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Prayer Request: Tianshi of the ten directions

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Tianshi of the ten directions (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Apart from these three people, there are a dozen or so masters with the realm of the seven stars around, Du Yunmian is one of them, the rest are either the masters of the Du family, or the people from the Tianshi sect in the surrounding mountains, a dozen or so masters of the realm of the seven stars here, just a Tuoba fierce dare to provoke, it is some to hit a stone with an egg. Tuoba Lie, you are asking for your own death. Du Yunmian shook his head with a sneer and said, "Take the outer manor of the Du family as the center. If you break in, you will be the enemy of the Du family. We will never be polite again." "I've made countless enemies in my life. I'm not afraid of one more enemy from your Du family!" Tuoba light, head clank bright, shining in the hot sun, step by step to du home, did not take du Yunmian's warning to heart: With a sneer on his face, Du Yunmian waved his hand and made a gesture to the two seven stars beside him, whispering: "Please work with me later. No one is allowed to get close to this area. If you let Li Hentian go out today, it will leave endless trouble for us." The two seven-star celestial beings nodded together and said in unison, "If Tuoba Lieh dares to make trouble, we naturally won't let him!" All right! Du Yunmian gave a light drink and immediately stopped talking. He just stared coldly at Tuoba Lie,tile profile factory, waiting for Tuoba Lie to break through the defense line outside the Du family and enter the Du family manor. Du Yunmian, come and kill me! Tuoba Lie laughed all the way, fearless of death, and his attitude was extremely scarred. Q: Visit: Chapter 105 impact "One more step is the enemy of the Du family!" Du Yunmian gave a loud shout. The orange sword in his hand was directed at Tuoba Lie. If I were afraid of you, I wouldn't have come. Tuoba Lie grinned and was about to take a step. Tuoba Lie, get out! At this very moment. Li Hentian sitting cross-legged in the middle of Du's house Suddenly he turned his head and looked at him with a cold drink. Li Lao. Tuoba lie a Leng, staring at Li Hentian took a deep look,tile trim manufacturers,! With a straight face, he said, "My life, Tuoba Lie, is yours.". It has been my wish for many years to put this life in your hands. Li Lao needn't say anything more. Now that I've come out today, I'm not going to go back alive! "Ha ha, Du Yunmian, come on, let me see what means your Du family has." Tuoba strong guffaw, suddenly shot. Dark green balls the size of walnuts popped out of his hands like small cannonballs. "Go and fall straight into the group of heavenly scholars who surround Li Hentian." Court death Du Yunmian sneers, the long sword of orange in the hand is raised, a sharp sword. The air rose to the sky, and the sword air was vertical and horizontal, forming bunches of orange rays to stab the dark green that had fallen. Boom! Boom! As soon as Qiang Mang hit, stainless steel tile edge trim ,aluminium edge trim, the dark green ball suddenly exploded, and the terrible explosive force surged around. Close to the dark green ball of a few days today, a look of panic. He hurried into the distance to escape. A dark green smoke escaped from the Du family manor, thick dark green smoke with a pungent sour taste, nearby several Du family Tianshi covered by green smoke, one after another covered their throats. When he bent down to cough with a ferocious and painful face, he spat out a mouthful of red blood. Come here Tuoba Lie, how dare you use poison in my Du's house. You must die today! Du Yunmian Anger. Drinking heavily in the green smoke, he flew out of the smoke with the two stars beside him and rushed to Tuoba Lie, who was making poisonous smoke outside Du's house. Haha, you Du family this kind of despicable family, should use this kind of method to deal with! You can besiege Li Lao with so many people. Why can't I use tobacco and poison? Tuoba Lie laughed wildly, and when he saw Du Yunmian and the two stars rushing out together, he did not fight with the three men, but went around to the other side and hit the dark green balls he was carrying one after another. All of a sudden, the whole Du family was covered by the thick dark green poisonous smoke, some of the Du family Tianshi who saw the opportunity quickly were unharmed, and those with superb strength were able to control their breathing and the opening and closing of their pores, and were not afraid of the invasion of the dark green poisonous smoke. However, those who are currently in the Du family are not all so lucky, nor are they all in a profound realm. All of a sudden, the sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling came from the Du family. In the dark green poisonous smoke, Tianshi, who were holding their throats and retching, were in every corner. They often fell down feebly before they could get out of the poisonous smoke. Zhang Yueqin and two elders from Gui yuan Zong used three magic weapons to suppress them safely. The wheel of the burning sun, which constantly released light and heat, Li Hentian also sat there cross-legged and motionless. Move. People in their realm are not affected by this level of poisonous smoke at all. Tuo Zhenglie never fought with Du Yunmian head-on, and kept wandering around Du's manor. Throw a small dark green ball in the area where the poisonous smoke is rare to increase the density of the poisonous smoke. Several seven stars of heaven, began to be impatient with the guerrilla tactics of Tuoba lie, at the invitation of Du Yunmian, these masters from the surrounding mountains of Tianshi sect, have joined the siege of Tuoba lie. When there are five masters of the seven stars to participate in this action, Tuoba lie no longer has the space to move, see five people from five directions slowly forced, Tuoba lie helpless, can only withdraw. Also in the realm of the seven stars, one or two Tuoba Lie may be able to respond to bamboo, but five people come together, once he is surrounded in the center, he will only die. Tuoba Lie is not stupid, although he He wanted to save Li Hentian, but he didn't want to be killed immediately. He knew that only by living could he do more for Li Hentian. Tuoba Lie, still want to run! Du Yunmian had a sneer on his face and a strange smile. If you have the guts to fight me alone, I'll stay now. How about it, Du Yunmian? Do you dare? Tuo Ba Lie kept walking and frequently turned around to taunt Du Yunmian. What qualifications does a man who is about to die have to fight alone with me? Du Yunmian is very disdainful. Tuo Ba Lie laughed and was about to say two more sarcastic words,stainless steel tile trim, but his face suddenly came out. Change. Hurriedly a punch to the earth, a bright starlight void flash, all into the depths of the earth.

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