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Prayer Request: Xuanqing Tiandao

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Xuanqing Tiandao (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Yang Jiao and Yang Jian looked at each other and smiled. Yang Jiao said to Yang Jian, "Second brother, you should say it first." Yang Jian collected himself and said, "Mother, the boy was accepted as a disciple by Yuding Zhenren in Jinxia Cave of Yuquan Mountain. He has learned seventy-two kinds of changes." When Fairy Yunhua heard this, she exulted, "My son is really lucky!"! That jade tripod real person for Niang is heard of, he is the disciple of the sage of jade clear, a body is unfathomable, is a true immortal! The child can worship the jade tripod real person as the teacher, is really God's favor! Then he asked Yang Jiao, "What about you, Da Lang?" Yang Jiao smiled and said, "Mother, the boy was saved by the Holy Father. I had the honor to worship the Holy Father as my teacher. The Holy Father's kindness was passed down to Xuanqing Daodao. He even gave the boy an axe to split the mountain and save his mother." Fairy Yunhua exclaimed, "But the sage of Xuanqing!" Seeing that Yang Jiao nodded yes, she suppressed the horror in her heart and calmed down the breath in her chest. She was overjoyed and said, "My son is lucky to have worshipped the sage Xuanqing as his teacher. The Yang family is blessed!" One side of Yang Jian frowned and said, "I also heard the teacher say that the sage of Xuanqing and Shizu are both authentic Pangu. The eldest brother worshipped the sage of Xuanqing as his teacher. Isn't he a generation higher than the foolish younger brother?" Yang Jiao was stupefied and immediately said with a smile, "Exactly!"! It seems that in the future, the second younger brother will call him Martial Uncle when he sees the elder brother. Stop laughing, obviously very happy! Yang Jian also pretended to salute and said, "Martial Uncle is here!"! Martial Nephew, be polite! Yang Jiao nodded and said in a deep voice, "Don't be polite,fake ficus tree, Martial Nephew." Then he took Yang Jian's hands and laughed. Yang Jian also laughed. Laughter spread ten miles, startled the birds in the trees, and the spirit animals seemed to be infected by the laughter, singing in unison! Fairy Yunhua looked kindly at her two sons and looked up at the sky, as if she wanted to see someone. Husband, your soul in heaven can also rest in peace! A drop of tears fell and was blown away by a breeze without leaving a trace! Above the heavenly court, the Jade Emperor said to His Highness and the immortals with an expressionless face, "All the ministers, Yang Jiao and Yang Jian,large palm trees for sale, have split the Peach Mountain and violated the law of heaven. Which beloved minister is willing to subdue them in the lower world?" When the immortals heard this, you looked at me, and I looked at you, but I didn't know what to say. Didn't you hear that? The Yang brothers worshipped the sages and learned the way. Although the immortals had some status in heaven, they still had self-knowledge. They knew that the sages could not afford to provoke them, so they had to look at each other! The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother looked at each other with great calmness in their hearts. Then they pretended to be angry and said, "Could it be that none of the civil and military officials in the Manchu Dynasty had subdued the evil spirits?"? When have I ever been a wimp in heaven? The words made all the immortals blush. Taibai Jinxing observed her words and expressions. As soon as her heart moved, she went out and said, "Your Majesty, the Yunhua Fairy has been pressed into Taoshan for ten years and has suffered a lot. Your Majesty does not neglect her because of her affection. She is really the king of all virtues!"! Now that Yunhua Fairy has come out of Taoshan, it can be seen that Heaven has shown that Yunhua Fairy's doom is over. Why don't Your Majesty obey Heaven's destiny and let it go? The beauty of this matter also praises Your Majesty's benevolence for all living beings in the three realms! When the Jade Emperor heard this, he was overjoyed. With a calm face, he asked the immortals, "What do you think of the immortals?" "I have no objection," said all the immortals! Your Majesty's benevolence, I can't wait! But secretly relieved in the heart, finally do not have to provoke the Yang brothers. In such a happy situation, the immortals dare not disagree. At the foot of Peach Mountain, faux grass wall ,artificial plant wall panels, the three of them moved in their hearts and looked up to the sky at the same time, only to see a fairy falling from thirty-three, with crane hair and childlike face, holding a yellow silk and satin in her hand. Yunhua Fairy recognized that it was Taibai Venus. Taibai Jinxing smiled from a distance and said, "But I want to congratulate Your Highness on the reunion of her family. Congratulations!" Before Fairy Yunhua could speak, Yang Jian took a step forward, lifted his three-pointed, two-edged sword, and shouted at Taibai Jinxing, "Why are you waiting for the celestial beings to come here?"? If you want to press my mother again, you have to ask the magic weapon in my hand! Taibai Venus a Leng, immediately slightly wry smile, helpless in the heart. Fairy Yunhua pulled Yang Jian and said, "My son, don't be rude to Venus!" "She stepped forward and saluted, saying," Yao Ji has seen Venus. I don't know where Jinxian comes from. Taibai Jinxing nodded and said, "The little fairy has come at the behest of the Great Heavenly Master. The Great Heavenly Master has pardoned the princess's sins. Please take the behest." Fairy Yunhua took the imperial edict and unfolded it. Her complexion changed unceasingly! For a long time, she sighed and said, "Thank you, Jinxing!" "What did the princess say?" Asked Taibai Jinxing? You really killed Xiaoxian! The princess must have known the pains of Datianzun, and Xiaoxian took her leave. Then he saluted again and left for heaven. Seeing that Taibai Jinxing had gone, Yang Jiao said, "Mother, the teacher has told me that if I rescue my mother, I can pay a visit to Zhang Island above." Fairy Yunhua nodded and took her two sons to Xianzhou, the abbot of the East China Sea. Exactly: The dust and smoke have dissipated, the peach hill has opened, and the mother and son are happy to meet again. [Volume III, Chapter VI, The Beginning of the Great Plunder, King Zhou's Incense] On the abbot's island in the East China Sea, Hong Xuan looked at the three men kneeling on the ground and said indifferently, "You can get up." The three of them stood up to thank him again. Yang Jiao took out the axe and said, "I have rescued my mother from Taoshan. I would like to return the artifact." Hong Xuan said with a faint smile, "You have worshipped me as your teacher, but you have never given you a magic weapon to protect yourself. Now that you have split Taoshan with a mountain axe, I will give you this axe, with the intention of being a teacher." Yang Jiao was overjoyed, but he thanked him calmly and said, "I thank you for your gift." Hong Xuan looked at Yang Jiao's steady bearing, heart dark praise, but there is the wind of Kong Xuan, not arrogant and impetuous, is the choice of cultivation! Then he said to the Yunhua Fairy, "Yao Ji, you must know the difficulties of the Jade Emperor. Don't blame him. Sometimes, when you are in a certain position, you have to do something against your will. What's more, what he does is the Lord of the Three Realms, which has a great influence." Fairy Yunhua replied calmly, "Report back to the sage. Yao Ji already knows the difficulties of the Jade Emperor, but in any case, he killed Yao Ji's husband after all, but Yao Ji can't let it go. He is Yao Ji's brother,fake blossom tree, and Yao Ji doesn't want to see him again.". Now that Yao Ji has got my three children, they are all safe and sound. My wish has been fulfilled and I have nothing to worry about. May the sage take pity on me and take Yao Ji in. Since then, Yao Ji has devoted herself to cultivating Taoism and no longer pays attention to the fate of the world! Then Yingying prostrated herself to the ground.

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