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Prayer Request: Mercenary world

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Mercenary world (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Qingluo's face fluttered inexplicably and shook his head slightly: "No, nothing. It's very quiet within 20 miles around.". In the east, we flew all the way to the circular waterway, about 100 miles away from here. There was indeed a war, and it was indeed a siege battle. We wanted to get closer, but then there were more than ten phantom beast knights flying below. Then we used the bed crossbow and had to retreat. In the evening, I will send the elves on duty again. According to Qingluo's understanding of Professor Benjamin, the professor seldom makes mistakes in divination. That is to say, if we hurry, we can get out of trouble tomorrow afternoon. Qu Jianhong was dressed all over, with two one-handed sharp-beaked hammers leaning on his left and right. This can be understood, however, the possibility is not great, the enemy of the siege is estimated to be tens of thousands, in the boundary forest, as long as they send two or three thousand troops to block the mainland road, or simply cut off the mainland road, there are trees in all directions, we must storm.. Qingluo shook his head again with a wry smile. That Why don't we set a fire, too? Just burn the forest down. Qu Jianhong showed a bad smile on his face. "Elder, don't be angry. These trees can grow better after burning. I heard some time ago that just a year has passed since Lanshan and Fanshui were burned,stainless steel welded pipe, and now they are lush and green again." "I'm not angry, as long as you're not afraid to burn yourself to death." Qingluo murmured in his heart, setting fire in this dense forest? But now the northwest wind, fire together, the first bad luck is the expeditionary force! No matter how fast the mount is, can it be compared with the wind? "All right, no more to say." Su Wen stood up and ended the conversation. Once again, the old soldier felt really tired. How nice it would be if the black-robed Tayan were still there. Where did he hurt his brain? Just throw it all to Tayan: "In the last two or three days,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, don't sleep too hard at night. Qingluo and Changqing are on duty today." After nightfall, a cold northwest wind blew again, and there was no cloud in the sky. In the second half of the night, the huge constellation of Orion in the southern sky shone with cold light. Why haven't you slept yet? Chang Qing passed by Qu Jianhong's tent for the fourth time. This time, not only did the tent not turn off the lights, but the young Grand Duke actually held a one-handed hammer outside the door to strangle the dragon's belt. Oh My ass is bleeding, and I can't sleep because of the pain. I've found a trick these days. When I March during the day, I wear all my armor neatly. With the support of the armor, I can fall asleep on the back of the dragon. Of course, I have to be very sleepy. Another advantage is that I can't feel pain when I fall asleep. Qu Jianhong bared her teeth and grinned as if she were true or false. Neuropathy! Chang Qing murmured in his heart, are these words prepared to deceive ghosts? I can't sleep at night because of the pain, but when I ride a horse during the day, sleeping can relieve the pain? "What's the situation?" "Well.." Do I have to have something to make you happy when I'm on duty? Chang Qing took his horse around Qu Jianhong twice, and now Chang Qing also has the hereditary imperial noble title: "Just now, the elder Qingluo turned around a few times over the old woods in the south and north, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and found nothing. If there is no accident, I will be lucky to escape today. When you turn around, if I can't sleep at night, I'm sure I'll give you more advice. Watching Chang Qing fade away, Qu Jianhong pulled down his face, carried the one-handed hammer on his shoulder, and drove his mount to the southwest to patrol the past. In fact, this is not the worry of Qu Jianhong alone, most of the middle and senior officers of the Black Dragon Knights can't sleep well after entering the forest-who knows when the jungle knights will come out? The two war zones of Tongyun Pass and Jielin border each other. In peacetime, there are many exercises. Although the sprint speed of those dog riders is not fast, they are really elusive and invincible in the forest area. I have never heard of any army defeating the same number of jungle knights in the forest. Which side will the Jungle Knight take? It's an unknown now, and it's estimated to be 50-50. Without Prince Tiedu, the Empire rebelled, and the position of the Jungle Knight was needless to say. However, His Royal Highness Prince Tiedu had served in the Jielin War Zone for several years before he went to the Northern Federation to sit in town. He also served as the chief officer in the third battalion of the Jungle Knight. Although the three squadrons of the battalion were later cut down and compiled in succession in the elite army of His Majesty's Red Stone over the years, Who knows if Prince Tiedu will use his influence to demote the direct force department to other brigades? "Nearly ten thousand elite knights in the jungle." Qu Jianhong patrolled in the open camp, with a cold wave in his heart. In the camp, except for the soldiers on duty, there was a tsunami of snoring in all the tents, including the horses standing beside the hitching post. Qu Jianhong really wanted to go into every tent and wake up everyone inside, but he knew he had no right to do so. March for five or six days in a row, he is a senior officer, with all kinds of special care, but also too tired to move, this evening rashly wake everyone up, tomorrow's March will inevitably be discounted, tomorrow night may be so tired that even the soldiers on duty stand asleep. Therefore, the path, and lure it to benefit, the hair of later generations, ancestors to, this know the straight plan also. Military struggle is for profit, and military struggle is for danger. Raise the army and fight for profit is not enough, commission the army and fight for profit is the trench donation. Therefore, if you roll up your armour and drive away, you will not be anywhere day or night, and you will walk twice as fast as you can. If you fight for profit for a hundred Li, then you will catch the superior general. Those who are strong will be the first, and those who are tired will be the last. If you fight for profit for fifty Li, then you will catch the superior general by eleven methods. If you try to get profit for thirty Li, you will get two thirds of the way. Qu Jianhong suddenly remembered Sun Tzu's Art of War, which the professor had read to him when he was still at the Imperial Senior Knight School. Expeditionary force from the day of the formation of the army, there is not a day is not in the day and night double line. Just as Qu Jianhong thought of this, the black earth dragon under the seat suddenly raised its head, and a pair of fist-sized pointed ears trembled in the air. The young Grand Duke's face became dignified in an instant, and regardless of his armor weighing dozens of kilograms, he jumped off his mount, took out a 10-centimeter-long sycamore receiver from his bosom,mirror stainless steel sheet, and lay on the ground to listen carefully. From the ground, as if there were thousands of ants in a meeting, Xi Xi rustle into a sound.

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