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Prayer Request: The cocoon of rebirth

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The cocoon of rebirth (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Simply do not know where Lin Hanzhi learned to tease Xiao Ling, early do not know when Xiao Ling has been teased by him. Seeing that Lin Hanzhi did not give face, Xiao Ling simply rushed to grab it: "Why do you want such a lovely thing as a big man? You'd better give it to me." How can Lin Hanzhi so simply let Xiao Ling wish, relying on his height advantage is not to let Xiao Ling reach the cat wood carving. Xiao Ling jumped several times. Failed to achieve their own goals, to see Wang Zhi laugh almost rolled to Cheng Jingteng's body, the two together almost a hundred years old sweet up, but one. It's no worse than her and Lin Han. The purpose of entertaining the public was achieved, Xiao Ling panted and sat back on the sofa, and Lin Hanzhi naturally sat next to her again. Why did you come back early? When Wang Zhi had laughed, Xiao Ling asked again. Wang Zhi sat up straight and said, "I got a call from El. The fashion show is about to start. He suggested that I go to France earlier to get familiar with other designers." So I had to come back and process it quickly. "Isn't that just a few days away?" Xiao Ling said in surprise. Yes Wang Zhi took one look at Cheng Jingteng and then said to Xiao Ling, "I have discussed with your Uncle Cheng that he will accompany me to this fashion show." Would you like to come with us, Jia? Xiao Ling's eyes turned back and forth between Wang Zhi and Cheng Jingteng. She shook her head and said, "I don't want to go. Why should I go to join in the fun in your two-person world?" "If you don't go, you've been there anyway, so you can practice in the hospital honestly." Wang Zhi laughed. Xiao Ling,drive in racking system, we have something to tell you. Suddenly, Cheng Jingteng looked at Xiao Ling very seriously. What's the matter? Xiao Ling had a vague idea in her heart, wondering if it would be what she thought. Cheng Jingteng took one look at Wang Zhi, Wang Zhi returned with a smile, as if to get the courage, this will re-shift the line of sight to Xiao Ling's body: "I want to and you." I don't know what you think about mom getting married. After hearing this,warehousing storage solutions, Lin Hanzhi immediately grabbed Xiao Ling's hand quietly. Although he knew that Wang Zhi and Cheng Jingteng were dating, marriage was a big event and he didn't know Xiao. What would Ling think in her heart. Xiao Ling did not have any special reaction, but looked at Cheng Jingteng for a while, and then looked at sitting next to nothing on the surface, in fact, the fingers have been. Wang Zhi, who had grasped her skirt. I only ask you one question. Are you sure you can give her happiness? Xiao Ling asked. I promise, I will give her happiness. Cheng Jingteng answered earnestly. No one can guarantee such a thing. I want you to ask your heart. Xiao Ling did not give in. Cheng Jingteng smiled. Holding Wang Zhi's hand, he said to Xiao Ling, "My heart is very sure. I have been thinking about this question for a long time and have made up my mind." And then he spoke. I know you two have suffered a lot before, but you can rest assured that I will take good care of you two in the future. "Mom, what do you mean?" Although Xiao Ling had guessed Wang Zhi's answer, heavy duty metal racks ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, she still wanted to ask clearly. Wang Zhi looked at Xiao Ling and said, "Most of my life has passed, and I don't have any special feelings about these things. The most important thing is to look at you." Xiao Ling looked at Wang Zhi dumbfounding, she is no longer a child, is Wang Zhi also afraid that her remarriage will have a bad impact on themselves? But Wang Zhi She was very touched by the practice of putting her first, which proved that no matter what happened, she was always the first in Wang Zhi's heart. Cheng Jingteng's eyes are full of firmness and sincerity. He did have plans to marry Wang Zhi a long time ago, but considering Wang Zhi's marriage. Hurt, although he has begun to accept him, but he is not sure that the other side has completely come out of the shadow of the past. The two people's trip was also carefully planned by him. He finally took out the ring he had bought for a long time and proposed to Wang Zhi, but Wang Zhi He did not immediately agree, saying that he wanted to think about it. He knew in his heart that the most important thing for Wang Zhi was to see Xiao Ling's opinion. He has no children of his own, long ago. Xiao Ling, who has been sensible and obedient, has been regarded as his daughter, and he very much hopes to get Xiao Ling's consent and blessing. Uncle Cheng, I have no opinion, as long as your mother agrees, you can get married at any time, but you must remember what you said, absolutely can not bully me. Mom Finally, Xiao Ling hung Cheng Jingteng's appetite and said with a smile. After hearing this, Cheng Jingteng showed a sincere smile. He took out a diamond ring and looked at Wang Zhi and said, "Xiao Ling has promised me. I don't know the beautiful king." Will Miss Zhi agree to marry me? Although we have our own past, we will be very happy in the future. Wang Zhi looked at the glittering diamond ring in front of his eyes, received Xiao Ling's smile, and felt a lot in his heart for a moment. I remember when I married Xiao Wen. Fang also promised to love her forever, but in the end he couldn't even be a friend. Cheng Jingteng knows everything she has paid, and her injured heart is slowly healing because of the man in front of her. I promise. Wang Zhi answered with a smile that he had been wrong once before and hoped to get real happiness this time. Cheng Jingteng's face showed a brilliant smile, holding Wang Zhi's hand, put the ring on the ring finger of Wang Zhi's left hand: "Thank you, thank you for your willingness." Trust me and give me a chance. "Thank you for giving me a chance." Wang Zhi said earnestly. Xiao Ling looked at the hands of two people holding hands, the heart can not say moved, she did not live again in vain, Wang Zhi can finally get happiness again, before me. What has been done has not been in vain. She had already had the feeling that Cheng Jingteng might marry Wang Zhi, and after hearing Cheng Jingteng speak out with her own ears,heavy duty rack manufacturers, originally The tense heart finally relaxed. Cheng Jingteng was her favorite target from the very beginning, and after such a long period of observation, she had a deep understanding of this person.

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