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Prayer Request: Online Games: Our Surname Is Black

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Online Games: Our Surname Is Black (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
A few trumpets said that they needed to help the plot to save Yin De and so on; But what are you thinking about, Sisi Qingkou, Tianle, Pink and Black? Still want to disturb the bridal chamber? Don't you think it's too late! Yang is also a tragedy, even if the reality, this bridal chamber also did not wake up the next day to make trouble again ah! Just when Yang Yi was immersed in this inexplicable anger and expected his master and husband to show his power, the tiger body shook, revealing the spirit of the bastard, and the group of people flew out, she saw a speech that made her collapse. [Gang] Make 0429: According to the new three obediences and four virtues, "a man should listen to a woman's words." I listen to my wife. Silence. Yang also wanted to spray out, but now he was choked. Even the sisters in the dormitory often talk about the new three obediences and four virtues, but this kind of words from a man, or a black man like her master, is more shocking than Mars hitting the earth! [Gang] Wei Qingfeng: Please allow me to express my feelings! Make 0429, you really deserve to be the one who comes in! Even the three obediences and four virtues have been learned well, which makes our mother's family worry more! What about this "wife"? Yang was also silent, knowing that it was not wise enough to ask questions at this time, so he had to turn the subject of inquiry to a certain culprit. After sending a vicious expression- (_) #-, he tapped the keyboard hard: "Master, can you tell me what's going on?"? Disciple, I am very confused now! Mark didn't seem to care about his apprentice,stainless tile trim, or the newlywed's questioning. He replied happily, "It's just entertainment. You have to find some excuses to get married suddenly.". Lady, you don't have to worry about this. Why can you solve it? He, why did he call her, call her "wife" so smoothly, and call herself "husband" so naturally! Yang also blushed, fingers a tremor, also no longer intend to continue and help people nonsense, in the end their own master is the real warrior,tile trim factory, such a small joke on him, that is drizzle ah! You don't have to hold an umbrella at all, you can completely ignore it! Yang Yi, a relieved student, stared at his master's speech without saying a word, watched him dismiss the equipment party lightly, and postponed the request of the plot party on the grounds that "newlyweds should not use knives and guns". Finally, in the face of the noisy bridal chamber faction, he just said a word and let a group of people retreat. The shocking sentence is- "This is not my mother's home?"? Where is the bridal chamber? I'm taking my wife back to the door! So the gang channel was silent. Half a day later, the awakened human struggled to make a contemptuous expression. Yang Yi is happy. The gang is embarrassed. After the autumn wind swept the fallen leaves to put down the rebellion, Mark sent a message to Yang Yi, saying that he would form a team to brush the couple's task together. Satisfied Yang children happily ran past, completely forgetting to pursue someone's responsibility for revealing the secret-in the end this matter can not be a secret, in the case of Nangong Yi's big mouth, even if this matter is hidden again, stainless steel edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, it is in vain. As a result, when Mark applied to join the gang, Yang Yi was kept in the dark about the fact that "a woman sings with her husband, and I become a wife". Until a party, everyone said it as a joke. Yang Yi, who knew too much about Mark, could no longer use the expression of sudden enlightenment, pretend to be thoroughly enlightened, and cooperate with the tone of helplessness to say "my master is really treacherous".. The author has something to say: Note ①: The earliest dream did not have the function of automatically sending messages to inform friends after marriage, but I remember that it should have existed at the time of the mystery of gods and ghosts, and it is not assumed here. Couple [Couple] Make 0429: Come to the door. Yang Yi was slightly stunned for a moment, as if his master and husband had been quite fond of using this channel since he got married. Never used private chat again, or even went to Q voice because of laziness, which is really an interesting thing. Yang also carefully clicked, looked at the words "Couple Channel", very embarrassed, gritted his teeth, and for the first time in his life, he said a sentence on this channel, no, a word. [Couple] Willow: Oh. Mark looked at the husband and wife channel, the little apprentice's reply, the corners of his mouth slightly turned up, it seems that just to see this mutual appellation, he will be very happy, this mood has made him a little impatient to really let the little apprentice become a little lady, not just in the virtual game world. At the first time of forming a team, Mark threw a 100-level flying feather suit on Yang Yi's number, and after Yang Yi subconsciously threw a few exclamation marks on the husband and wife channel, he lightly typed a few words. [Husband and wife] Make 0429: Betrothal gift, this is the rule. Yang Yi Jiong, do not have to look at her also know that this dress is the work of their own master and husband, regardless of the attributes of good or bad, value geometry, this is a memorial, Yang Yi naturally will not refuse this heart. But as the saying goes, if there is a betrothal gift, there will be a dowry. After scanning her package, she found that she had nothing memorable to send back. Then she opened the parcel column, took out a piece of furniture drawing that had been made long ago and could be made at any time when she was full of physical strength. She was very ashamed to make the screen and sent it to the past, with a sentence attached: [Husband and wife] Willow: The dowry, er, is one of the four big things in the house, isn't it? Mark accepted it with a smile, clicked the flying amulet and flew to the map of Aolai country. While running to the daughter village, the matchmaker who issued the task of husband and wife, he hit it. [Couple] Make 0429: Well, the bride's dowry, put it in the bedroom? Ok? Can she say no? Yang Yi's face is slightly red, did not reply,stainless steel tile edging, just quietly watched the two little people on the screen ran into the daughter village, ran to the wishing tree, stood in front of the matchmaker.

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