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Prayer Request: Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

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Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
At least, on more than one occasion, Anese had heard of seeing dazzling women sneaking in and out of the back door of the Bishop's residence in Abdera, and most of those women were women from the city of Abdera. Gregory always seems aloof, or out of place, which is enough for Anese to never provoke him. He believed that the bishop was clearly not reconciled to his future, which made him remind himself not to get involved with this man. So Grigory's surprise visit came as a surprise to Anese, but the Thracian general was clearly not too foolish. When he suddenly remembered that the Knights of Redemption were heading in the direction of Edonia to the north, a wave of uneasiness came over him. Unable to sit still, Anes decided to meet the bishop immediately, and when he heard from Gregory that what he had vaguely feared had come true, his face suddenly turned ugly. General, I think all this is a disaster. "Gregory, who arrived at Abdera with only two servants,aluminum tile edge trim, was filthy. His monk's robe, which always seemed clean, was covered with dust, and the worn place on the hem of his robe even showed his dirty legs." The Knights of Redemption had occupied all of Edonia. They were to establish their own church there, and at the same time they were to admit the people into their order by exempting them from tithes. "What's that Gombray doing?" Anese's face became more and more ugly with Gregory's words, and when he heard that the order had even established a holy endowment in Edonia,china tile trim, he could not help holding his head and letting out a low groan. As he walked back and forth, he cried out in a low voice of annoyance, "God, why did the emperor let them come to Thrace in the first place? These people will stay in Thrace." Until the whole of Thrace becomes theirs. "General, although it is not my duty, I think you should tell the emperor about all this," Gregory reminded in a low voice. "You should know that the former residence of the holy holy brothers has now become the church of the order of prayer, and even they have taken the holy bones of the holy brothers as their own, which is absolutely not allowed." "That's right, the emperor should know all about it." Anese kept nodding as if he remembered. He put his hands together against his lips and kept nodding until he suddenly heard a noise of footsteps coming from outside. Before the servant in front could speak, aluminium tile trim profiles ,stainless steel edging strip, a knight in chainmail strode in, and although he saw the robe making him salute to Gregory in a hurry, his eyes were still fixed on Anese. "My Lord, the people from Eldonia are making trouble in the city," the knight reported anxiously. He looked up at Gregory with a look of disapproval in his eyes. "They have all come with the Bishop. Now they are shouting everywhere for an expedition to Upper Thrace, and they want to see their Lord." There was a trace of surprise on Anese's face. He looked at Gregory in astonishment, hoping to get an answer from him, but what he saw was the helpless face of the Bishop of Edonia. Those men followed me out of Eldonia. "It was important for them to survive the famine, so some of them thought they should follow the viscount to Upper Thrace, maybe they could get more food, and they thought it was loyalty to the emperor," Gregory explained carefully. "But why do they want to see me?" Anese asked in astonishment. He had never known that he had such a big role in the minds of these Thracians. "They can go wherever they want. I won't stop them. Even if they go to help that Gombray, I won't object." "But they think that since they serve the emperor, they should get the rations before the war." Grigory shook his head helplessly. He looked as if everything had nothing to do with him. At the same time, he kept sighing. "God bless me to come to Abdera. My Lord, you can't imagine what I'm going to suffer along the way. These Thracians are a bunch of uncivilized barbarians.. "Of course, I even heard that some of them had several wives." Anese laughed. When he saw the way Gregory looked at him, he crossed himself in embarrassment and turned to the knight. "Then let them come to see me. You know, Thracians are always very angry, but all Roman emperors like them." As he spoke, Anese walked outside with Gregory, unaware of the danger. I didn't see the sharp eyes of the two followers who followed Gregory when they looked at his back as if they were looking at prey. There were many Edonians who came to Abdera with Gregory, and although they looked equally strong, they did not attract the attention of the Edonian garrison, and they even found some of their relatives among them, so they kept calling each other by name and greeting each other. For a time, the whole city was scattered with "guests" from Edonia. Although even he himself considered himself mediocre, the Roman habit of talking made Anese decide to meet the Edonians in the square, and he met the Edonians he wanted to meet in a narrow, downward sloping street leading to the city square. When he saw the Edonians, Anese did not know why he suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness from the bottom of his heart. He looked back hesitantly at Gregory, who was also riding beside him. The Bishop of Edonia obviously felt his uneasiness, and Grigory immediately shouted to the Edonians: "God bless you,aluminum tile trim, aren't you going to tell the general what you want, so why are you stopping us?" "Because we don't want to see another'Nica ' (referring to the uprising that Justinian suppressed in the Great Arena of Constantinople)." A nobleman suddenly came out of the crowd. He looked at the unexpected face of Anese and made a discontented accusation. "My Lord, do you want the tragedy of Nika to happen again?" 。

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