how to treat it and how long it would take to get better. Sandalwood is a very pleasant child, people who do not understand will go to play with her, she ignored, as others do not exist. Sandalwood listened to the doctor and his mother's conversation, began to be distracted, do not know what to think, playing with his fingers, twist to twist, ears red. During the injection, Sandalwood screamed and refused. The leaves of the sycamore trees outside the window fell off one by one, like butterflies flying, and the sun was shining. Come on, what do you see in uncle's locker? They're all dolls. I'll give you one after the injection. Mother coaxed Sandalwood. Don't cry, obediently injection, eyes open, see the needle into, cotton swab is very cold, liquid medicine a little bit reduced, lower limbs began to numb, for the doll in the cabinet. No doctor has a doll in his locker. After the injection, Sandalwood took the incident to heart for the next 10 years. Frog. Frog is a good insect. Even if you don't eat it,ceramic welding tape, he will eat it, so eat it. The family bought two catties of frogs and prepared to cook at night. On Sunday afternoon, there was no one in the house. Mom and Dad went out to visit relatives without sandalwood. Sandalwood was a depressed child. He didn't like to talk to anyone, including relatives. It was embarrassing to go there. Last time I went to my aunt's house, I refused to call someone, and I didn't want to be beaten when I came back. The siesta was awakened by the croaking of frogs. After a busy time, there were wooden plates and sewing needles, saline, nails, hammers, matches and blades on the dining table. The frogs looked at the child innocently. Sandalwood smiled sweetly and said to herself,ceramic igniter electrodes, Frog? Is the mother of the little tadpole. I chose the one with the greenest skin and bulging eyes. The frog was so frightened that he urinated a few drops between his legs. He pinched the frog's stomach, took a large sewing needle, and poked it blind. So it can't see itself, Sandalwood thought. When poking, the frog's legs kept kicking, kicking hard. Sandalwood's hands kept shaking, feeling very excited, took a nail to nail four feet, back to the sky, legs apart. The blade has been soaked in saline for a long time. With a hissing sound, the skin and flesh split together, and there was little blood. The little heart of the frog is beating, the stomach is bulging, the little stomach. Lungs are small bubbles, a soft little mass. Take out the stomach, put it aside, and sew up the skin as skillfully as a surgeon sews up a pregnant woman who has a caesarean section. Then burn the sewn belly with a match, put the blind frog in the basin, and coexist peacefully with other frogs. The other lucky one was chosen, opened its mouth and stuffed its stomach into it. Spit it out and stuff it in. Until it was all swallowed, Sandalwood said, Kamado bbq grill ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "Be good and go to the cupboard to get the doll for you.". Sandalwood cleared the table with satisfaction, hid the tools under the bed, drew the curtains, turned on the TV, and waited for Mom and Dad to come back to cook. (2) Every time I ate frogs at home, Sandalwood felt happy and could dissect them secretly. They did not know the pain, nor did they know how to shout. They tortured and chewed slowly. Once, after eating the frog's legs raw, Sandalwood felt that something was stuck between her teeth and pulled it out forcefully. It was a black nematode with good wriggling and bouncing ability. From then on, she stopped eating and only dissected them. In junior high school, Sandalwood preferred loaches, which were always cheerful, which made Sandalwood feel puzzled. When Mom and Dad were not at home, they grabbed a fat and tender loach from the water tank, nailed its head and tail, first blinded its eyes, then scraped it with a sharp blade, scraped it again and again, accidentally scraped their hands, and bled with the loach. The water is boiling in the pot, saline and warm. The loach fainted from the pain and scraped the flesh out. Sandalwood took it in her hand, stroked it, kissed it, put it in the pot, and whispered, "You go to heaven.". ” The loach is placed in a warm saline, stirred in the pot, covered with a lid, and fluttered a few times. The loach is fat and anxious, warm and disobedient, and lies and is lazy. The loach hopes to see the concubine hanging Lai Nan. Look at the tomb of the loach. When I graduated from junior high school, if I looked through Sandalwood's handbook, every year the teacher's comments were "respect for teachers, unity of students, excellent grades, poor communication skills." In the first year of high school, Sandalwood raised two caterpillars, one called Maomao and the other called Insect. Put it in the pencil box, talk to them after class, and bury your head in the desk. Picked up two on the road, one black, one gray with green fluff spots on the back. Yang Wenwu liked the silent girl sitting in front of him, with gentle hair, weak eyes and lips, not as domineering as other girls. He found that Sandalwood had not been in contact with anyone in the class for two months since the beginning of school. He was just in a daze or buried his head in the desk after class. He patted her on the shoulder and reached over to Sandalwood. "Hey, can you lend me an eraser?" Sandalwood ears are very red, looking down at the ground, there are Yang Wenwu's sandals on the ground, the big toe is very big, there are a few hairs on the big toe, long. The rubber smells good. Yang Wenwu rubbed hard, very fragrant rubber is generally just good-looking, can not wipe things. Gold and jade, but still likable. Although a small hole with a diameter of one centimeter was rubbed on the paper, Yang Wenwu was very happy, "Thank you, can you tell me what is in your desk?" Sandalwood looked around, but no one noticed. He nodded and motioned for him to come to the side. Opening the pencil box, Yang Wenwu saw the most feared thing in his life, the caterpillar. He almost fainted, his legs were weak, and he returned to his seat. When the bell rang, Sandalwood put away the box and looked back coldly at Yang Wenwu behind him and said, "They are my children." Yang Wenwu shivered and nodded, oh. (III) When Yang Wenwu was sleeping,10g Ozone Generator, he dreamed of sandalwood and wept in the garden in the clothes of ancient ladies. His clothes were transparent. With petals on his head, he came over, hugged him and kissed him without speaking. The tongue is moist and tastes like green tea. Don't do this. I'm still a virgin. Yang Wenwu threw her away with righteous words.

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