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Prayer Request: The eternal immortal of the world

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The eternal immortal of the world (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Plunder the first line, apricot yellow Eight Diagrams Taoist robe fluttering, quite some of the style of the older generation. This gesture also made the disciples behind him feel a little relieved. Standing on a stone ridge, he pointed to a tall mountain peak in front of him and said, "That's where it is. Daliang City is at the foot of that mountain." The disciples were encouraged. Boom! There was a loud explosion over the heads of the people, and then the ground shook. Rumble.. "Bang, bang, bang." Strange sound again and again, people on both sides of the mountain collapse, the original loud noise is the sound of landslides, strange dull sound is boulders rolling down! "Ah.." The disciples were shocked to see the collapse of the three surrounding peaks and the snowballing boulders. Robbery was commonplace, and he said lightly, "This is often the case in this ghost mountain. As you saw just now, many peaks have collapsed long ago." He leisurely and unhurriedly rolled his disciples up into the sky with the yellow light of the jade bird. Not long after he flew up, the countless collapsed rocks rushed up to the stone dragon where they had just stood and drowned in an instant! The dust is everywhere and the air waves are sweeping. Countless gravels were shot, and many disciples were scratched by stones on their faces and bodies, leaving blood marks. The disciples were afraid for a while. If they hadn't robbed Martial Uncle, they would have been buried alive by these huge stones just now. Zhong Lin asked cautiously, "Martial Uncle, are you going to have a check?"? The three peaks collapsed together, and the disciple always felt a little strange. If an ordinary disciple dares to ask such a question,shuttle rack system, the robbery would have been done with a big mouth. But it was Zhong Lin who asked the question, so he agreed with a pleasant face: "All right, let's go and have a look." Urging the jade bird under his feet, the disciples turned to a collapsed mountain together. Sun Li secretly nodded, a series of things are too strange, today into the mountains and encountered such a thing, he also felt that he should go to check. Chapter 14 eternal murder Wanjie led his disciples around the three collapsed peaks. The broken peaks were interlaced with rocks, like the teeth of a monster. They looked terrible,asrs warehouse, but there was nothing unusual about them. Sun Li also just felt that the broken mountain peak, emitting a trace of heat. But that's normal. Is everyone at ease now? Wanton robbery asked everyone, but the eyes only looked at Zhong Lin. By this time, Zhong Lin understood that he must have known his identity. He nodded and said, "Thank you, Martial Uncle. There should be no problem." "All right, let's keep going. Be careful." Descend to fall, the crowd is still leaning on the feet trudge. Fortunately, after a false alarm in front, there was no change, after two hours, when the hottest time at noon, Daliang City finally appeared in front of everyone. This ancient city, which was built in an unknown age, automated warehouse systems ,teardrop pallet racking, is of great scale. Although it is in ruins at this time, the outline of the city wall can be seen vaguely. Longer in the east-west direction and narrower in the north-south direction, it is a rectangular wall. The buildings and streets in the city have long ceased to exist, leaving only some huge stone piles, as well as some visible stone pillars and beams. The south gate is obviously the main gate, the scale is much larger than the other gates, and Sun Li they are in the north of Daliang city at this time, will be afraid to enter from the north gate. Looked up at the sky and said lightly, "Let's go and spend the night in Daliang City tonight." The disciples followed him and ran down a big slope, not far from the city of Daliang. There are traces of war outside the city of Daliang. The ghost mountain is a rocky mountain, and the ground around the city of Daliang is also rocky, and very little soil can be seen. The traces on the rocks are still preserved after thousands of years, although they have been eroded by wind and rain. Is it possible to see huge narrow gullies on the ground, or huge pits, which must have been caused by amazing magic in those years. Almost every three or five steps, there is a black hole, although only the size of a pigeon egg, but very deep, and dense, must be the traces left by the ancient warrior's gun. So many round holes, let Sun Li some shocked, this big beam in the city, at that time stationed how many arm strength amazing soldiers, can throw the spear so far. The disciples looked at the traces left by the ancient times and felt nervous. No one wanted to stay alone in the tragic ancient battlefield. They followed the pace of the robbery and wished they could enter the city of Daliang as soon as possible. When I stood under the city wall, I really felt the grandeur of the ancient city! Even if there was only a piece of ruins left, the wall of Daliang City was twenty feet high-the imperial capital that the Sui Dynasty was proud of was only fifteen feet high. From the ruins of the city wall of Daliang City, this is only a basic part. The city gate was already dilapidated, leaving only a huge gap. He took his disciples in. Sun Li looked around. The marks on the wall were obvious. He couldn't help being surprised. He said in his mind, "This gate was smashed by a blow!" Wu Yao doesn't care: "Did you just see that?"? What's so great about smashing the city gate in one move, that is, in your world. "Wu Yao!" Luo Huan shouted angrily. Wu Yao seemed to understand that he had spilled the beans and stopped sullenly. Passed a little while, Wu Yao is a little unwilling again, open one's mouth again: "Night skyscraper, this is no big deal?" The night skyscraper is still a deep silence. Luo Huan sighed softly. Wall gap, all the traces of all toward the city, Sun Li can almost imagine, when the siege of the peerless strong, a blow shattered the gate, stone brick wood, mixed with the body and blood of the people guarding the city, flying into the city together! The city of Daliang is even more dilapidated, with various carvings of ancient times left on the broken walls everywhere. There are giant beasts, divine birds, as well as clouds and ancient mountains, which are familiar with the road and lead people to walk through the ruins lightly and skillfully. Sun Li wondered all the way, these ruins are too huge, right? On the way,metal racking systems, he had seen a stone beam broken into four parts, thicker than an ordinary house! Such a huge stone beam, what a huge building to be built to use?.

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