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Prayer Request: Shura Supreme

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Shura Supreme (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Come on, hurry up and find your way." I pushed purple, but in my heart I thought of the equipment I had picked up in the Shura world. Don't look for it. Don't you have it? Purple flashed out the little earthworm who had just been accepted as a demon servant and said with a smile, "He is a local snake here. Are you still afraid that he can't find his way?" "You didn't say that earlier." "The system will be updated in 10 minutes, the first update time is 36 hours, the update content will be logged on the" peerless "website to view, please prepare for all players offline." "The system is going to be updated, and it seems that we can't stay any longer." Purple and I looked at each other and spat out a sentence at the same time: Brother, where are you from? Let's meet. Volume 1 Shura This World Chapter 18 Gathering (Updated: 2005-12-8 17:44:00 Words in this chapter: 2238) Lin's Academy, a quite high-end decoration, but not a bit of luxury in the coffee shop, while drinking coffee, while watching the people coming and going outside the four windows, all this seems so peaceful, of course, if you deduct the four big men not far behind me. I chatted with purple when I was near the world, only to find that the world was really small. He was studying in my school and would graduate in two years. Yesterday, I checked his file specially, only to know that the original name of purple is Blue Cloud, and it is a top student with special care in the school. It not only exempts all fees, but also has daily subsidies and various scholarships. I really don't know how he has time to play games. Why are you in a daze? A tall boy dressed casually and handsome appeared in front of me, and a girl beside him, dressed in a light blue dress,mobile racking systems, although not gorgeous, but clean with a bit of nature, a waterfall of black hair gently draped over his shoulders, with a slightly shy smile on his face. Are you purple? Although I had roughly guessed it, I was still a little hesitant. After all, the simple smile on the face I saw in the file was a little more different from the person in front of me. Why don't you believe it, Comrade Blood Soul Star? "Purple one face has a straight face, then laughed again, the whole image of a sunny big boy." Sure enough, it's you. Come and sit down. I finally decided that the person in front of me was purple, after all, industrial racking systems ,wire mesh decking, so far, I have contacted only a handful of people in the game. After the three of them sat down, the girl lowered her head shyly and looked at the table. She did not speak. A few strands of long hair scattered in front of her forehead fluttered gently. In an instant, I felt my heart begin to beat faster. I didn't expect you to be so rich that you asked us to meet in such a high-end place. Purple smiled carelessly. This is.. I pointed to the girl, and I was a little more worried. Oh, look at me. I forgot to introduce you. Purple patted her head and said, "This is my sister Xiaojing. This is a friend I met in the game. Her name is.." Purple remembered that she didn't know my name and stopped for a moment. My name is Lin Yu. Nice to meet you. For fear of causing any misunderstanding, I had to use a pseudonym. Blue Cloud. Purple smiled heroically, quite a kind of general's wind, completely different from the game. Hello! My name is Lan Jing. Lan Jing smiled politely, her big eyes full of question marks, as if she was curious about the man who could make his brother praise him after only one day. Don't be fooled by her appearance. Don't think of her as a lady. Purple kindly reminded me. Elder Brother Lan Jing glared discontentedly at purple, and a small mouth pouted high. It's right to be like this. Why pretend to be so hard? Purple laughed happily. You Lan Jing turned around and stopped looking at Lan Yun, as if she were angry. ……” I can only watch the development of the situation helplessly, so as not to get into trouble. Oh, here it comes. Lan Yun looked out of the window and smiled at me apologetically. "I also called a friend," he said. "It's also a peerless game. Will you take it amiss?" We're all friends. What do you care. "I smiled indifferently, but my eyes slid uncontrollably to Lan Jing's face. Although her face was not very beautiful, it was enough to be a beautiful woman. And the slightly angry expression on her pink face was even more pitiful. I really don't know how this purple guy could have the heart to treat his sister like this." Alas, today is really unlucky- "a tall and thin boy came over, dressed in famous brand clothes to show his rich family power.". Unexpectedly, he was my best friend in high school. Huang Hua, the son of the boss of an enterprise under Lin's Group, played with me from childhood to adulthood, and knew everything about me like the palm of his hand. …… Yu, why are you? Huang Hua's eyes stared like two light bulbs in an instant. Do you know each other? Lan Jing looked at us strangely. He's the best buddy I ever told you about in high school, Lin. Seeing that Huang Hua was about to reveal my secret as soon as he opened his mouth, I quickly grabbed him and pressed him on the seat. "We've been classmates for more than ten years," I said with a disguised smile. "Of course we know each other." As he spoke, he gave Huang Hua a wink. Well, we were playmates from childhood to adulthood. You are really a good friend, and you can understand it with a wink. I don't need to introduce you. I wanted to introduce you to each other. Purple did not notice our actions, the excitement on her face did not diminish, but one side of Lan Jing, although I did not see the eyes of purple, but all this fell in her eyes always feel a little bit wrong. I heard the blue cloud said to introduce a "peerless" in the master to me to know, but also has been praised that it is absolutely rare to see the super master, I was thinking last night what will be,heavy duty cantilever racks, did not think it will be you boy. No, today you have to make up for my mental loss last night. Please have dinner! Huang Hua skillfully took out the cigarette in his arms and lit it. After exhaling a smoke ring, the cigarette had changed ownership. Smoking is harmful to health! Lan Jing put out her cigarette and taught her a serious lesson.

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