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Prayer Request: Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Yi Bo Nan thinks so, "Ning Xiang, you don't want to appear in front of the truth recently, but also ten meters away from the little childe!" The man over there hung his head and answered softly, "Ning Xiang knows." They went out and looked at the mountains washed by the rain in the distance. The emperor and King Ning over there were in high spirits and ready to go. Chapter 4120 Wulin sorceress vs arrogant and treacherous court official. On this side, the young man riding on the horse was as heroic as jade, and his hair was as dark as ink. Xu Ruyi had an evil smile on his lips, and his eyes were bright. Yi Bonan was also riding on a horse, and all his attention was focused on her. That expression full of affection, as long as it is not silly, can be seen through at a glance. Yi Bonan is really fearless. The two emperors over there hooked their lips. "Let's go!" Xu Ruyi pulled the horse and galloped with his whip. She turned her head and smiled at him. "Yi Bonan, how about we have a competition?" "Good." Yi Bonan doted on the spot and nodded, "I will try to compete with you!" "Everyone hunts his own, and you're not allowed to act shamelessly!" Yi Bonan looked helpless. "Well, I will never act shamelessly." He cracked the whip and quickened his pace. Not to be outdone, the people on the side ran after him. Moments later, the two men had entered the deep forest. Xu Ruyi went into battle lightly and left the people behind him far away in a moment. Not far away,interactive boards for classrooms, a small wild boar was looking for food, humping the ground with its beak everywhere. Xu Ruyi stopped his horse, took a bow and arrow, and prepared to shoot. Suddenly, a dangerous breath approached and made her turn her head. In the back, I don't know when a pack of wolves had gathered,interactive digital whiteboard, and the ferocious eyes stared at her. The number of wolves is astonishing, and they are outflanking her step by step. Their sharp teeth were exposed, and their saliva dripped all over the floor. Xu Ruyi frowned slightly. Royal hunting grounds are guarded and checked regularly. In order to ensure the safety of the emperor, it is impossible to allow such dangerous animals to enter, and they must be removed together. So, is it a conscientious person to put in? Xu Ruyi smiled, "just in time!" She just went back and didn't need to look around. However, the speed of these wolves is too fast to see her without fear, like a vicious gangster, directly rushed over. Xu Ruyi only took a bow and arrow on his body, and it might not be realistic to shoot them one by one. Maybe it's in their belly before it's finished. However, she did not mean to panic at all, interactive panel board ,smart board for conference room, so she had time to aim and shoot the bow and arrow. The horse under her was startled first, and her arrow was empty. Just as she was about to use the gun directly to solve the problem, arrows were raining down on her. Is this to save her or hurt her? Xu Ruyi has guessed a few points. She pulled the reins of the horse and avoided one by one. Soon, the horse under her was hit by several arrows and fell to the ground without support. Xu Ruyi tiptoed lightly and jumped down. It's much safer to be among the wolves. The hungry wolves were shot and ran away one by one without attacking her. Beggar! Yi Bonan heard a roar and heard the sound of hooves. He brandished his sword and knocked down the arrows one by one. Reach out and pull her on the horse. Are you all right? Yi Bonan asked nervously. "How?" Xu Ruyi gave him a reassuring smile, "Xiangye, let's leave here first." As soon as her voice fell, she heard a "whoosh". An arrow drove firmly into the horse's head. The horse gave a mournful neigh and whistled in the wind. Yi Bonan did not frown, hugged her figure and jumped up. He knocked down the arrow all the way, holding her tightly in his other hand. The big net fell from the sky, followed by the black-clad dead men with their faces covered. The beggar. Yi Bonan looked at her in her arms worriedly. These people, he can handle. But with her, he gets distracted! Chapter 4121 Wulin sorceress vs arrogant and treacherous court official. Xu Ruyi left his arms and moved his wrist. "Is there an incompetent person around the prime minister?"? If the young master doesn't have any strong points, how can he be worthy of the tall and powerful prime minister? Yi Bonan looked at her helplessly. At this time, the little beggar was still talking to him. Follow the truth! Rest assured, such a child's trick, but also can not hurt the true appearance! He drew his sword and slashed at the wire mesh. This netbook is made of special material, which is very tough. But to put it bluntly, no matter how good the royal thing is, it is also left over by Yi Bonan. Use these to trap him? It's a dream! As soon as the sword in Yi Bonan's hand was unsheathed, he saw the net made of silk split into two pieces and put it down softly. The dead man in black was approaching, and the tip of his sword was pointed at his throat. Yi Bonan's lips were arrogantly and lightly pulled out two words: "I want to die!" For a moment, there was a splash of blood and a bad smell in the air. Yi Bo Nan always protected her behind her, and did not even let her be stained with a little bit of blood. Just as all the dead men in black were about to be wiped out, another group of officers and soldiers suddenly appeared. King Ning rode on his horse with his troops. "Protect the prime minister!" Yi Bonan hooked his lips, and his dark eyes twinkled with moving brilliance. "So soon, are you ready to fight in the nest?" It seems that King Ning is ready to rebel and push the emperor out to be the scapegoat. However, he is so sensible, how can he not give some face? When all the dead men in black were wiped out, King Ning jumped off his horse. "Prime Minister Yi, are you all right?" "As you can see, you can't die." Yi Bonan smiled shallowly and glanced at the emperor who followed him. What doesn't the emperor understand when he sees such a posture? This time failed to kill Yi Bonan, it is estimated that all the sins have been put on their own body. Here is not like the imperial city, with a limited number of guards. With the covetous King Ning, he not only lost the throne, I'm afraid even his life is in danger. The emperor pointed, "brother, do you want to rebel?"? What was the intention of the courtier who openly murdered me? King Ning smiled and said, "Brother Huang,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, it's serious.". My brother led to come, is to save the prime minister's adult. Prime Minister Yi, do you think so? 。

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