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Prayer Request: One of the Trinity Series "No Trace of Morning Dew"

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One of the Trinity Series "No Trace of Morning Dew" (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
At this point, Yixin's eyes saw Yuwen Guangzhi's eyes showing a kind of disdain, knowing that the Yuwen family had long known that the army of thousands of people did not have the number of their troops, but also knew that Yuwen family was not afraid of their own army siege at the moment. So he stopped smiling and said, "Of course!"! Your Yuwen family thinks that there are many good generals, and they also think that their army is far better than my thousand troops. Then I have nothing to say. But I know that one day you will abandon the city and break out. When the time comes, the Yuwen family will die! Speaking of the last sentence, Yixin's tone was murderous. How dare you threaten my Yuwen family? You are simply impatient to live! It was Yuwen Guangzhi who said this. His eyes shot out the cold killing machine. He said coldly, "Boy, don't procrastinate. You can die by your own neck." After listening to these words, Yixin did not get angry. His tone turned flat and he said, "I don't know what would happen if the eighty thousand troops of the Yuwen family met the Liu family bomb outside the city." "What!" Yuwen Zhengzhi exclaimed. He could no longer hide his shock. The bomb of the Liu family was a unique stunt of the Liu family, a weak family in the area of Germany. The Liu family bomb craft is excellent, the power is huge, Yade nobody can imitate, of course, the price is very expensive. Last year, the Wangs in the north of the Yuwen family attempted to annex the Liu family to strengthen their own strength. As a result, not only did they suffer a crushing defeat, but nine of the twelve generals of the Wangs, who called themselves "twelve fierce generals of princes",medium duty racking, were killed in the bombing. The other two were seriously injured, but only one survived. The tragic loss was self-evident. And all this is due to the amazing power of Liu's bombs. When Yixin saw Yuwen Zhengzhi's uncertain face, he said frankly, "My thousand troops spent a lot of money and ordered eight hundred Liu family bombs half a year ago. I don't know why your Yuwen troops broke through, and why they defeated my thousand troops with strong morale?" When Yixin said this, he just made it up while saying it. Where did he get so many Liu bombs? Liu family bombs, not only expensive, and the output is not high,heavy duty metal racking, eight hundred Liu family bombs is simply an astronomical wealth. Not to mention that Yixin doesn't have eight hundred, he actually doesn't have one. Yuwen Zhengzhi sneered, "Do you think I will believe you?"? You must have spent a lot of money expanding your army these days. How can you have money to buy eight hundred Liu bombs? The child of Chu Hou's family, trying to deceive me, Yuwen Zhengzhi, are you still young? Yixin's complexion did not change and he smiled faintly: "You are old. Don't you forget that there was a mysterious organization sponsoring me when I was in the army some time ago?" "As far as I know, this mysterious organization has abandoned you." Yu Wenzheng said with a smile. Your mother's! Old Fox! Yixin scolded the old man enough in his heart, but naturally he did not dare to say it, nor did he dare to show a trace of unhappiness on the surface. He said, "Don't you know that when they left, they left me enough wealth to support me to seize the world?". Otherwise, how can I be militaristic everywhere? Yuwen Zhengzhi fell into a silence, and Yixin knew that he must be considering whether his words were true or false. Yixin said to one side, "At present, pallet rack shelving ,metal racking systems, the world is not peaceful, disputes are everywhere, and the people are in dire Straits.". I came here this time to persuade your Yuwen family to follow me, Chen Yixin, to conquer the world. "To conquer the world?" Yuwen Zhengzhi sneered, "Your tone is not small." Without waiting for Yuwen Zhengzhi to go on, Yixin said, "The Yuwen family has been in the world for a thousand years, and the separatist regime of the Yuwen family has a history of seven hundred years.". I don't want to uproot you. I know you all want to do great feats, but it's my turn to do them. If you surrender to me, I, Chen Yixin, promise to put your Yuwen family in an important position, so that you can be a big family of Yade from generation to generation, and enjoy endless splendor and wealth from generation to generation. Speaking of this, Yixin changed his voice and said, "If you don't surrender, don't say that you can't be an ordinary clan. I'm afraid you'll face the danger of extermination." "You're threatening me!" Yuwen Zhengzhi's tone is also not polite. Yuwen Zhengzhi, I respect you. If you surrender early and render meritorious service early, you will enjoy great happiness in the future. It's hard to predict whether you can enjoy a happy life if you surrender late. As for those who don't surrender, I will kill them without mercy! Yixin's tone was cold and his face turned cold, forcing some of the important officials of the Yuwen family to shiver and feel timid. I'll sit here and wait for your news, and you can tell me when you're ready. Yixin went to the chairs on both sides of the hall that had been reserved for the retainers to sit on, chose one at random, sat down, closed his eyes and rested. This time Yixin came here, there is only one purpose, whether hard or soft, it is best to persuade the Yuwen family to submit to themselves. Yuwen Zhengzhi was lost in thought. Soon he heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Aren't you afraid we'll kill you if you come here today?" When Yixin heard this, his eyes were still closed and he said, "I'm afraid, but I'm sure you won't kill me.". Because besides me, there are my eldest brother and second brother supporting the thousand people army. I am just one of them, kill me, you Yuwen family not only can not hit the morale of the thousand army, on the contrary, but also inspired the thousand army soldiers to destroy your morale. Yixin said this, Yuwen Zhengzhi did not say anything, the two sides so quietly consumed. After a while, Yixin suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Actually, another purpose of my coming here is to minimize the casualties on both sides.". I don't want my future hegemony to be based too much on these dead and shattered personal happiness. Your Yuwen family has produced many famous generals from generation to generation, but your political aspect is really not good, otherwise you are not only today's achievements. The Gentian family in the Northeast was the army of tigers and wolves in the Warring States Period. If they did not make early preparations, Yade would be unified by the Gentian family in the future. The yuantian family only knows how to fight, and their internal affairs are more than a hundred times worse than your Yuwen family. They will perish within a hundred years,industrial racking systems, and then it will be a troubled time. Therefore, this troubled times should be unified by people like me. Yuwen Guangzhi interjected, "I think all the reasons you said are just high-sounding words made up to coax people!" 。

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