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Prayer Request: The ghost hits the wall _ the world overlord sings

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The ghost hits the wall _ the world overlord sings (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
I listened attentively to the old man's words and felt sorry for himself as if I had not listened to him. The old man went on to say, "The knowledge of ghost drawing amulets is even greater. The drawing method of this amulet seems to be a Taoist priest. But the difference here is very different. We build a door in the underworld. Why is it called a door in the underworld? We are good at going to the underworld. We come and go. Everyone in Jianghu thinks that we are masters of hooking up with the underworld, so we simply call ourselves the door of the Underworld!" "Relying on this unique amulet, walking in the shade is as easy as going home. You have seen an example, that is, the corpse amulet of Wuding's disfigurement. Zhang Daolin, this little doll, is not skilled enough. If it were me, it would be such a good dragon sleeping cave. I only need a soul-destroying curse to protect the old corpse. It's a pity that it's a good location.". It's a pity that it's hard to find this precious dragon sleeping place now. As soon as Zhang Daolin told me about it, he was scolded by me for three days and three nights. But he had already started such a fierce battle as Wuding's broken appearance. I had no way to remedy it. Fortunately, you are still eye-catching and didn't waste my old man's cultivation from childhood. "Your constitution is really abnormal, congenital is the body of a walking Yin guest, but the veins of your body have not yet fully grown up, until this time after the black coffin array of Lao Rong Wang, whirlpool eyes appear in your body, hey, the benefits of longevity depend on whether you have the fate to get it!" The old man's words were half true and half false, but what I heard was mixed with a lot of water, as if he had been trying to lead me somewhere? www/ m Chapter 36 shoulder to shoulder. t。 Xt-small.. Say 。 The garrulous old man made a long speech, which made me almost confused. Many new nouns were familiar to him, but I had never heard of them, so my curiosity was aroused and hung high in the air. Sometimes, I also want to scold myself, this,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, do not know curiosity can really kill people! A little silly, I asked, "Black coffin array?"? Eye vortex? Live forever? What the hell is all this? I think the more you say, the more mysterious it is. You haven't said why the female ghost looks like my girlfriend Han Yena? Please say it quickly, that's all I care about! "Don't you care if Tian Li can be rescued?" The old man stared at me maliciously, eyes flashing, but I asked tongue-tied, do not know how to answer, indeed,7g Ozone Generator, recently I miss Han Yena the number of times is less and less, but most of the time is thinking of Tian Li, I can not help but think sadly: originally I and all the laity, are like the new and hate the old wicked ghost! Fortunately, the old man went on to say: "The black coffin array, this is the famous old brand of the tomb of the Great Evil, even those mysterious southern crawlers in Shanxi, once they see that there is such an array, let alone a pot, he dare not point!"! This black coffin array is the first evil trick in the world. To tell you the truth, old man, I am also very taboo about it. If I hadn't seen the good treasure being taken away by the old Rong King, I would never have risked going to this dark and sunless place to act rashly! "Your girlfriend whose surname is Han, I have an aside to kindly remind you that she and Tian Li are almost stronger, you must make up your mind, don't make a mistake and hate it forever!"! The spell of my female ghost in yellow is purely a residual image in your mind. At first glance, Ceramic Band Heater ,alumina c799, you think it is Han Yena. Her face naturally looks like Han Yena. If you look at it again, it will look more and more like her. In fact, it is just a piece of yellow paper! If I perform this art, I will lose my life, old man. All right, let's not talk about gossip, and the time is about the same. Let me talk about an iron rule that I regard as the golden rule. Don't forget that it's a matter of your life! The old man told me to take out my flashlight and tie up the cuffs of my trousers. Then he cleared his throat and said, "The most important iron rule in setting up a door is: Go in the light, go in the dark. Remember to put your shoulders on your hands, not your hands. Go around the black coffin, go down the black building, and draw a mark on your forehead to control the corpse.". Boy, do you understand? I had to shake my head and say I didn't understand. The old man took out an irregular piece of bronze, stuffed it into the cuff of his wrist, and explained, "Don't ask!"! This is my amulet, but I carry the words of right, left, left, left and right all the way. If you want to save Tian Li, we will arrive at the field soon. I will only explain the iron law to you, and you will understand it slowly in the future. "Listen, Shifu told me, 'Ming Zou Yin, dark boat', refers to when we do work in the dark, of course, does not mean to plough the fields and harvest wheat, we should pay attention to the coordination of light and shade around, Ming Zou Yin guest, behind the scenes are all good sailors, we must find another waterway, because where we search for treasures, without exception, there will be water sources." We don't like to see a dry tomb without water and a dry treasure cave with fly ash. It takes decades to accumulate experience. You should remember it in your mind first, and then slowly explore what kind of water source is a precious water source. 'Remember To take the shoulder and not the hand ', which means that it is easy to understand that when you see the master in the dark tomb of the Hades, you are basically a pair of dry bones. When you are looking for a treasure, you should not touch the metacarpal bone of the corpse. If you really want to touch the corpse, you must take the shoulder and come slowly from the armpit. Otherwise, it is easy to be contaminated with the resentment of the tomb owner. If you bring some evil things to the ground, it will be a trivial matter It often harms other innocent people. As the saying goes, ten fingers connect the heart, the tomb owner is no exception, take the wrong palm that will blow up the corpse! I understood a little, the interface said: "In this way, 'around the black coffin, down the black building', definitely means to see the black coffin that is not rotten to walk, if the tomb meets the black building, no matter how big or small to tear it down, otherwise there will be an accident, 'control the corpse drawing amulet on the forehead',Ceramic Bobbin, I'm afraid it means that the corpse control and ghost drawing amulet must be cast on the forehead of the corpse to have an effect, is that not!"! What I'm supposed to say is reliable, right? 。

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