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Prayer Request: Urban evil talent

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Urban evil talent (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
You don't know who you knocked down that day, do you? The three of them are a gang of serial home murders and robberies, and they also carry guns. Do you know how strict the gun control is in China? A gun is a big case, and killing with a gun is a serious case! Little thief?! If it wasn't for your skill, people wouldn't know what happened when they died? You should know that there were at least thousands of armed police and public security in the city at that time. Zhu Siqi shouted. Ah! So I'm really famous? Uchiha Wenjie was pleasantly surprised. Of course, a reporter may come to interview you soon, and then Longxing Fund will have to touch your light! Zhu Siqi said. All right, all right! Uchiha Wenjie laughed, but he didn't think of the trouble when he really went to the street and everyone knew him, but fortunately, he followed Zhu Siqi in the future, and there were not many chances to "appear in public"! "Get up quickly, I have to go out at once, and you have to go as soon as possible!" Zhu Siqi looked at Uchiha Wenjie still fantasizing about becoming a hero, and immediately woke him up. By the way, where do you want me to go in such a hurry? I'm not familiar with this place either! Uchiha Wen Jieqing interrupted his YY and could not help shouting. To Yiwu, Yongkang two places, these days there are several production enterprises to contact us to provide us with hope primary school chairs, and some even send us samples, but I think it is better to go to their production sites to see the actual situation, just listen to others is not a thing, your task is to see their production. Try to get a general impression first. Zhu Siqi said. Isn't there media supervision? Why do you have to work so hard? Why don't you just choose a cheap and good one? Uchiha Wenjie said. This can not, the media is only one aspect, we can not give everything to others,fine bubble diffuser, and they also have a supervisory role, if something really goes wrong, their enterprises may run away, but our losses are tens of millions! Zhu Siqi said. Okay, it's just this thing. What do you want me to do? Didn't you just recruit a lot of people now? Can't you find someone who can go on a business trip? Uchiha Wenjie is still reluctant to say. I just leave it to you. I don't care whether you go by yourself or find someone to go for you. That's your business. But if something goes wrong in the future, you have to take full responsibility. It seems that you have invested 30 million yuan in Longxing in Hong Kong, right? Zhu Siqi smiled. What? I said that when you asked me to invest the money in Longxing, you didn't feel at ease. You were waiting for me here! Uchiha Wenjie jumped up from the bed and shouted. This is just what I think of temporarily. If I don't give you some pressure, how can you have motivation? Cut the crap and go to work quickly. I'm ready for you, and you can drive there! Zhu Siqi said that Deng Weiyu immediately returned the car as promised after Cai Zi broke it, and he also saw Zhu Siqi on TV, knowing that he might need the car more than he did now. You tell the driver to wait and I'll take a shower and go down. Uchiha Wenjie ran into the bathroom alone. Driver? You wish. You're the only one. You're the part-time driver. Hurry up, I want to take your ride back to the company, disc air diffuser ,lamella tube, but now people have no money, can save a penny is a penny. Zhu Siqi urged outside. Inside Uchiha Wenjie heard Zhu Siqi so "penniless", a weak calf, almost fell to the ground, although Zhu Siqi is doing charity, but so mean himself is a bit unreasonable. In his opinion, what should be done is still done, but what should be enjoyed is also enjoyed, otherwise what is the meaning of human words in the world? Uchiha Wenjie drove Zhu Siqi's former SUV with him to the office of Longxing Fund. Although Uchiha Wenjie is also one of the senior managers of Longxing Fund, it is the first time that he has come here since the establishment of the fund. When he saw the low two-storey building in front of him, Uchiha Wenjie once again expressed the highest "respect" for Zhu Siqi's "iron cock" spirit. "I said, how to say Longxing Fund also has 500 million funds, and even after all the schools are built, there are nearly 200 million funds to invest to produce benefits, do you let everyone work in such an environment?" Uchiha Wenjie looked at the front of the building, but there was no parking space, so he had to park directly on the street, not by the coquettish. We are working, now some time ago is input without output, where the office is not office, people here are with the attitude of doing things, not to make a fortune, so although the environment is difficult, but I think everyone can accept. On the contrary, if we rent an expensive office building with first-class office equipment, what will people think of us? Is it a bit like selling dog meat? Zhu Siqi asked in reply. Calculate you have crooked reason, just this also too cold mix, if come later what leader, celebrity and so on, how dare the family enter the door. Uchiha Wenjie pursed his lips and said. My foundation is not for the convenience of their visit and guidance. I still have to do the same thing whether they come or not. Let's go in and have a look first. Zhu Siqi said that he had gone in alone in front of him. Chapter 283 entry. Although it is a two-story building, the space inside is very narrow. When Uchiha Wen Jiebo Zhu Siqi walked in, he could hardly turn around inside. There are desks everywhere, each office desk has a computer and a telephone, two people cooperate, one answers the phone, one uses the computer to record. Now Longxing's organizational structure is modeled on the structure of the Youth Development Foundation, with a board of directors at the top, with Zhu Siqi, Uchiha Wenjie, Jiang Leng and Li Jinsong as supervisors. There are four teams: Executive Team,Rotating sludge scraper, Public Relations Team, Finance and Assets Team, and Planning and Development Team.

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