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Prayer Request: Movie King and Demon Traitor

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Movie King and Demon Traitor (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Then, the wandering soul of the general of Chu joined hands with the evil sword and turned into such a tall monster that the token did not even flash a spark. Drop the chain at the critical moment. But as soon as the young man approached Jiang Bing's right hand, the token jumped up again with a purple current, and the closer he got, the more powerful the electric light became. Jiang Bing instinctively wanted to withdraw his hand, and the young man would only be burned by thunder and lightning if he touched the token. But the young man clenched him firmly, his golden eyes glanced at Jiang Bing, who seemed to be captured by these eyes and was stunned. He no longer resisted, the young man took advantage of the opportunity to hold his right hand, with half a long knife in his hand across the token, metal and wooden token friction, wooden token not only did not damage, but burst out not to lose the first show of power when the thunder. The metal conducts electricity, and the lightning migrates from the token itself to the blade in the young man's hand. The young man suddenly stopped the white horse. He jumped off the horse's back and ran to the oncoming giant with a long half-knife flashing with lightning. Jiang Bing Leng Leng looked at the young man's back, the other side with an indomitable momentum, rushed to the monster several times his. The general of the State of Chu also noticed the tiny figure who had overreached himself. He swung his sword down and saw that the blade was about to cut at the young man. As soon as Jiang Bing's pupils shrank, between life and death, he had a brainwave. He recalled the feeling of filming, imitated Jiang Yunhuan's expression,rotary vacuum disc filters, and laughed lightly and openly: "Chen Jingye, how are you?" Chen Jingye was the name of the unfortunate general of the State of Chu in history. Hearing this, the fierce ghost in front of him immediately raised his head. He no longer looked at the young man at his feet. He only stared at Jiang Bing with his eyes full of towering resentment. In his throat, he spat out a voice that had changed like a beast: "Jiang Yunhuan!" The next moment, the young man who ran to the giant's feet jumped up in the air and cut the swollen figure of the fierce ghost with a broken knife wrapped in the power of thunder on the token. As soon as the thunder attached to the blade touched the demon, it climbed up like a flame and exploded in situ. The fierce ghost was cut off at the waist. The young man landed on the sand and stood firm. He looked back at the two wailing shadows in the thunder. The evil sword and the wandering soul of the general of Chu were separated again. The evil sword tried to escape, but it was wrapped in thunder and had nowhere to escape. It was destroyed in the thunderstorm,rapid sand filters, and the soul of Chen Jingye, the general of the State of Chu who turned into a fierce ghost, gradually became transparent, but he was still not reconciled. The enemy was right in front of him. When he was dying, he used all his demon power and issued the most vicious curse: "Jiang Yunhuan!"! I curse you! I curse you! You will die a terrible death! Ha ha ha Laughter mixed with thunder, endless, thunder will shine the night as bright as day, Jiang Bing in situ with his arm in front of him, to avoid this too dazzling light. The laughter was far away, and the thunder flashed several breaths in the same place, until all the remaining evil spirits here were split clean before they were willing to disperse. Finally, both the evil sword and the fierce ghost disappeared under the power of thunder. Jiang Bing opened his eyes again, and his eyes, rapid sand filters ,Belt Filter Press, which had been stimulated by the strong light, saw things again, and some of them could not see clearly. He blinked, his pupils slowly focused, and he saw the young man standing where he was, not knowing what he was thinking. Coincidentally, the young man also raised his head to look at him, Jiang Bing can not help but show a smile, this time should be out of danger. Jiang Bing three steps and two steps ran to the side of the youth, he now has no fear of the youth, after all, they have lived and died together, but also work together to slay a demon and a ghost. He grabbed the young man's right hand and looked at his fingers. The scorch marks were still there, but they had faded a lot. The other side had recovered so quickly! But Jiang Bing thought again, the other side is a monster, although do not know what the prototype is, but the recovery ability is not surprising. "Does it hurt?" He asked. The young man did not answer, but looked at Jiang Bing with his head tilted. He shouted the name with some doubts: "Jiang Yunhuan..?" When he said the name, there was a strange sense of familiarity in his heart. When Jiang Bing heard this, he explained, "That fierce ghost mistook me for someone else. I'm not Jiang Yunhuan. Jiang Yunhuan has been dead for more than a thousand years.". My name is Jiang Bing. You can also call me Mr. Gingerbread. ” The young man looked at Jiang Bing with beautiful golden eyes and repeated, "Mr. Gingerbread?" Jiang Bing nodded affirmatively, and when he saw that the young man was all right, he turned to look around and think about how to get out of this place. This place is completely separated from reality. The tourist facilities on the crescent moon spring have disappeared. It is a completely undeveloped appearance. Jiang Bing guesses that although it is not the evil sword blowing its own demon realm, it is probably similar to the so-called demon realm independent of the real world. Although the terrain is exactly the same, it is completely different from the real tourist attraction Crescent Spring. Jiang Bing asked the young man, "Do you know how to get out?" He was inexplicably brought over by the evil sword, but the young man seemed to have come by himself, probably knowing the way out. Sure enough, the young man nodded. He walked back to the white horse and got on the horse. Jiang Bing followed him, holding the young man's outstretched arm slightly, and easily turned over on horseback. The crisis has been lifted, the white horse also ran around all night, some physical exhaustion, two people let the white horse walk slowly in the desert. In such a strange place, two people actually leisurely like walking. Jiang Bing also asked while walking, he is not a talkative person, but this night's experience is so wonderful that he has a lot of questions to ask. Do you understand Chinese? The young man nodded and shook his head. Jiang Bing guessed, "Do you understand part of it?" The youth nods, Jiang Bing asks again: "What monster are you?" The question had been in his mind all night, and it rose from the bottom of his heart from the moment he learned that the young man was a monster. Jiang Bing made a bold guess: "Deer Spirit?"? Canine sperm? Wolf spirit? The young man was silent for a moment, then shook his head. What do you mean by shaking your head? Although the young man spoke a few words of Chinese, it seemed that he was still not very skilled and could not express too complicated meanings,fine bubble diffuser, so he could only use a simple nod and shake his head. Jiang Bing can only continue to guess: "Are you shaking your head to say that you can't tell me, or that you don't know?" The young man nodded when Jiang Bing said the second guess. Jiang Bing was surprised and said, "Don't you know?"? You don't even know what kind of monster you are?! 。

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