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Prayer Request: Quick wear of fancy flirting with men

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Quick wear of fancy flirting with men (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
But for a moment, Zhao Zhixu ran out in a hurry, and when he saw Le Tong, he knew that the young marshal had come back. He went to the back seat, stood by the door, and saluted respectfully, "Young Marshal." There was a trace of joy in his tone. Qingtian's indifferent voice came from the car, "Go in and talk." "Good." Zhao Zhixu turned around and asked the soldiers to remove the barricade. Without obstacles, Le Tong entered the town unimpeded and drove to their temporary foothold, a large courtyard. After getting off the bus, Le Tong followed Qingtian into a room. When he went in, he found that there were many people inside. Many of these people were veteran officers and soldiers who followed Qingtian to conquer the world. It seemed that they had something to discuss, and she was the only woman here. She was not used to it. Qingtian noticed that Le Tong, who was walking beside him, was distracted and stopped. "What's wrong?" Le Tong looked around, "you seem to have something to discuss, I think I'd better leave first." With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "We are going to discuss the attack on Qingzhou. You are my wife now. It is reasonable to stay here." Optimus's voice is not too big or too small, just let all the people present listen to it. Le Tong's cheeks turned red. He was not surprised to see these officers and soldiers again. Instead, he was very happy and uncomfortable. He made excuses at will. "I'm a little tired. I'll go back to rest first." Qingtian nodded and called the little soldier to take her to the rest place. Chapter 382 Republic of China Widow VS Iron-blooded Young Marshal [54] After Le Tong left, Qingtian restrained his smile and returned to an expressionless face, discussing with his men the matter of attacking Qingzhou. The meeting did not end until after midnight. Qingtian dragged his tired body back to his resting place. When he stepped into the room and saw Le Tong sleeping on the table,ceramic bobbin heater, his expression softened unconsciously. Walk slowly to her side, squat down, carefully pick her up, walk to the bedside and gently put her on the bed. After a few days of running around, Le Tong's body has been exhausted, so that she did not wake up because of the action of the sky, still sleeping sweetly. The next morning, Le Tong was awakened by the sound of orderly footsteps. When she opened her eyes, she found that this was not her resting place. She sat up. She remembered that she came to Qingtian last night to take medicine for him, but he didn't come back after waiting for a long time, and then she slept here. Just when she was puzzled, a deep voice came over. You're awake. Le Tong looked back and saw Qingtian, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,cordierite c520, dressed in a military uniform and stepping on black military boots, walking towards her. She nodded sheepishly, "It seems to occupy your rest place." "You can stay as long as you want." Qingtian sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to touch her hair. "I'm going out. You wait for me here." "You're going to war?" The tone was tense and frightened. Qingtian nodded, "This is an era when either you die or I die." Le Tong was silent. After a long time, he said, "Then be careful. I'll wait for you to come back." She knew the truth of a hero in troubled times, and if that was what he wanted to do, she would not stop him. The smile at the corners of Qingtian's mouth deepened. Ding ~ The target's favorability to the attacker has increased by 10 points, and now the favorability value is 90. Qingtian looked serious and his tone was firm. "I will come back safely." He hugged Le Tong gently, and after a long time, he said, "The army is going to set out. I'll go first." "I'll take you." "Good." Optimus released her and stood up. The two men walked together to the gate of the courtyard, where the troops were already ready to go. Zhao Zhixu brought Qingtian's horse over. Qingtian looked deeply at Le Tong, then turned over and got on the horse, and left here without looking back. Le Tong stood in the doorway and watched Qingtian lead the army away until he could not see. Turning around, he collided with the eyes of Jonson, who was standing at the back of the crowd. Le Tong quickly walked to his side. "Jonson, do you also come to send Qingtian to war?" Jonson smiled reluctantly. "Yes." About Le Tong's identity, the military camp has already spread, in the future she will be the marshal's wife, accompany him for a lifetime. Seeing that he was distracted, Le Tong asked, "What are you thinking about?" Jonson thought for a moment and looked straight up at her. "I have something to say to you." "Now?" Le Tong looked around. "It's not convenient here. Let's go in." Jonson nodded his head. The two men went to the garden one after the other. Le Tong turned and looked at him. "What's the matter?" Jonson's tone was nervous. "You said you liked a person for three years in England before. Is that person Optimus?" Le Tong nodded his head seriously. Jonson felt as if all his strength had been taken away by God. It turned out that they were in love with each other, and he had already lost before he started. Chapter 383 Republic of China Widow VS Iron-blooded Young Marshal [55] Since that conversation, Jonson seems to take more care of Le Tong. He had planned to stay here for a while and then return to England, but he changed his mind and chose to stay and guard Qingtian and his lover Le Tong. When war breaks out, there are always casualties. In the next period of time, there will always be a steady stream of wounded from the front line. Le Tong spontaneously became a military doctor in the rear, treating them dutifully, and Jonson naturally joined in, which greatly solved the worries of Qingtian. The military strength of the Northwest Army was far less than that of the Hunan Army, and with the strategic deployment of Qingtian, the Hunan Army quickly captured the first city. With a good start, it strengthened the morale of the Hunan Army. The northwest army camp was lost one after another, morale was low, and later even to the extent of the collapse of the lookout, while the Hunan army was overwhelming, and the army was approaching Qingzhou. Half a year later, Qingtian successfully captured Qingzhou. Huaxia,steatite c221, this land has been temporarily stabilized. Because of the slow speed of news transmission at that time, the news of victory did not reach the rear. Le Tong knows nothing about this and is still doing his duty as a military doctor. Come to town again, temporary operating room.

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