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Prayer Request: Trilogy of Love (Fog, Rain, Electricity)

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Trilogy of Love (Fog, Rain, Electricity) (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Xiong Zhijun, who is she?" Fang Yadan asked curiously. Wu Renmin did not answer, but continued to say to himself: "Xiong Zhijun, slender back, drooping black hair, sad face.." Lung Foil.. Then he said in a decisive voice, "Yes, I remember her, I know her.". Xiong Zhijun, the schoolgirl. So he handed the letter to Fang Yadan and said, "Look at it." Fang Yadan took the letter and read it. At the same time, Gao Zhiyuan, who was lying on the bed in bed clothes and complaining of belly pain, closed his mouth, turned over and jumped out of bed with a smile, walked behind Fang Yadan, pressed his arm on his shoulder, and read the letter attentively. "I hummed this sound from Gao Zhiyuan's broad mouth." It turned out to be such a woman. Ah Renmin, is that what you call a beautiful phantom? "I'm leaving," Wu Renmin suddenly stood up and said to himself. Are you going to see that Xiong Zhijun? Gao Zhiyuan asked derisively. Yes,86 smart board, "Wu Renmin promised vaguely." I advise you not to go, "Gao Zhiyuan said seriously.". Wu Renmin was about to go out of the door when he stopped and looked back at him. Do you think you can help her? Can you bring her happiness? Gao Zhiyuan suddenly asked like a quarrel. "I don't know," Wu Renmin answered blankly, adding an explanation later: "I didn't think of going up here." "You won't," Gao Zhiyuan said firmly, like spitting phlegm on Wu Renmin's face. You will not help her, you will only bring pain to her and yourself. It will not be of any use to put aside society and save people individually. And women are fragile at all. They are as soft as no bones. If you pull them up, they will drag you down. What I said is absolutely true. I've seen a lot of people fall and defect for the sake of women. "I won't,interactive touch screens education," said Wu Renmin, half angry and half confident. You won't, who will believe? Your temperament is like a volcano under the snow. If you fall into the fire pit of love, you will do anything. "I advise you not to go to see her," Gao Zhiyuan said with concern, spouting some white foam from his mouth. Didn't you see her letter saying she wouldn't live long? She only asked to talk to me once before she died, and I couldn't refuse her. Wu Renmin said enthusiastically. I ask you, do you go to every dying person who asks you to talk? You're not a priest. Gao Zhiyuan opened his wide mouth and smiled, showing a row of yellow teeth. He pulled back his bedclothes, and his chest, with a few fine hairs, appeared under his ragged undershirt. He wore a pair of shorts, unbuttoned, and then a pair of hairy legs. Ji-won, 75 inch smart board ,4k smart board, you should dress up a little, too. What do you look like. No wonder you hate women, because women will never like a man who doesn't love cleanliness like you, "Fang Yadan suddenly interrupted, followed by a burst of laughter.". Gao Zhiyuan hurriedly drew the bedclothes to him. He blushed slightly because Fang Yadan talked about his weakness. "I'm going," said Wu Renmin to himself, and soon disappeared under the stairs. When Wu Renmin walked down the street, he realized that he had not tied his tie properly, so he untied it and tied it again. He tied the knot as he walked. Suddenly a tram came from behind. He hurried to catch up with him, and as soon as he got into the car, the car left. But he had run until his face was flushed and his neck swollen. He got out of the car, walked a few roads, and finally found Xiong Zhijun's apartment. This is a relatively clean alley, with only a dozen houses inside. Shikumen, new building, three floors, fresh air. "It's good to be sick here," he thought. He found the bugler and knocked on the front door first, but there was no answer. Then he turned to the back door and knocked for a long time. A Jiangbei aunt opened the door for him. Hearing that she had come to see the woman surnamed Xiong, her aunt called out "Miss Xiong" below. A woman's voice came from upstairs, and then she seemed to hear the door ringing. "You go up to the third floor," she said to him with a smile. Wu Renmin walked on the stairs, thinking about what to say when he saw her. He accidentally looked up and saw a face with a pile of hair leaning down by the stairs above. He knew it must be her. His face felt hot, and he did not know why. He quickened his pace happily and walked up. His feet were still on the last stair, and he stood face to face with her. He remembered it very clearly, and sure enough, it was no different from what he had seen on the cemetery that day, and even the blue cloth cheongsam had not been replaced. The drooping black hair, the slender figure, the sad face, all seemed to be engraved in his mind. Two watery eyes, which rippled with a lot of melancholy. The beautiful face was covered with a layer of clouds. A small mouth opened slightly. He stood like this for a minute or two, and neither of them spoke. Wu Renmin only felt that a pair of soft, startled, suspected, crying and laughing eyes kept hovering over his face. But gradually he saw a change. The cloud on her face slowly dissipated. Suddenly she moved her lips and smiled, a smile that seemed to him only a little short of crying. Then the three words "Mr. Wu" came out of her mouth gently. "It's me, Mies Bear," he replied touchingly. He still wanted to speak, but something was blocking his throat. He just followed her into the room in silence. From then on, however, the distance between them was shortened. The woman sat on the edge of the bed and the man sat on the armchair beside the table. The table was clean and there were some books on it. Wu Renmin put his eyes on the book, but said ordinary social words to her. He stopped, but she did not go on. For some unknown reason, she turned her back and lowered her head in silence for a long time. When the aunt brought up the kettle,interactive flat panel display, she put on a smile and stood up to pour tea for him. She cried. "He felt a little sad to think so." Why is she crying? He asked himself in secret. Suddenly a sentence from the letter came into his mind, as if to give him an answer. He looked at her face. She was standing in front of the cabinet, grabbing peanuts from a glass jar and putting them in a magnetic dish.

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