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Prayer Request: Years of Infrastructure Construction in Fairy Tale World [Quick]

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Years of Infrastructure Construction in Fairy Tale World [Quick] (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Without wings, he stayed in the heart of a playboy. When danger came, he couldn't even run away. He might as well hide below. The soldier who had just disliked Xie Qi saw it, frowned at him, and flew over to lift him up and threw him behind a stone. If you have no fighting power, just hide and don't show up, do you know? Monsters love to eat guys like you. The soldier threatened him. Xie Qi hides tightly, but still a little curious, what are those monsters that make them feel like facing a formidable enemy? The sound of "chirp" soon came closer and closer. With a loud sound of flapping wings, something fell on their land. Xie Qi clearly felt that the soldiers in front of him were breathing slowly and cautiously. Sharp-eyed, he saw a fallen blade of grass beside him, carefully covering his head, and peeked out. The look made him almost spurt out. Those huge and feared monsters can really crush the flower elves with ease. They looked around coldly, trying to find any movement in the flowers, and their sharp beaks and sharp claws were their weapons, so that they could easily pick up the poor flower elves at any time. These flower bullies even wore a suit,electronic board for classroom, a white shirt and a black coat very decently, but this could not hide the fact. Xie Qi saw the fact at a glance-this is a group of magpies in suits! At this moment, he began to doubt whether he was in reality. Did the magpie in Wang Yunan's back garden still wear clothes? Is it so coquettish? The soldiers next to him seemed a little nervous, and the human fork for eating small cakes was a little heavy for them. Xie Qi saw that one end of his fork was accidentally hanging on the flower branch, and then it fell off. !!!” The soldier's expression was so frightened that he tried to control himself not to scream. If the fork falls on the ground, it will make a sound to attract the attention of the magpie monster. Xie Qi had no time to think about it and swooped out to catch the fork. No sound. He and the soldier looked at each other with a sigh of relief. The soldier sheepishly gave a grateful smile. Unfortunately,interactive whiteboard for schools, magpies seem to have good hearing. "Oh, my boss, there seems to be something over there!" A magpie stepped forward and said vividly and dog-legged to the biggest magpie in the front. The other magpies were immediately excited and excited: "Go, I want to catch all those annoying little guys!" " "One punch, one child, come on!" Xie Qi clearly saw the bud hidden by the little fat man and was frightened to shake left and right. All the swearing bad-tempered magpies seemed to be waiting for the eldest brother to speak, but the eldest brother was very steady. Without saying a word, he walked in the direction of Xie Qi with a magpie version of the square step and a very leading temperament. Xie Qi had to admit that the flower elves were so small that even the clumsy magpies walking on the ground were very natural and unrestrained in his eyes. Before he could even find a good place to hide, he was carefully pulled out by the magpie boss. Along with the soldier who had just pulled him. !! The soldier was so frightened that he shivered and quickly hid behind Xie Qi, holding his arm and trembling. Xie Qi even had spare power to complain about him quietly in his nervousness: "Hey, we agreed that I was very weak and let me hide. What about you?" "This is not.." Is it a special case? The soldier wept in silence. Xie Qi had to face the magpie alone, 75 smart board ,touch screen board classroom, which was several times taller than him. He looked at the suit magpie, anyhow is also a cultural bird in a suit, should be able to reason? "Well, to discuss it, I." Xie Qi made a draft and wanted to find a suitable way to get close to him. But seeing the magpie staring sharply at his arm, he suddenly opened his mouth seriously and said, "Just talk. What does it look like to pull and pull?" The swearing magpie in the back quieted down. The soldier drew back his hand with a "whoosh", and the "whoosh" became worse. And Xie Qi was completely relieved. Listen to this familiar voice, and then look at the bird's black eyes reveal the wisdom, calm and familiar look, this is not Lu Yuming?! As a result, all the flower elves were shocked to find that the newly born flower elves, who had just been sympathized by them and vowed to take care of them, had easily conquered the most feared monster legion in their garden. Oh, my God, do you know why the flower fairy has no wings? Because his horse, Magpie, can fly on his back! Xie Qi let Lu Yuming take himself to fly away quietly for some distance, exchanged the current situation of each other, and when he came back, he found such a scene. The flower elves who had been shivering and hiding just now had all come out, and they seemed to have grown a lot of courage. They crowded into a ball opposite the magpie and looked at the big monsters. There is a clear distinction between the two sides and the atmosphere is very tense. As soon as Xie Qi and Lu Yuming appeared, both sides became lively. The eldest brother "Boss, you're back!" The magpies came up curiously and wanted to ask the eldest brother what the relationship between the flower spirit and him was, but they dared not ask. The flower elves on the opposite side were a second late, and they also shouted very well: "Boss!" "Boss, you are really awesome!" "You are better than Lao Wang Gardener!" Xie Qi: Get the boss without any effort. The author has something to say: Before seeing the magpie, the soldier said, "Go, go, go where the chicken is cool." After surrendering the magpie, the soldier said, "Eldest brother, please sit here. It's cool here.". Chapter 83 Lilliputian War Dragon Journey (3). Just two minutes before becoming the boss, Lu Magpie and Xie Elf met to avoid the exchange of information. What are you doing here? Xie Qi looked at Lu Yuming suspiciously, but an idea rose in his heart, this bizarre everything will not be just a dream of his own,touch screen interactive whiteboard, right? His eyes swept over Lu Yuming's smooth feathers and beautiful suit, pondering some action that was not very kind. Perhaps pull the feather of Lu Yuming, see if he hurts to know whether he is dreaming or not.

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