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Prayer Request: One hand is absolutely finished.

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One hand is absolutely finished. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
No, would you please get to the point? I think General Manager Nie didn't just ask me to read this magazine, did he? "I want to ask Miss Ku to put this ring away for me. I want to sell it at the auction in two months." "I thought you were a collector." "I was going to, but now I've changed my mind." He took out a wooden box from the safe, opened it, and handed it to Rong Jing. "Are you short of money?" "No, I just don't want to collect it." The dragon and phoenix carvings on the cypress box are exquisitely carved, and seem to be specially made for this ring. "You have a safe. Just put it in your safe." "No, I forgot the password. I only have the key." . "The reason you gave me was too far-fetched. What date did you set that you would forget?" "Yes, why not?" He didn't take Rong Jing's taunt seriously. "I've got too much space in my head to remember all my girlfriends' birthdays. I can't remember the rest." He spoke as if he were true or false. Regardless of whether what he said is true or not, basically as long as there is silver coming to the door, Rong Jing will not push it out. "The storage fee is NT 500,000 a month. If there is any damage, our firm will pay the price." Okay, no problem! But there's no proof. I'll call a lawyer to be a witness. Their office is nearby. He called his lawyer. Ten minutes later, the lawyer arrived and the papers were drawn up. "Now, Miss Koo, do you have any comments on the contents of the contract?" "No!" The contract was very simple. The first clause was how much the ring was worth, how much it would cost to deposit it with Rong Jing for a month from today, and how much it would cost to keep it. The second clause was that if it was damaged, it would be compensated according to the price. Very reasonable, in duplicate, with Rong Jing's signature on it. "Miss Koo, please reconfirm that this ring is deposited with you without any damage." The lawyer said rigorously. "Mmm." Based on the 25000000, she will definitely have a good examination. "Then this is a sight check for 500,000 from Mr. Nie. Please accept it." "Good." When Rong Jing accepted the check, Nie Qu's eyes flashed a touch of light, and the corners of his mouth slowly rose. "Then please,heavy duty cantilever racks, Miss Koo." "I have to thank Mr. Nie for giving our office a meal!" She smiled and answered coldly. "If this cooperation goes well, maybe we can have a long-term future." "Hope." Of course, if such a generous guest as Nie Quyu, their office is very welcome, but. Her intuition is not so simple. Plus the first fight last time, if she were Nie Quyu, she would hate her and want to cut her into pieces. In short, when she faced him, her whole body was in a state of readiness, and no nerve dared to slack off. "Then I'll go first, and I won't bother Mr. Nie." "Leaving so soon?" Nie looked at his watch. "I thought Miss Ku could stay and have lunch with me, and maybe have some afternoon tea." "Thank you, Mr. Nie, for your kindness. I have an appointment with another client. See you next month." She finished politely, radio shuttle racking ,warehouse storage racks, carefully put the wooden box into the bag, and then got up. "Thank you, Miss Koo." He held out his hand politely. For the politeness of others, Rong Jing will never forget the courtesy, even if the other side is how much she hates the same. She stretched out her soft, boneless little hand to cover him, and then she realized the thickness of his palm and. Temperature. She shook her head lightly. Maybe she was really cold? To think that he. So warm! "Miss Koo?" Aware of Rong Jing's preoccupation, Nie Quxuan called softly. "It's all right." "Take care!" ***bbscn***bbscn***bbscn*** "Where are the people?" As soon as Rong Jing stepped into the office, she found the whole office empty. She frowned lightly, put the bag on the chair, took out the small wooden box, and planned to put it in the safe of the office. Uh Let her think about it, if things are confiscated, and meet Meng Jie, who is usually confused, that will be troublesome. Anyway, they are not, Rong Jing decided to go to the toilet first, and then think about where to put things, so he casually put the wooden box on Meng Jie's desk. The glass door of their office is high-grade bulletproof glass, and the lock is not something that ordinary locksmiths can open. In addition, as long as they use a little brute force to pry open the glass door, the sophisticated alarm system will immediately connect with the security company. Within two minutes, the security company's personnel will arrive with live ammunition. Armed with a gun? Yes, definitely armed with live ammunition, after Kou Yanyu married Ding Hong, he spent a lot of money to protect her safety, even the original security company was changed by him, into the kind of underground mercenary style, they also have huge firepower. I still remember one time when a thief wanted to steal something inside. Before the lock was opened, five Black Star pistols were pressed against his head. On the spot, he was scared shitless and cried for his father and mother. As soon as she went into the bathroom to urinate, Meng Jie took out the magnetic card, swiped the sensor, and left the office shaking her head. "La la.." La la.. She was humming a song: "In my heart, I was thinking about a few friends who had no conscience, but I forgot that today was her birthday, the birthday of this great man.". Yes, today is her twenty-seventh birthday. No gift, no cake, not even a person. Her round little face was a little ugly, and when she was cursing her friend's heartlessness in her heart, she saw the small wooden box on her desk. Her eyes suddenly lit up and she rushed forward like a puppy seeing a beloved meat bone. She picked up the wooden box, and the smile on her lips gradually expanded. Opening the wooden box, the jade ring appeared in front of Meng Jie's eyes. What the hell is this? She's not an old man, but she sent this thing to her?! Even though she thought so,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, she still tried on the ring in boredom. As soon as Rong Jing walked out to wash her hands and asked, she saw Meng Jie carrying her on her back, not knowing what she was doing. It shouldn't be.. A sense of foreboding came to my mind.

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