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Prayer Request: The beauty is carved on the bone _ the president draws the ground as a prison

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The beauty is carved on the bone _ the president draws the ground as a prison (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Finally, the woman made a request that she was not sure she would agree to: "General Manager Song, can you come to the street garden of Chenxing Road?"? I'm waiting for you there, and I want to say something to you face to face. School Song thought about it. At that time, Kaiyin knocked at the door. "School Song, are you busy?" School Song did not avoid the voice in the receiver. He looked slightly sideways and responded gently to the little woman outside the room: "Baby, you wash first. I have something to do for the time being." "Good." Kayin's voice is far away. He said to Kaiyin, baby, you wash first, the meaning is self-evident, she heard, naturally uncomfortable, but what does that matter? No one cares about her feelings. Besides, he and she are husband and wife, so why not take a bath together? But she did not understand, obviously she was first moved to Song school, why Song school himself is the beginning of the woman who did not look at him at all. "See you in the garden in the middle of the street in half an hour," said Song Xiaosha. The woman over there was in a happy mood, and her voice rose: "Well, thank you, General Manager Song!" After answering the phone, he returned to the opposite bedroom from the study. The sound of footsteps was almost inaudible. When he passed the bathroom, he heard the sound of rushing water. There was warmth in his heart. This was the feeling of home. She put on the clothes she had just taken off, picked up the car keys,smartboard for business, stood outside the frosted glass of the bathroom and said to Kaiyin, "Baby, I'm going out and I'll be home before 9:30." The constant sound of running water in the bathroom suddenly disappeared. In less than two seconds, the frosted glass door, which was filled with hazy water vapor, opened. Kaiyin, who was covered with white flesh and soaked through, lifted her long dripping hair. Even though she didn't know anything,smart board touch screen, she naturally had a simple expression: "Are you busy with business again?"? It's too hard to go early and come back early. School Song felt warm and gazed at her: "Well, I must go home before half past nine." Kaiyin's hands were too wet to touch him, who had changed into a clean shirt, so she nodded: "You go, drive carefully, and don't drink." Originally she thought he went out to socialize, Song Xiao widened Kaiyin's heart: "Not to socialize, just to make an appointment with friends to talk about some official business." "Well, go and come back at half past nine." She reminded him to prevent him from forgetting or acting shamelessly. Well, I'm sure I'll be back at half past nine. I didn't touch her, because her body was covered with water marks. But when I turned around, Song Xiao remembered the bad things in April and had a lingering fear. He reminded me, "By the way, Kaiyin, I won't be at home in the future. Don't open the door for people casually, OK?" Kaiyin knew what Song was worried about. In fact, what happened in April was not a shadow in her heart? She was also afraid of being beaten and forced, digital touch screen board ,smartboards for business, so she nodded forcefully: "Yes, I will never do that kind of stupid thing again." School Song smiled and murmured, "My wife is not stupid at all. Sometimes she is too smart." With that, he leaned down and knew what he was going to do. She looked up and kissed him. This is the tacit understanding and intimacy between husband and wife. School Song left, Kaiyin leaned against the door frame until she heard the sound of the security door closing before pulling the frosted glass door and continuing to take a bath. Under the quiet sky at night, Song started the Audi, left from Huaxi Road, went straight to the main road of the city, and went to Chenxing Road Street Garden in the middle of Huaxi Road and Kaiyin's home. 、319. The smell that emanates Driving was fast, and he intended to speed up in order to go home early to accompany his wife, so a quarter of an hour later, Audi had appeared under two old trees with vigorous branches at the entrance of the street garden. School Song got out of the car with the car keys and did not enter directly, but took out the mobile phone in his trousers and contacted Qinling. Qinling said: "General Manager Song, I'll be there in five minutes." The words were flattering, as if afraid of being rejected by him. Five minutes later, where Song was standing, he saw a taxi coming in the distance. After pulling over, a girl in a light orange jacket got out of the back seat. After paying the fare, she came face to face. Song saw clearly that it was Qinling. He stands in the same place, with his hands in his pockets. Tonight, he wears a white shirt and black trousers. He always looks like a gentleman. He has a sense of beauty in the wind. This is the true feelings of Qinling Mountains when they come to him. It is false not to be moved. Besides, when they are with Wei Liwei, they also have love for Song School. Their worries are hidden in their bodies for a long time, and no one knows. But Kaiyin's eyes are vicious, perhaps women have the art of heaven, can see the truth she wants to find out. Qinling lifted his chest, kept a tall and straight posture, and then stepped on high-heeled shoes to the handsome man standing beside the car in the distance. General Manager Song. Nearby, she smiled shyly. Song school is very unhappy, because he saw Qinling's facial features on the makeup, both urgent, but also a sudden appointment, why make up? He always felt that he had been played with, and he held back his displeasure and looked down at Qinling with an expressionless face. Qinling is a woman, can see the man slightly cold attitude, she pursed her lips, the bottom of my heart turned upside down, quickly said tonight's business. Wei Liwei came back in October. Since he came back, he has been hiding. I don't know where he lives. His mother doesn't know he is still alive. Last week, he suddenly appeared downstairs in the TV station. I was frightened. Then he kept bothering me. School Song, lurking in the dim light of night, calmly looked at the shrinking expression of the Qinling Mountains, and he was observing how credible her words were. What does he want with you? Qinling's face suddenly turned red. In fact, this is to blame Song school, perhaps he did not express clearly, or perhaps his words originally let people think biased. What he wanted to ask was the purpose of Wei Liwei's visit, to inquire about him and Kaiyin? Or about Han Chen? Or the recent situation of Chen Hui? But Qinling's blush let him also be trapped in a passive place, it is not good to go on to elaborate, let alone explain. Qinling can't tell Song Xiao what happened between her and Wei Liwei these days, because she doesn't want to become a cheap woman in Song Xiao's eyes. In fact, Wei Liwei did nothing from the beginning, did not ask anyone about the recent situation,touch screen whiteboard, did not inquire about any movement, he looked for her, purely to sleep.

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