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Prayer Request: Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

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Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Su Qinghuan's heart softened like a pool of water in an instant. Chapter 50 the eve of departure. "I dare to live in a haunted house because I have nowhere to go. I can conjure up ice because there is a prescription. Anyone can do it. Saving Doudou is a common rescue method. As long as I teach you, you can do it too. Being afraid of thunder is not because of the robbery, but because my mother left.." I know a lot of things, that is because I have memories of previous lives, I probably, "Su Qinghuan explained one by one, self-deprecating smile," did not drink Meng Po soup. So, can you understand it all? Lu Qi nodded and shook his head again, his face mixed with joy and worry. Say, "Su Qinghuan sat on the edge of the Kang and rubbed his fingers on the hard cocoon in his palm." What questions do you have? " "You forgot to drink Meng Po Soup. It's a fish that slipped through the net. Will it be dangerous?" He looked at her with a worried expression. Su Qinghuan spread out his hands: "That's out of my control." She really can't control when the Great God of Time Travel will break out. Lu Qiwen's expression was complicated. Suddenly he held her hand tightly and did not speak for a long time. How's your leg? Now the efficacy of Ma Fei San has passed, and it should be very painful. Su Qinghuan stiffly changed the subject. Tolerable. Lu Qi obviously did not recover from the last topic. Manpower is sometimes exhausted, even if the so-called God of War, in the face of the real power of ghosts and gods, but also so small and helpless. If that day really comes.. He couldn't imagine. Su Qinghuan put his hands on his stomach and rubbed them, feeling a burst of pain in his lower abdomen, and could not help frowning slightly. Lu Qi put his hand into her quilt and gently rubbed it for her, saying, "The national teacher is deeply trusted by the emperor. Maybe he has some genuine talent and learning.". I'll try to get in touch with him and see if you have a solution to this matter? Will you please sit in the Requiem Tower or offer something? I don't understand. "Didn't you say before that the national teacher was misleading the country and misleading the public?"? It must all be a lie. Su Qinghuan didn't take it seriously. Warm palms gently circling on the lower abdomen, Su Qinghuan. Comfortably drowsy. She really fell asleep,heavy duty rack manufacturers, so she didn't hear Lu Qi muttering to herself. For you, even if you have only a little hope, you will always try. Lu Qi's legs recovered very well, and half a month later he was already walking slowly against the wall, and the time had already come to the twelfth lunar month. They did not receive any news from Yunnan, the prince can not hold his breath, sometimes secretly tears miss He Changkai and the people in the house. And Lu Qi was obviously a little anxious,Automated warehouse systems, and every day he had to take out Su Qing's sword to wipe it. Su Qinghuan was afraid that he would get into a dead end: "I just bought this sword casually. It's certainly not as good as what you use.". If you have a better one, you must use a better one. Don't be so stubborn that you have to use the one I sent. "This is very good," said Lu Qi. Su Qinghuan: ".." "I haven't given you anything yet." Lu Qi looked at her and said, "what do you want?" Su Ching-huan smiled slyly. "Of course it's silver. Gold is better!" "Greedy for money!" Lu Qi laughed and reached out to touch his leg. "I still feel like I'm dreaming, but it's really good." "Regret it?" Su Qinghuan's heart was sour, but he said, "Maybe when you come back, I've already taken your son and married the butcher, ha ha.." "How dare you!"! I always want to return my innocence, "Lu Qi looked at her eyes, very serious tunnel," and then let you ten miles of red makeup, marry me in style. " "All right, I'll wait for you for ten miles of red makeup." Smiling, push back racking system ,push back racking system, Su Qing said, "If you don't have ten miles of red makeup, just follow the village's betrothal gift; if you don't even have the village's betrothal gift, you can rely on this face.". I am a good, lustful, looking at your face, also pleasing to the eye. But if you want to come back completely, I don't want to be short of arms and legs, and don't expect me to be a chaste woman. If you dare to die, I dare to remarry! At first he was joking, but later his eyes were red. I won't give you such a chance. Lu Qi gritted his teeth. "Jin Nu will stay with you, I'm relieved." After a long time, he held her hand, full of trust. Uh Su Qinghuan gently promised, but it was a promise. It takes a hundred days to break the muscles and bones, but you have a good physical foundation and a good recovery. You can leave after the New Year. ” If she doesn't keep him, the family, the country and the world are all inseparable from this man's world. Well, I'll stay with you until I'm old. I said I would come back, and I will come back. He said it to herself as well as to her. However, Lu Qi still did not wait until the Spring Festival. After Laba, He Changkai finally sent someone to deliver the letter. After reading the letter, Lu Qi looked very heavy. It is not so much a message as a letter to an orphan. He Changrui in the hands of the former Zhennan Wang in the hands of an elite cavalry, occupied five or six cities, momentum such as rainbow, He Changkai was defeated, the situation is not optimistic. He's already preparing for the worst. The letter also said that He Changkai asked the emperor for help, but was refused. He Changrui had made it clear that he would only fight for the throne, but he was still loyal to the court, and the emperor was too lazy to care. Only then did Su Qinghuan know that the vassal kings of this Dynasty could have private soldiers. Each vassal king was equivalent to the local emperor. How the sons of the local emperor fought, as long as they did not threaten the court, the court would not care. Despite her efforts to stop him, Lu Qi showed the letter to the prince. After a brief flurry, the prince looked up and asked Lu Qi, "Uncle, are you going to help your father?" Seeing Lu Qi nodding his head, he pleaded, "You can take me there. If my family is destroyed, I won't live alone." Su Qinghuan slapped him on the head: "Nonsense!"! What's the point of meaningless sacrifice! You stay here and don't go anywhere. "No, I'm going." Cried the prince, tears rolling in his eyes, but he gritted his teeth and refused to shed tears. When Su Qinghuan wanted to continue talking, Lu Qi said, "You go out and I'll talk to him." I don't know how he talked to the prince, but later the prince stopped clamoring to leave. Lu Qi's legs were not completely good,industrial racking systems, and it was impossible to ride a horse for a long time. Su Ching-huan decided to buy a carriage, and the person who came to deliver the letter was left behind, but it was a ready-made driver.

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