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Prayer Request: Look down on others

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Look down on others (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
A harmonious atmosphere enveloped the group for a moment. After a long time, Bailichao said to the three masters, "The purpose of the younger generation's visit is to meet the emperor. They just feel that they don't have enough manpower. They intend to borrow troops from Hebei. What do you think of the three elders?" He went on to elaborate on the future invasion of hundreds of thousands of Hu riders. The three masters understood and laughed in unison. "Besides the ten sons, there are three old and weak soldiers. Do you want them?" Bai Lichao bowed with a long bow and said, "I don't dare to ask you what I wish." "The prince left his address," said Luo Tianshenjian. "The ten sons will arrive in an hour." Brother Meng hurriedly whispered, "It's the old place of the Wulin Society forty years ago!" "Who chose that place of evil spirits?" Asked the old man Mofeng. Brother Meng said, "The younger generation had no choice but to choose it, because King Donghu was the most superstitious. If he had come to attack the other place, he would have come long ago." Denglongshou laughed and said, "Know your enemy and know yourself. You deserve to be the head of the Eight Horses. All right. Prince, please go first." As soon as Bailichao saw that the east had turned white, he said goodbye and led the crowd in a hurry. Left side suddenly found high yellow dust, dawn sky, like a fog in general, Mengge saw, suddenly shouted: "Hu ride!" " "You're experienced," said Bailichao. "Do you know how many people there are?" "Look at the height of Dun Yang," said Brother Meng. "There are three thousand riders." "Don't you want to know my plan to defeat the enemy?" Asked Bailichao? Now take these three thousand enemies to test! "It's no more than ten miles away," Hahan asked. "Hurry up with the prince." "To put it bluntly, it's not surprising," said Bailichao. "Just look at my behavior." Everybody hears speech, everybody notes in surprise! Bailichao jumped off his horse, bent over and grabbed a handful of coarse sand on the ground. With his right palm, he waved his sword. With his left hand, he shouted loudly,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, waved his sand, and with his right hand, the sword was continuous! As soon as Brother Meng saw it, he exclaimed, "The sand strikes the horse's eyes, and the sword strikes the enemy's head!" When Bailichao saw that everyone understood, he said with a smile, "One horse is in chaos, and ten horses are also in chaos. One man can attack a hundred riders,304 stainless steel wire, and a hundred men can defeat ten thousand riders. This kind of offensive is only applicable to Wulin people, because they have internal skills. They have all learned how to use hidden weapons. When the sand comes out, it will be accurate. When they attack the horse's eyes, they will hit every shot. Once the horse loses its eyes, won't it turn back and run against the enemy? Why With a shout of joy, everyone immediately dismounted and prepared for each other! Suddenly, Brother Meng cried out, "Let's ride to meet the enemy!" At this time, there were thirty-nine people in total. Bailichao immediately ordered, "Twenty-eight nights go first. First of all, you must seize the mount. You can't do without the mount." "Isn't it more flexible to use flying skills?" Asked Hahan. Bailichao shook his head and said, "There are so many masters in Hu's riding that it's easy for the enemy to see clearly. We should take advantage of the chaos to infiltrate the enemy's riding and make the enemy unable to distinguish between friends and enemies in the flying dust." Twenty-eight night agreed with one voice, into two road rush out. Less than four miles, the vanguard enemy ride like the tide gallop to, stand from both sides of a point, immediately jump body swoop, sword to people, stand 28 enemies were beheaded. When the twenty-eight constellations just won the mount, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, Bailichao and so on rushed to the right time! Suddenly the sand flying sword, only to kill the enemy rider shouting horse neigh. The first wave of enemy less than four hundred, between Russia, was forced to reverse, people can not take care of the horse, the horse can not take care of people, it is a mess. As soon as Bailichao saw his success, he shouted, "Brothers, the sword pierces the horse's buttocks!" Thirty-nine men came down together and drove the enemy riders in reverse. They were really handy. Enemy ride again and again negative pain, the potential of the rush back is unstoppable! Immediately create a situation of trampling on each other. In less than an hour, the ground was covered with corpses, the wounded horse ran, and three thousand Hu rode to escape completely! This war, Donghu Wang didn't even get a little news, those who survived the death of the soul already flying outside, how can go to work for Donghu Wang! The hundred-mile super class took advantage of the situation and left without looking back. In the vast wasteland, a large green pine forest was found in the distance, protruding high above the wasteland, several miles wide, but less than a hundred feet high, shaped like a bowl. Brother Meng pointed out to Bailichao a few miles away and said, "That's the place where the great duel of Wulin was fought forty years ago. The emperor is there!" Bailichao solemnly said: "This place is actually impossible to defend.". ” "Now that the prince has arrived," said Mengge, "of course we'll make other plans." "It's too late to move now," said Bailichao. "Smoke is rising from the east, west and north. Hu Qixian has set up camp on three sides. Soon the King of Chaos will block the south." "Didn't the prince succeed in defeating the enemy just now?" Asked Gao Miao. "The problem is with the emperor," said Bailichao. "When the time comes," said Brother Meng, "ask the emperor to take the Red Peony." "This is the only way," said Bailichao. Suddenly two dark shadows appeared in front of him. Gao Miaohuan shouted, "Little Huba Mountain and the ten-thousand-handed prodigy Bao Luo have come to greet him!" Bailichao hadn't seen his two younger brothers for a long time. He smiled and said, "Are the third brother and the fourth brother putting a secret card?" Brother Meng shook his head and said, "Both young swordsmen have immortal soldiers in their hands. They are responsible for protecting the emperor." "Then why are they wandering around outside?" Asked Bailichao. Mengge also feels strange: "They came, ask to look." Bashan shouted from a distance, "Second Brother, you're here!" "Where did you look for the emperor?" Asked Bailichao. Bao Luo answered, "We used the red peony to lead the way to Brother Meng's cavalry. The emperor has always been protected by Brother Meng." Bailichao turned to Mengge and said, "Are all the officers and men with the emperor finished?" "I've rescued dozens of riders, including Du Zicai and yuan Tianhua," said Brother Meng. "Good," said Bailichao creepily. "Actually," said Mongo, "my three hundred riders were almost wiped out. Thanks to Rich, Russ, Lulu, Kachin, Fadi, Art, and Yisan, each with three hundred riders, they scattered the twenty thousand enemy troops chasing us with all their strength." Bailichao sighed and said, "If we can really win this battle, I will force the emperor to return to Beijing." "I'm afraid I can't," said Bashan. "The emperor said that as long as he could see his second brother, he was determined to go all the way to the Tianshan Mountains." Bailichao frowned and said,304 Stainless Steel Bar, "The old man is a bit awkward." "Second Brother," said Bao Luo suddenly, "the emperor's third princess has arrived." "Three princesses?" Asked Bailichao in surprise. 。

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