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Prayer Request: Love knowingly

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Love knowingly (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Listening to her surprised voice, a Yue just laughed: "This batch of coffee beans was roasted a few days ago. My family's beans will not be missed for a week. They are relatively fresh, which is to maintain the flavor of coffee beans to the greatest extent." Tong Xibei enjoyed it very much. She leaned her buttocks against the kitchen countertop, holding the coffee in both hands and drinking it slowly. Seeing Ah Yue, she just turned around and touched a straw in the corner of the countertop. Then she inserted the straw into the remaining half of the can of milk and sucked it slowly. Tong Xibei laughs: "How do you drink milk?" "Don't drink the waste." Yue answered earnestly. Tong Xibei tilted his head and looked at him. He was dressed in cartoon pajamas, with his right arm hanging in front of his chest. His face was sloppy, but he sucked milk like a child. Tong Xibei felt that he was really a combination of contradictions. He couldn't help saying: "Ah Yue, you are very powerful. You can make coffee and drink milk. I used to think you could only drink." "I'm not a fairy. I have to eat, too." Yue said lightly, "after the eyes can not see, other did not learn, but learned to make coffee.". In fact, I like coffee when I can see it, and now I will continue to play as a hobby. "Let me guess, you weren't a barista before, were you?" "No." Yue shook his head and sucked the milk, saying, "Your hands are not good today, otherwise, I'll let you taste the authentic handmade coffee." "There's a chance next time, and I don't know much about coffee, so you can teach me." "No problem." Suddenly there was a strange sound in the narrow space. Gollum. Yue's face changed and a blush quickly appeared on his cheeks. Tong Xibei was stunned for a moment, then finally understood and laughed: "Hey, Ah Yue.." "Don't laugh." Yue put down the milk and pressed his stomach with his left hand. "I had lunch early, and now I'm a little hungry." Tong Xibei looked at his watch. It was nearly 6 o'clock in the evening. Lu Jing and Tong Dalin did not call her. It was estimated that she would not go home for dinner. Tong Xibei glanced at the kitchen. She had all the pots and pans. She opened the refrigerator and found a few rolls of noodles,silk olive tree, a handful of vegetables and a few eggs. She turned around and asked Ah Yue, "I'll eat two bowls of noodles. Do you want to eat?" "Two bowls?" Yue shook his head. "I can't eat two bowls." Tong Xibei raised his forehead and said, "Elder brother, I am also a person. I also want to have dinner." Tong Xibei sat opposite Ah Yue, and when he ate noodles with him, he couldn't help looking up at him. Yue ate slowly. He could only use his left hand, but he used it smoothly. Are you left-handed? Tong Xibei asked. Yue shook his head. "No." "How can you use chopsticks with your left hand?" "I use both hands about the same." Yue ate green vegetable leaves, nodded praise, "you do noodles very delicious, better than Tang Fei, he does not like to put vegetables." Tong Xibei grinned: "Eat more if it's delicious." After eating the noodles, Tong Xibei wanted to wash the dishes. A Yue stopped her: "Leave it. Tang Fei will wash it when he comes back." Tong Xibei did not insist, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,faux ficus tree, she thought, she has been more than an hour, should not leave. At this time, the door lock rang, Tong Xibei looked up, Tang Fei came back. When Tang Fei saw Tong Xibei, he was very surprised. He put the dinner he had brought to Ah Yue on the table and looked at Tong Xibei in puzzlement. Tong Xibei winked and smiled at him. Before he opened his mouth, Ah Yue had already spoken: "She heard Wanwan say that I was hurt. Come and see me. Besides, we have already had dinner." Tang Fei was more and more surprised. Tong Xibei quickly picked up his bag and said, "It's almost time. I should go, too. Ah Yue, you have to get better quickly. I'll go to the store to chat with you next week. Bye-bye." With a wave of her hand, leaving the silent Yue and the inexplicable Tang Fei, she slipped away quickly. Walking to the street and being blown by the cold wind, Tong Xibei woke up. She did not understand what was wrong with her, but she knew clearly how much she did not want to leave before Tang Fei came back. The author has something to say: There will be a more tomorrow ~ oh also ~ girls wood collection, please collect it, thank you! VIP Chapter 1109, Pauper When she went to work, Tong Xibei was still thinking about the cup of love latte in her mind. She posted the photos on Weibo, looked left and right, and felt very cute. She admired from the bottom of her heart when she thought of the way Ah Yue made coffee, orderly and not in a hurry at all. Thinking about it, she made herself a cup of instant coffee, which almost came out of her mouth. The special coffee bought in the supermarket had a weak taste, and there was no aroma of freshly ground coffee at all. Tong Xibei pouted, feeling that her taste had been raised by Tang Fei and Ah Yue, especially the cup that Ah Yue had brewed, which was just made by a machine, and had conquered her taste buds. If it was hand-ground and hand-brewed coffee, wouldn't it be wonderful? Tong Xibei suddenly thought of the coffee machine in Ah Yue's home. If she could have such a machine, wouldn't she be able to make delicious coffee at home? Thinking of doing it, Tong Xibei opened Taobao and searched for the machine with the memory of LOGO. After finding it, Tong Xibei was shocked. Such a small machine cost nearly 15,000 yuan. She hung her head dejectedly and lost interest in other low-cost machines. Yue could afford such an expensive machine and said it was just a hobby to play. Tong Xibei was shocked, and his curiosity deepened in his heart. Not knowing if his shoulders and feet were getting better, Tong Xibei sat in a swivel chair and began to look forward to the day when Ah Yue got better. At that time, he must drink a cup of handmade coffee ground by himself. From time to time, Du Xiang would call Tong Xibei and ask her to have dinner and watch movies. After Tong Xibei shirked twice, Du Xiang simply waited downstairs in her company after work. He was still gentle and considerate. He took Tong Xibei to a high-end restaurant for dinner. After dinner, he asked her to watch a movie. At first,artificial banyan trees, Tong Xibei did not know what to say to him, but Du Xiang was very good at arousing the atmosphere. He often intentionally or unintentionally mentioned some small episodes when they were in love. Tong Xibei recalled the past and was filled with emotion. Gradually, he relaxed and communicated with him naturally.

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