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Prayer Request: Hachifu Linmen full text reading, novel Hachifu Linmen full text free online reading

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Hachifu Linmen full text reading, novel Hachifu Linmen full text free online reading (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"I know." Xiaohui smiled brightly. Since the disaster, the attitude of the two little girls towards us has changed significantly. Although they still dare not say much in front of the crane, they are lively like deer here. Computer novel station. 16 K. CN. Then the three women squatted together in the jungle. I'm worse off. It's almost a single foot, which reminds me of the Dragon Emperor. Ah Finally, Xiaohui tied the belt for me. Since she gave up the past, Xiaohui has become more and more close to me. Sister Qingqing, is that brother you. Beau? Xiaohui asked curiously, and she and Xiaojue helped me to one side. I looked askance at Xiaohui and said, "You are going to be fairies. Human love should have nothing to do with you." "Well.." Xiaohui puffed up her face, "he's so good to his sister." 'What's The matter? Envy I can not help but tease them, "envy also go to find one ah." "We can't." Xiaohui pursed her lips. The discussion of love ended in the silence of the two girls, who were supposed to have discussed the topic with an outsider for the first time. In the evening, we arrived at a small town. When we came to an inn, King's Landing Crane stopped and looked at me and Li Ge: "We will live here from today on, and we will go on our way after Miss Qingqing's feet heal." There was a trace of surprise in my heart. Does King's Landing Crane want to return my favor as soon as possible? "Elder Martial Brother, this will delay the journey." Xiao Jue reminded me under the curtain. King's Landing Crane turned to Xiao Jue. "That's the decision." With that, he took the lead into the inn. The song looked around and stopped somewhere: "Xiao Shu, there is a cloth shop here. Do you want to add some clothes?" "Yes, tomorrow.". 1——6——K” "But.." We have no money. "As long as there are cranes in King's Landing." I whispered in the ear of the song, the body of the song stiffened for a moment, unexpectedly raised the lips, showing a smile I had never seen before, with a small sense of achievement in my heart, I let the song smile. However, the smile soon disappeared, and he became expressionless again and carried me into the inn. Oh! It's a real person from the Tianji Palace. How many of you are. The child immediately came up to meet him. Stay at the hotel. King's Landing Crane stands proudly. "Five upper rooms." "Ah, true man,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, it is unfortunate that you have come. There are only three upper rooms left, and even the other lower rooms are gone." "How so?" King's Landing Crane was puzzled. The child laughed and said, "True man, you have forgotten that the elixir meeting of Tianji Palace is coming soon. It's not that many distinguished guests are rushing to your Tianji Mountain. There is only one inn in this town, so it's full. These three empty rooms were just left by the first three guests." King's Landing Crane turned to us, and the white gauze covered his expression: "This young man, if you don't mind.." "I'm in the same room with Qingqing." The song said coldly and looked at the child, "lead the way." "Yes." The child immediately walked in front, the king's crane stood in a daze, Xiaohui Xiaojue's hat moved, followed me and the song of departure. What is the Elixir Congress? I asked Xiaohui and Xiaojue. Xiaohui took down the curtain hat, and her face was full of pride: "It's the meeting of refining elixir. Many predecessors of cultivating elixir will come to the competition with their own elixirs that they have been practicing for a year. Besides our Tianji Palace, there will be other Taoist temples and fairy palaces. Anyway, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, our Tianji Palace wins every year." It turned out to be a drug convention! That's how I understand it anyway. "Two guests, please." The child opened the door of a room. After entering the room, Li Ge glanced coldly at Xiao Hui and Xiao Jue, who were looking at us curiously. Immediately, the two girls quickly followed the child away from our door. Song closed the door, gradually closed the door, appeared the figure of King's Landing Crane, his body slightly, drooping curtain hat, is his invisible expression. Then he went forward again. Xiao Li, you should also think of a name. Now that we are with King's Landing Crane, it is inevitable that we will mention names. The song put me on the bed, and the soft bed made my whole body relax in an instant. They don't know the song of departure. Song went to the table and poured me a glass of water. Ah? They don't know you? But you used to live with Xuan Mingyu in the Valley of Ghost Crying. I took the water and was puzzled. Li Ge picked up his robe and sat on the edge of the bed, facing the outside. There was still no expression on his indifferent face: "Mingyu seldom went back to Ghost Crying Valley since he entered Tianji Palace, and I don't like to contact with outsiders, so Mingyu always came.". Ghost Cry Valley is surrounded by poisonous fog all the year round, so the people of Tianji Palace dare not enter it, which is a forbidden place for them. "So that's it." That How did you save it. Wind and snow sound? I asked cautiously, and the song's expression moved slightly, his eyelids raised slightly, and his eyebrows began to cluster slowly. I'm sorry, Xiao Li. If you don't want to remember, don't think about it. I grabbed his arm to distract him. All along, I want to help him out of that shadow, escape has no effect, only to face bravely, can we get relief. Suddenly, Li Ge's left hand covered my hand holding his right arm, and then clenched: "If I could go back in time, I would never save her." "I know, I know." "No!"! You don't know anything! Suddenly, from the song toward me, originally indifferent eyes covered with hatred, "You will never know what that woman did to me!" " "From the song, your legs are all right." It's not just the legs. It's not just the legs! The song suddenly roared angrily. He raised his face and took a deep breath. His Adam's apple trembled up and down. Then he slowly bent down and fell on my lower abdomen. I was surprised, but I couldn't bear to push him away. He slowly closed his eyes and hugged my body: "Xiao Shu, I'm sorry, I don't want revenge for a day.." "I know.." He raised his hand slowly and put it hesitantly in his hair, which was cold. Will you hate me. "No.". It's just, now is not the time. "I'll kill her, kill her." The song repeated the three words in a low voice. Song of Departure.. How can I help you.. Are really inhuman, cover your face and cry in, Jun is so pure, unscrupulous are reluctant to say TX. PS,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, this book to the end, is really not a few small places, Jun really can not bear to start ah.

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