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Prayer Request: Unique All-round Talent _ 202002 15155539

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Unique All-round Talent _ 202002 15155539 (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Li Ding, who had a proud look on his face at the moment, could not wait to provoke him: "Don't waste time feeling that you will be done in minutes." "Not really." The cool-faced Cang Yang Ruoxue put a white scarf similar to a cassock on the edge of the stage. In this way, she was dressed like an ordinary person in simple casual clothes, but the color she wore was light and elegant, and there was no trademark or pattern. And the people who watched heard Li Ding's words and began to talk about that he was too arrogant. After all, Cangyang Ruoxue had to go through hundreds of battles every year and had a lot of experience. But at this time, Li Ding, who heard some masters of transformation talking about himself, suddenly shouted unhappily: "I don't ***ing believe in Lao Tzu. Since this is the case, I will let you be completely convinced." After saying this, he looked at Tsangyang Ruoxue again and said, "I only need one move to defeat you. If I can't get the effect of Cheng Zhan defeating Chen Lingyuan, even if I lose." "Suit yourself." Cang Yang Ruoxue, with a casual face, said indifferently. As soon as her voice fell, some people who were looking forward to watching a heavyweight show were disappointed, and only Cheng Zhan, who was calmly standing on the sidelines, showed some interest. Obviously, Li Ding came prepared. Sure enough, after Cangyang Ruoxue said'as you like ',MBR reactor, Li Ding began to accumulate strength, and the whole person looked like an alien creature who could absorb the energy around him. Their fighting spirit is getting stronger and stronger. "Take it." After feeling that he had almost brewed, Li Ding showed an evil smile. If you look carefully, you will find that his eyes contain some red, which looks very evil. Staring at Cang Yang Ruoxue standing on the stage, he suddenly felt a tremor in his heart and felt that he was enveloped by a huge crisis. With this in mind, her handprints began to change. With a slight movement of his lips, he silently said,Wall Penstocks, "Brave and resolute, silently recite the Vajra Sador of the Great Sun Tathagata.." Nine words of truth. It was about five seconds. Li Ding, whose eyes turned blood-red, and Cang Yang Ruoxue, who silently recited the nine-character mantra, were all ready to look at each other with sharp eyes. Cang Yang Ruoxue, who always looks like the temperament of Guanyin Bodhisattva, is still quiet at the moment, but the domineering between her eyebrows is unconsciously revealed. "Ah roar." Li Ding, who was the first to strike, let out a roar that made people feel numb all over before he punched. It sounds like a hyperactive ape, and it makes people feel cold. Cang Yang Ruoxue is quietly and gently pushed out a palm. “……” What makes people feel surprised is that the two people did not make any sound against Zhang with such great strength. The scene fell silent. Had it not been for the fact that it was impossible for the two men to fight for honor, they would have thought that their hands were gently attached to each other. However, despite the silence, the two people in the center of the venue did not feel as relaxed as everyone imagined. Their faces were affected by the tremendous shock, and they all looked a little ferocious. "What's going on?" Lin Yu, Mechanical fine screen ,lamella clarifer, who was watching from above, could not help but murmur that it was the first time he had seen such a situation, and he did not know why. Very soon The two men in the duel gave the answer. Although there was still no sound, the position of Li Ding's eyes actually began to bleed, looking very horrible and ferocious. Cang Yang Ruoxue, who looked at him, was not so exaggerated as to bleed from the corner of her eyes, but she also had a slight nosebleed. The reason why they have such a reaction is obviously because the force is too heavy for the load of the body. And two people because of the pride of the warrior do not want to take the lead, so all the pressure on the body is getting bigger and bigger, so do not know what will happen. Lin Yu, who was watching at close range above, saw the two people who were immediately fighting against each other here. It was not because of their tenacity, but because they could use their inner strength to attack each other when they were motionless, which he could not do at all. Another minute later, Li Ding's cheeks were even more ferocious, and this time his ears were bleeding, which looked like seven orifices bleeding. Cang Yang Ruoxue spilled a trace of blood from the corners of her mouth. Seeing this, Cheng Zhan clapped his hands and said loudly, "Li Ding, back away.". ” Hearing Cheng Zhan's words, Li Ding obeyed and took a step back. As soon as he stepped back, his flushed face recovered a little, and there was no more bleeding from the corners of his eyes and ears. By this time, Lin Yu was curious about who would win or lose in this duel. After all, this is the ranking of the Chinese Young Dragon List. Chapter 068 King of War. The doubts of other people who were present were the same as Lin Yu's. "I failed in the challenge." After retreating, Li Ding recovered for a while and then muttered unwillingly. When he said this, his eyes, which had returned to black, were obviously disappointed. You should know that as long as you don't win, you will fail to challenge the senior ranking of the Chinese Dragon List, because there is no tie at all. "Although I had a certain advantage, the match was a draw, but according to the rules, your challenge failed." Cang Yang Ruoxue said without sorrow or joy and then turned to Chen Lingyuan. What she recovered during this period was obviously that Li Ding quickly wiped the corners of her mouth and her position with a handkerchief, and the whole person looked fine. She walked up to Chen Lingyuan and said, "Come on, let's leave." "Oh." Chen Lingyuan, who was not in high spirits, answered. The spirit and pride between his brows were almost invisible. Then Cheng Zhan suddenly opened his mouth and said, "You can't go for the time being." "Why do you want us to stay?" Cang Yang Ruoxue said coldly. "I'm not interested, but Li Ding didn't succeed in challenging you. I'm going to let him challenge Chen Lingyuan. Are you going to accept or refuse?" Cheng Zhan looked at Chen Lingyuan with a provocative look. Chen Lingyuan, who was defeated by one of his moves, thought that he had not been frustrated, but Li Ding had suffered internal injuries in the fight with Cangyang Ruoxue. I thought it would be too cowardly if I didn't promise to send out the tenth place of the Chinese Young Dragon List directly. Then calming his mind, he opened his mouth and said, "War is war." "It's a little bold." Cheng Zhan praised and then looked at Li Ding and said, "If you can't get the seventh place, you can get the tenth place. In fact, the difference is not big. All of them can be famous. Huaxia has fulfilled one of your parents' wishes and will work well for me in the future." "All right." With an evil smile,disc air diffuser, Li Ding came to the stage and challenged Chen Lingyuan, saying, "Come up and be abused." "It's not certain who will abuse who." 。

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