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Prayer Request: Full of Pride (Volumes 1 to 5)

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Full of Pride (Volumes 1 to 5) (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Wang Ye?" The five senses shouted softly. Uh "You're not asleep." The facial features chuckled. Waiting for you to wake up. Xu Wang Shen raised his head and looked at his facial features. The two men looked at each other quietly, with thousands of words in their eyes, but in the end they just smiled at each other. Wang Ye, the five senses are very happy. Wang Xu was stunned and grinned. "Are you honestly telling me how you feel?" Suddenly found a phenomenon, the five senses will always tell him her thoughts and feelings after an event, this feeling of honor and disgrace makes Wang Shen happy in his heart. Yes The five senses nodded and softly suppressed the sob that was about to make a sound, saying, "Because Lord Xu believed me." Didn't you say you would be honest with me? So I believe you. "Wang Ye." Why do you keep calling me Wang Ye? Didn't I say to call me Shen? Xu Wang Shen was dissatisfied with the tunnel. Wang Ye sounds good. "No, you must call me Shen." "Don't." The five senses shook their heads. Why "Because the word Wang Ye represents'power ', I want to call you Wang Ye." "You really take power seriously." Xu Wang Shen sighed faintly, knowing that this was the idea of facial features formed from childhood, and that he could not change her habit, but it didn't matter, as long as he had a place in her heart. Wang Ye, you know that the five senses value power, but you still believe me so much? Warm in the heart, facial features know that she will never lose Xu Wang Shen, because she already knows that Xu Wang Shen's love for her is blind. This is the five senses, want things will never give up, at the same time, other people's ideas she knows at the same time, will come to a very clear answer, always do things quickly, ideas are always clear, not sloppy, do everything in an orderly way. Xu Wang Shen blushed and turned around,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, ignoring his facial features. Two tears fell from the eyes of the five senses. The five senses took a deep breath, sat up, and hugged Wang Shen from behind. This was the first time that the five senses took the initiative to hug him. As soon as Wang Shen's body stiffened, he turned around and hugged his facial features tightly. She will cherish, she will certainly cherish, such love, such righteousness, such blindness she will certainly cherish, facial features in the heart secretly swear,Magnesium Sulphate price, this life, Miss's grace, she wants to repay, Xu Wang Ye's love she will use a lifetime to cherish, guard. Five senses, don't cry. "I'm not crying." Xu Wang Shen's heart tightened, the moisture in his chest made him heartache, he had never seen her cry, not once, her face was always shining with a smile, although lightly, but can warm the heart, unlike now, so silent cry. The five senses. Xu Wang Shen lightly murmured, more tightly hugged the facial features, she must have been wronged, and this grievance is unable to vent, unable to vent through any channel, Magnesium Oxide powder ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, otherwise she would not cry. Just then, father-in-law Lu, the steward, came in. He was not surprised to see the two of them embracing each other. He just said at the door, "Wang Ye, the virtuous king has come. He said he would come to discuss with Wang Ye about your marriage to Zhang Da's family." With that, Grandfather Lu stepped down silently. Xu Wang Shen's body stiffened. Wang Ye, are you going to get married? The five senses left Xu Wang Shen's arms and looked at him. Well, "Xu Wang Shen nodded his head." Is that Zhang Tong'er? "Yes." His chest was so dull that he could not breathe. Wang Shen had a sullen face. At this moment, he already understood why his brother was so eager to set up a concubine for himself. He had already grown up when he set up a concubine. He could no longer live in the palace. At that time, he was bound to be separated from his five senses. Congratulations to Wang Ye. The five senses smiled sincerely, though there was a sense of loss in their hearts. I don't want to marry her. "Why?"? It's said that the second Miss of the Zhang family is both talented and beautiful, and is the'most talented woman in the Holy City '. "Aren't you sad that I'm going to marry another woman?" Xu Wang Shen blamed him. Sad, but Wang Ye, you must marry a concubine. Besides, you are fifteen years old, and you are not young. The five senses deal with the matter as it is. Staring deeply at the woman in front of him, Wang Shen saw a sincere blessing from her eyes. He shook his head and felt a sense of loss spreading from his whole body. Wang Shen said feebly, "Wang Guan, don't you love me?" "Love?" The five senses looked at Xu Wang Shen in puzzlement. "Yes, love, I love you, five senses, what about you?"? Do you love me Xu Wang Shen said frankly, looking at the facial features of the eyes more intense. The facial features were stunned and thought about it, but they were still confused. Xu Wang Shen did not know that the love of the five senses had been closed for too long, and even, she had not opened the door of love since childhood, whether it was the love of relatives or friends, she had never, if her precocious mind made her full of scheming, then emotionally, she was the most simple person in the world, her feelings had been clear, someone was good to her, She will return with a hundred times good, and cherish for a lifetime, someone is bad to her, she will return with a hundred times evil, and hate for a lifetime, between good and bad, she has only the separation line, there is no entanglement that can not be distinguished. Weren't you jealous when you knew I was going to marry someone else? Don't you hate that woman? Xu Wang Shen eagerly tunnel. Nodded and admitted, "Yes, I am jealous and disgusted with that woman." Of course, she would be jealous. When Xu Wang Shen got married, it meant that there would be one more woman in his life. His attention and attachment to her would change. However, his facial features also deeply knew that it was impossible for a prince to love himself for a lifetime. He was doomed to marry a concubine. At the same time, which man was not a playboy and had three wives and four concubines? She had never seen a man loyal to a woman for a lifetime in her life, and the main room was just a decoration for them, a new plaything for a while, and in the end it was not looking for flowers and willows, showing mercy everywhere? The facial features do not understand love, but see more love, at the same time, she also put her own understanding of love on the body of Wang Shen. Seeing the five senses nodding, Xu Wang Shen's perturbed heart was finally put down. She would be jealous,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, which meant that she still cared about herself in the heart of the five senses. He said, "That's good. If I'm destined to marry that woman, then I must marry you first." 。

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