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Prayer Request: Biao rides

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Biao rides (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Holding back the idea of looking at them more, Captain Zhou said to the remaining four of us: "Retreat!" As if nothing had happened, we continued to gallop, but the team of twelve men was reduced to five. Suddenly, there was a suspicious shaking of the grass tip in the corner of my eye. I urged Xixi to turn around and pounced on the tip of the grass. The Huns stationed in their own place to release the scouts called defensive scouts, in the hands of the horn trumpet or even ring boring, once the enemy situation, immediately call the police. Just now we were all buried in the haystack, not easy to be found, now a horse has become a dark enemy. I flew down, a tall Huns not only was not thrown down by me, but the backhand crushed me to the ground. He was so strong and tall that he threw me on the ground. He pressed on my body without any movement. The knife in my hand had stirred a blood hole the size of a baby's fist in his throat in an instant. The blow he gave me was the last blow in his life. I pushed his heavy body away and helped Xixi stand up, bending over to catch his breath. I saw a black horse running in the direction of the old country. Oh, it's not the man's horse, is it? I climbed on the back of Xixi's horse and ran after the Hun horse. I can't shoot an arrow, and I can't use a crossbow when a fast horse is galloping. I could only beat Xixi desperately with my whip, hoping that Xixi's feet could intercept the horse. Xixi ran as hard as she could. The distance was too far. We were getting closer and closer to the old country. My companions probably didn't notice the episode behind me. I chased a horse of the owner alone and returned to the dangerous Huns tent group. Don't disturb the enemy! Whether it's for the general's attack or for my own safety. I forced Xixi to rush forward quickly,Magnesium Oxide price, Xixi is really good, it finally succeeded in intercepting it before it was close to the attention of the Huns! The black steed was running fast, and Xixi walked side by side with it. I pulled out the long knife of the ring and stabbed the horse. I must kill it with a knife. Suddenly, Xixi, who was under me, gave a low sob and knelt down. I kicked my feet, bounced on the back of the black horse,Magnesium Oxide price, and drew my knife. As if the heart had a feeling, I did not aim at it under the knife. He just pulled the horse's reins and looked back at Xixi. Xixi fell to the ground, and snow-white foam kept pouring out of the muzzle cage. I took the black horse and walked to Xixi's side. Xixi looked at me. Her long eyelashes were scattered and messy, and her big horse eyes were as clear as crystal. I pulled the muzzle cage out of its mouth, and Xixi seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, but the white foam around her mouth began to turn pink. Sissy? I tried to help it up and found that its front legs were so weak that they were broken in the fast running just now. Xixi raised her head reluctantly, and her lips full of blood foam rubbed gently in my palm, as if to tell me that she had tried her best, really tried her best. I held its heavy head, and it leaned meekly in my arms. It's like we've never been so intimate. Its mischievousness let me enter the army of this narrow escape from death, its willfulness let many favorite concubines lose their freedom, and it also made a fool of me when I was in trouble. I don't treat it well either. I always want to withhold its food and pay. I often pinch it secretly and bully it. However, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, at the critical moment, we are always good partners in good faith. I lowered my head and kissed its forehead, hugged it tightly, and a faint bitterness slipped through my mouth. It was exhausted to death by me. Before I joined the army, I didn't let it eat enough. After joining the army, we have been wandering in the field of life and death. I took out all the steamed buns with white flour from the grain bag and stuffed them into its mouth. In fact, I should have given it to eat just now, I am stingy, I hold a grudge, I deliberately punish it, so I don't give it to eat. Xixi did not eat, his head became heavier, and the warm breath became cold little by little. The powder in my mouth turned completely bright red, a cold light flashed in my hands, and dark red plasma flowed out of its body. Xixi sighed comfortably and relaxed the spasm of her body. It doesn't feel tired and miserable anymore. I put down Xixi and looked at the black horse beside me. "Go!" The black steed did not have the spirit and cunning of Xixi in its eyes. I mounted the wooden steed, dropped Xixi's body, and rushed to the place where the general was about to come. The ninth chapter of the main text Guanshan Flying Snow Lost Feather I ran all the way along the road, but my heart became more and more nervous. The general's troops set out only half a night later than us. In any case, they should be able to meet not far away. I looked at the sky, which was overcast and dark, and the cold air filled the whole sky like cast iron. I was right about the weather that day, and two days later there would be a spring snow that would drag us into a more difficult situation. A bone-chilling wind blew in my face, and my sweaty armor was blown as if it were immersed in ice water. I lowered my head to lean my cold cheeks against Xixi's warm mane, and the horse's head in front of me was no longer the familiar smoky gray, but the dark and boundless black. I pulled my whip hard, and a more and more ominous omen approached me, and my heart began to become particularly anxious and uneasy. I mobilized my eyes to search carefully for the smoke and dust of the large procession. No. There was no sound of procession, no sound of flags trembling. Nothing. A cold snowflake fell on my neck and soon turned into colder drops of water, which flowed into my clothes. Startled, I raised my head, and for a moment, snowflakes as big as thousands of copper coins fell down from heaven and earth, and a vast wasteland was dyed white in an instant! I stood between heaven and earth, and I couldn't tell the difference between north, south, east and west for a while. White makes me dizzy, makes me confused, I just feel like a child who suddenly lost his parents, facing everything alone, do not know how to deal with it. Numbly,Magnesium Oxide powder, I rode away in the established direction, not knowing where there was light and warmth in the darkness. I felt that the scene in front of me was very familiar, as if I had been here countless times.

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