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Prayer Request: Paranoid Big Man Loves Her [Showbiz] -- Dill

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Paranoid Big Man Loves Her [Showbiz] -- Dill (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
It may be amazing at first sight, but after a long time, it will be boring, so he will break up so easily. A woman who can see through at a glance, even if she has a fairy-like skin, will be bored in less than three months. Since the breakup, Pei Qifeng has not paid much attention to his ex-girlfriend. In the past six months, he has devoted himself to his'sister 'Pei Xiaoxiao. During the three months when she entered the crew to shoot, he left almost everything in the company and accompanied her all the way, so he had no chance to meet Yu Xinran. Did not expect to see Yu Xinran again after many days, she is like a new person, let him once again have a sense of surprise. Could it be said that Chen Lei found an image instructor for her when he was not in the company for half a year? Yu Xinran naturally noticed Pei Qifeng's burning eyes. She was a little unaccustomed to the whole hair, after sitting in the car, she turned her head to look out of the window, so that Pei Qifeng, who wanted to talk about his old love with his ex-girlfriend, had no chance to open his mouth. For Pei Qifeng this'ex-boyfriend ', Yu Xinran's more impression stays on the role of the female protagonist Pei Xiaoxiao's escort. Pei Qifeng is the adopted son of the Pei family. Mrs. Pei thought she could not give birth to a child. After adopting Pei Qifeng, she accidentally became pregnant. Although they had their own child,shuttle rack system, Mrs. Pei and Mr. Pei did not dislike the adopted son, but thought that his arrival brought good luck and loved the adopted son more and more. Precocious Pei Qifeng has long known his life experience, his heart is grateful to his adoptive parents, for Pei Xiaoxiao this'sister ', is also obedient, love. But God does not have eyes, Pei Xiaoxiao was abducted by the family's nanny when he was three years old,push back racking system, and there has been no news since then. Pei Qifeng grew up gradually, but he always remembered the promise he learned when he was young. He wanted to protect his sister, take care of her, and make her happy forever. Pei Qifeng thought that this life can not fulfill the promise, did not expect a car accident, unexpectedly let Xiaoxiao and Mrs. Pei meet again. When Mrs. Pei saw Pei Xiaoxiao, she seemed to see herself when she was young. When asked about her age, she was the same age as her daughter. Mrs. Pei was so excited that she secretly looked for someone to verify their DNA. Facts have proved that this girl is indeed her lost daughter! Pei Qifeng remembered that he suddenly received a phone call from his adoptive father that day, and his adoptive father, who had always been steady, showed a cry on the phone and asked him to hurry home. Pei Qifeng thought something had happened at home, but after driving all the way home, he saw a petite and weak girl in the living room. She smiled shyly at herself, just like a gentle rabbit, industrial racking systems ,shuttle rack system, which made people want to take care of her. Then his adoptive father told him that this was his sister, the lost and recovered treasure of the Pei family. From then on, Pei Qifeng vowed that he would fulfill his promise and make Xiaoxiao the happiest girl in the world. Think of Pei Xiaoxiao, Pei Qifeng's eyes once again fell on Yu Xinran, coincidentally, she turned out to be Xiaoxiao's best friend who grew up together. Pei Qifeng sometimes has to sigh in his heart that the world is really small. When he was in love with Yu Xinran, once he went to school to find her, she seemed to stand beside a docile girl. Now that I think about it, it's probably Xiaoxiao. It turned out that he had already seen Xiaoxiao, but at that time she was just a small sidekick beside Yu Xinran, and everyone's eyes were attracted by the gorgeous Yu Xinran, and no one noticed the supple and comely Pei Xiaoxiao at all. Who would have thought that the submissive and even timid girl would be the lost daughter of the Pei family? She doesn't need to do anything, and they will hold the best of everything in the world in front of her. People who used to be cocky in front of Xiaoxiao now don't even deserve to lift Xiaoxiao's shoes. Pei Qifeng looked at Yu Xinran, who was deliberately looking sideways out of the window, and couldn't help thinking contemptuously that she thought he would be fooled if she played hard to get? See how long she can pretend. Thinking so, Pei Qifeng stopped talking. The driver drove all the way to the destination in silence, because there was a traffic jam, and they arrived with only half an hour left before the auction began. Despite being disgusted with Pei Qifeng, Yu Xinran decided to take this opportunity to visit the legendary private garden and high-end auction. After all, in her last life, she had no chance to come to such an occasion, and since she had come, she would relax and think of it as a long experience. Pei Qifeng looked at the woman beside him, as soon as she entered the door, she had attracted a lot of people's eyes, but she did not know it, seemingly indifferent but curious to look around, like a fairy falling into the world, moving and light. The clear temperament of beauty without knowing it makes her more dazzling. As soon as Pei Qifeng raised his eyebrows, it seemed that after he returned to the company, he had to give the image instructor a bonus. This tune and teaching were simply different. If she had been like this when he knew her, maybe he wouldn't have broken up so easily. Let's go Pei Qifeng looked down at the little hand he was holding, and she had to hold him tightly with a hard clip on her arm. The auction site was brightly lit and divided into a hall on the first floor and a box on the second floor. There are always some people who don't want to show up in public, and the box on the second floor is for them. Pei Qifeng's position was in the front row on the first floor, and when Yu Xinran followed him inside, he saw a lot of people who looked familiar. There are several investors who have met with the original owner, as well as advertisers who have talked about cooperation. Yu Xinran has a polite smile on his face, but he feels particularly uncomfortable in his heart. The eyes of those people, either explicit or implicit, made her feel uncomfortable. The auction started soon, and the first few auction items could only be regarded as hot spots, with high and low bids, all of which were sold smoothly. An hour later,warehouse storage racks, we finally got to the highlight of today's auction. A ruby necklace from an aristocratic family in England. In the auction world, jewelry with stories is always more valuable than simple objects. Legend has it that the necklace was a gift from a count to his wife, but the count died of plague. His wife immortalized their love story in books.

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