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Prayer Request: Little girl

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Little girl (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Don't talk about Chinese hospitals. It will only make me pessimistic about human nature. But it was the behavior of the medical doctor that I could never understand. He was a distant relative of my family. When he heard about Yuer's illness and experience on the phone, he immediately warmly invited Yuer to come to him for treatment and arranged to be admitted to the ward under his jurisdiction. Afterwards, Yuer's mother invited him to dinner at home and repeatedly called him a savior. He really deserved it. If he hadn't been rescued in time, Yuer's life might have been in danger. But why did he use X-rays again and again on Yuer, who was five months pregnant? After the discovery of Niu Niu's illness, I consulted a large number of medical books and learned that the medical profession has long had a consensus: in view of the fact that X-ray radiation is likely to be an important cause of fetal chromosomal aberrations and infant cancer, not only pregnant women during pregnancy, but also parents in the first three months of pregnancy, should avoid exposure to X-rays. I also learned that the retina is the last organ in the body to be formed and is not finally completed until two months after birth, so X-rays should be avoided not only during the embryonic period, but also during the first two months of life. In fact, why look up the book? Shortly after Niu Niu's death, I read on the blackboard newspaper of an ordinary small hospital that pregnant women must not be exposed to X-rays, otherwise the fetus may suffer from various diseases,artificial grass panels, including retinoblastoma. After the genetic examination ruled out the possibility of genetic disease, I could almost conclude that the X-ray was the murderer of Niuniu. As soon as Yuer was admitted to the hospital, he rushed to take her to the X-ray room. The female doctor in the X-ray room was off duty, and he sent someone to call her. He operated it himself and checked it carefully. From time to time, the machine clicked and the screen went out and flashed again. Look here. He flashed the screen and said to the female doctor. All right, all right,artificial coconut palm trees, she's pregnant. The female doctor urged uneasily. You see, you see. He started up again. ***ing hell. What are you looking at? It's pneumonia. The symptoms are so obvious that there's no need for fluoroscopy. Daily infusion, glucose mixed with penicillin. Penicillin is the only antibiotic that doesn't pass through the mother into the fetus, and I'm relieved. Yuer is cured. When she was about to leave the hospital, he dragged her to take a film. She struggles: "I am afraid, how does the child go wrong to do?" He clapped his chest and said, "No, if something goes wrong, come to me!" I can't conceive of a deliberate crime committed by a medical doctor. No, it's impossible. But I can't imagine that he doesn't understand common sense and commits a major taboo in the medical field. His behavior is totally incomprehensible. Niuniu was killed by an unreasonable act before she was born, outdoor palm trees ,faux ficus tree, and she died for no reason. Two Yuer is experiencing two new things: illness and loneliness. She rarely got sick, and it was the first time in her life that she was hospitalized, and almost the first time that she lived alone. Growing up, she either lived in a dormitory or lived with her family. There are three beds in this ward, and the other two are vacant. The hospital is far away from home. I go to see her every other day, and every time she is as happy as if she had met again after a long separation. Girl, you are boring enough. I can tell a story. "Just have you here." "You know, you were beautiful when you had a fever. Your face was red and your eyes were bright." "Does it look like a sick beauty?" "It's sick Anna, Anna..". Karenina 。” My father came to see me yesterday. Is he so concerned about me when I have lung cancer? "Little fool, you are the apple of his eye, you have pneumonia, he is also worried." "Are you sad that I have lung cancer?" "You must not think so." I like to think so, and it's good to experience it. Do you love me "You know that." "I want you to say." "Love." "Special love?" "Special." Dear, I really love you. I love you more than anything else in the world. Only love you-now. In the future-maybe. "The future is just possible?" "I can't love anyone else." No, I'm not in love. "I didn't expect you to love me so much." "I didn't expect you to be so considerate to me." "You thought of it." "Oh, I was wrong." "I'm not very considerate, or you won't get pneumonia." It's not your fault, I brought it on myself. But I like that you love me. You cried when I had a high fever. ” "You saw it?" My body is very uncomfortable, but my heart is secretly happy, because you cry. Don't think I don't know. "I'm just afraid you'll gloat when you know." "I'm not at home. Don't sleep too late." "I'm quite active these days." "Am I always bothering you at home?" "You don't know how clingy you are?" "Then let me see you off." She got up and happily took my arm and sent me out of the hospital gate. Late at night, I went back to my bedroom, turned on the lamp, and lay in bed reading. I go to bed very late every day. She's used to it. The light won't wake her up. I read for a while and was ready to go to sleep when I heard her sobbing beside me, as if her breathing were blocked, and then she burst into tears. I hastened to call her, touch her, and wipe her tears. There were so many tears that my face was wet. It took her a while to wake up from her dream. Tell me, what's going on? "I won't say." She gave me a sideways glance of hostility. Did you dream about the big bad wolf? She nodded and pointed her finger at me. I begged her again and again, and she finally began to narrate: "There is a girl who always comes to you and asks you to go to the white area to give a speech.". I wouldn't let you go. You wouldn't listen and went with her. It seems that the audience is all college students. The enemy has you surrounded. You are under arrest. You were divided into two rows and stood under a big tree, and the girl was also in it. The enemy announced that they would shoot you, and you were all very calm. The girl said, I'm sorry, and I'm sorry for you. I said, sorry it's too late. She covered her face with a kerchief. I cried,outdoor ficus tree, and I cried so sadly. "What does the girl look like?" "I didn't see it clearly. It looks like a braid.". I haven't seen her. "You still care." I told you not to go with her, but you did. No, I must go before you. "Didn't you go through it once?" "Still have to go.". It would be a tragedy if both of them were gone. 。

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