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Prayer Request: Young pig-headed teenagers don't dream of bunny schoolmates.

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Young pig-headed teenagers don't dream of bunny schoolmates. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Li Yang took out the medicine bottle from the drawer and put it in front of him with a thump. The label says manganese dioxide. "No problem, this thing.." It's probably granulated sugar. It's white anyway. "I at least know that there are countless kinds of white powder in the world." In short, we also know that manganese dioxide is black. "It's better to try a little bit." She ignored Li Yang's practical advice and poured it directly with a bottle. Seeing this, Li Yang, who showed some regretful expression, lit the alcohol lamp again. She thought she was going to do an experiment this time, but she set up an asbestos net to roast the squid. The squid's feet curved slowly. "Me too." Although I don't think it goes well with coffee, I want to eat it when I smell it. Li Yang only cut off one foot and separated it. Sakuta got to the point as he chewed. "Say, do you think there are people who can't be seen?" "If you're worried about your eyesight, how about seeing an ophthalmologist?" No, that's not the problem.. In front of you but you can't see it-like a transparent person. Mai's situation is that "people who can't see her can't hear her voice", so it's slightly different from this. But let's ask something preliminary first. "So,filter nozzle, are you going to sneak into the ladies' room?" "I'm not interested in excrement, so I'll change to the dressing room." "You really deserve to be called Tzu Chuan. You are really a scum." Li Yang put his hand into his schoolbag and took out the mobile phone inserted in the outside of the schoolbag. "Who do you want to call?" "Police" "The police wouldn't have done anything if nothing had happened." "That's what I said." Li Yang put the mobile phone back in the bag. As for the question just now, the principle of how the human eye sees things is written in the physics textbook. You just go and learn about light and lenses. With a thump, Li Yang put the physics book in front of him. "It was because of trouble that I came to ask Futaba." He returned the book he handed out too carefully. Riyo chewed the squid leg without a care. The important thing is the light. When an object is illuminated,Lamella Plate Settler, people can recognize the color and shape of the object by the reflected light entering the eyes. You can't see in the dark without light. "Reflex." If you can't understand it, think about it in voice? I've heard of dolphin ultrasound and so on. "Detect the distance between the reflected ultrasonic wave and the obstacle?" That's right. In fact, you should be able to figure out the general shape of the object. Same with the ship's sonar. If it were not for the dazzling light, there would be no sense of light entering the eyes at all. Perhaps because of this, it is more abstract to understand. "Uh-huh" That is to say, transparent glass that does not reflect light is difficult to see. "Ah, indeed." Does that mean that Mai's body is not illuminated by light. I always feel that the irony of this sentence is not generally strong for artists who stop their activities. In other words, Mai is like a colorless and transparent glass without difficulty. It may be possible to think so, but even so, multi disc screw press ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, there are still many problems that can not be explained. "Can't hear the voice" is very strange, more importantly, some people can't see her, some people can see her. This is much more complicated than transparency. "What I said just now is basically clear." "Really?" A suspicious look. "Futaba thinks I'm a fool." "No" "Think I'm a super idiot?" "I find it annoying to deliberately ask when I know what I want to say." "Still say annoying, I say you." "The annoying guy who knows how to watch the atmosphere but pretends not to." I was wrong. Don't say any more. "And then to'go soft 'in such a beautiful way, it's just annoying." Li Yang drank coffee quietly. It seems that it is better to get the topic back on track quickly. "Well, then, this time with a qualification, is there any way I can make Futaba invisible when I sit in front of him like this?" "I'll just close my eyes." "With your eyes open and looking directly at me." "Yes" Li Yang's answer was completely contrary to what he had imagined, and it was very straightforward. I just have to concentrate on doing something, or be in a daze. In this way, you won't care about guys like Tzu Chuan. "No, it's a little different from this." Alas, let the man finish his words first. Interpreted from a different point of view than the reflection of light.. For "seeing", the subjective will of human beings is sometimes more influential than physical phenomena. Not knowing if the coffee was gone, Li Yang poured water into another beaker and put it on the alcohol lamp. "For example, I may look very small in Tzu Chuan, but if I were a primary school student, I would be called'big. '" No, Futaba is very big. Although you always wear a white coat, your defense is very strong, but you can see it from the outside. Eyes on Li Yang's bulging chest. "Don't, don't talk about breasts." Li Yang shyly covered his chest with his hands. "Ah ~, sorry.". So you care. "Doesn't Tzu Chuan know how to be considerate of others and how to be ashamed?" "Maybe I left all these concepts around here." Looking around back and forth. Go back if you don't plan to ask seriously. End of remedial classes Li Yang stood up. I'm sorry. I will ask seriously. I won't look at your breasts. "I told you to stop talking about breasts." In fact, even if you say "don't look", you don't really have the confidence not to look. Because the line of sight is naturally attracted to the other side is already an unconscious action, if the genetic factor is not corrected, I am afraid it is difficult to correct it. Drinking coffee to get away with it. "That is to say,wall penstocks, there is a subjective element to what you can see." That's right. Don't look at things you don't want to see-the human brain can do that. There is also the saying of "turning a blind eye". Don't take it seriously. I didn't care. Didn't realize.. Anyway, there are many names. It's really reasonable to say so. But in what Li Yang said just now, there is also a part that completely denies the condition of Ma Yi in his eyes.

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