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Prayer Request: Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

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Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation) (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
The representative sent by the Boin people was a confidant of the chief of the Dore tribe, Toremi, who took the initiative to express to Wufeng that the Boin people were willing to provide more force support for Wufeng, such as more than 30,000 infantry and more unicorns. Wufeng also expressed his gratitude to Dorem in the negotiation, but he also said that in view of the great pressure from the Carman people, he would like to use this force for the Doren tribe's own defense. As for the provision of unicorns, Wufeng welcomed it. Wu Feng's euphemistic thanks surprised the representative of Bai Yin. He could not understand why the other party would decline his side's good intentions. In his opinion, was his side's sincerity not enough? Not paying enough? He was also anxious to think of all the rich rewards he could enjoy by joining Li Wufeng's side, but the full power granted to him by his chief was only so great, which made him anxious. In fact, Wufeng is not as greedy as the representative of Boin imagined, he considered that Boin could play a greater role in containing himself in the rear of the Carman, but from the perspective of the representative of Boin, how can the contribution of harassment and containment in the rear be compared with the direct struggle in the battlefield under the personal command of Li Wufeng? This meant that when he shared the fruits of victory in the future, he was likely to be criticized by other participants, so he did not wait for the end of the peace conference, he hurried back to Marston Moor. He needed to report to his master face to face and put forward his own suggestions in the shortest time, and then come back to the northwest as soon as possible after being authorized. In the words of Wufeng, the Congress was a victorious and United one, which not only succeeded in gathering the people of all nationalities, but also made the leaders and representatives of all nationalities see the miracle and prospects of the development of Northwest China, greatly enhanced their confidence, and made them "work hard for Li Wufeng". This kind of meeting has gradually become a kind of beginning, an effective means to win over people of all nationalities and enhance self-confidence. In the long history of empire development in the future, this kind of meeting has been used repeatedly as a successful model,caustic calcined magnesite, and it has worked repeatedly. At the end of the meeting, the Northwest Military Affairs Joint Chiefs of Staff issued an order to increase the Tubu Autonomous Army from five ten thousand cavalry to seven ten thousand cavalry, which made the Tubu people surprised and happy at the same time, but also made the Mote people jealous, and the Gaoyue people poured into various troops in urgent need of additional forces, the Northwest Military Affairs Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Northwest War Readiness Agency had jointly ordered, Gaoyue people joining the Northwest Army can no longer be allocated uniformly according to their own nationalities, but can be arbitrarily allocated and arranged by the army officers according to the designation of the army, so as to meet the increasingly urgent needs of the war in the future. The huge war winch has become tighter and tighter, and no one knows how much energy will be emitted this time. With the end of the Tengger Grassland War, in addition to retaining a division of the Tengger Corps in Wulanji according to the treaty, the Tengger Corps returned to the garrison headquarters, Loulan City. The Third Cavalry Division had been transferred eastward to Tianshui under the order of the Northwest Military Affairs Staff Headquarters. Another division was stationed in Loulan, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,dap diammonium phosphate, and two divisions were stationed in Loulan and Gaochang; The North Luzon Corps all returned to their own defense area, one division stationed in Shuangdui, two divisions stationed in the crater, and two divisions stationed in Vito, which made Wufeng feel relieved. Although Luzon has not yet assumed a war posture, Wufeng has not dared to slacken off at all. The number of personnel of the Military Intelligence Agency and the Northwest Intelligence Agency in Luzon has increased three times than before. Once the people of Luzon have the tendency to prepare for war, the intelligence system can give early warning in the shortest time. War without war preparation is impossible, every country is so, Wufeng firmly believes this truth, as long as the other side is stuck, Wufeng believes that it can grasp the pulse of the other side. Magic luck is boundless, welcome to collect. Jiangshan Beauty Chapter 2 Qi Swallows Thousands of Miles Chapter 2 Central Plains Section 26 Chariot [Transformation of Section 27 of the main text] Everyone who attended the meeting noticed that the National Unity and Peace Conference, which was almost absent from the top level of the Northwest Government, lacked a heavyweight figure, that is, Su Qin, director of the Northwest Foreign Affairs Agency. During the few days of the meeting, it was his assistant Wang Jian who took the place of Su Qin to receive and discuss diplomatic liaison affairs with representatives of all nationalities. This makes many people have a lot of ideas, and even some people think that Su Qin is not losing power. In fact, Su Qin left Qingyang a few days before the meeting and embarked on the journey to Lensk, the capital of the Sisrovian Empire. His trip was decided after careful discussion without a front, which even involved a major change in the direction of diplomacy, so the matter was very confidential, even in the northwest, only a few people such as no front, Xiao Tang, Ling Tianfang and Wang Jian knew about it. After receiving the message from Angel from the imperial capital, Wufeng lost no time in expressing to the Sisroc Empire that he could negotiate with the Sisroc Empire on relevant matters, which made the diplomatic attaché of the Heathrow Empire in Northwest China, who had been suffering from the lack of access to high-level officials in Northwest China, overjoyed, and quickly conveyed this major diplomatic progress to his own country. Soon, the Heathrow Empire authorized their diplomatic attaché in the Northwest to invite Su Qin, the director of the Northwest Foreign Affairs Department, to visit the Heathrow Empire in the name of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Heathrow Empire. Of course, this was a secret visit. Faced with the olive branch thrown by the strong neighbor in the north, Wufeng and Su Qin combined their own intelligence to confirm that there would be considerable adjustments in the foreign policy of the Heathrow Empire. Not only is the Cisrovian Empire facing major famine pressures this year, but the prime minister who did not perform well in the last throne crisis has stepped down and been replaced by the emperor Philip V's confidant, the former finance minister, Duke Pokaninsky, and Prince Mercado, who was implicated in the throne crisis, as well as his confidant Nuremberg military commander General Kidman. Kidman was transferred to a remote fortress in the north as commander,Magnesium Oxide MgO, while Viscount Hall, an old friend of Pokaninsky, served as military commander of Nuremberg in the south.

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