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Prayer Request: The struggle of ordinary citizens

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The struggle of ordinary citizens (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"If it is to expand several provinces, I agree with both hands, but to enter the central government!"! What is the cost to the Northwest? Why do the domestic people support the Northwest to enter the central government? Northwest into the central plains day, also Datong! This sentence explains the reason, because the northwest has the life they want, but can we give 400 million people the same life? Unable! With 50 million people.. Nope! What is the exact result of 42000000 people subsidizing 400 million people? As a result, the northwest is burdened with a heavy burden. Let's take a look at Shanxi, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang. Although the industries in the three provinces are developing rapidly and the tax revenue has increased several times compared with the past, even so, the northwest still has to bear many expenses such as education, medical care and so on. Depending on the tax revenue of the three provinces, is it possible for the three provinces to realize free compulsory education and boarding education? Why was free medical care in Northwest China suspended in the past? Economic pressure, now the compulsory medical insurance in Northwest China can only provide basic medical security, only wealthy enterprises such as Northwest Company have purchased real medical insurance for their employees, can they enjoy medical, recuperation and hospitalization services. Even so, the Treasury has to bear part of the medical compensation. Then there is the land, the people support the northwest to enter the central government,smart boards for conference rooms, the people hope that the land reform in the northwest will benefit the whole country, the poor hope to get land, and the local gentry also hope to get land purchased by the government to obtain funds for investment in industry. How much will be spent on land reform? Big enough to drag down the northwest, a completely unified China will undoubtedly enable us to integrate the strength of the whole country, but the whole country is the burden of the northwest, the northwest is not the savior! Northwest China is a citizen class composed of a group of businessmen and a group of immigrants inside the Shanhaiguan Pass! They do not have a high level of consciousness, because they are willing to expand more for the benefit than for the mission! I can responsibly say that reunification will bring down the northwest! Destroy the Northwest! Born as the manager of the Northwest Company and also the director of the Northwest Finance Department,65 inch smart board, Mu Yichu's way of looking at problems has always been from an economic point of view, and it is the economy that has made Northwest China what it is today. To put it bluntly, all problems are economic problems. If we can't solve economic problems, we can't solve other problems. Mu Ouchu's words silenced Sima. The pace of northwest expansion is undoubtedly faster than in the past. Even because of Lanzhou, he intends to quickly solve the current situation of China, realize the unification of the country, and then integrate all the forces of the country to promote the rapid development of the country. Even Sima has prepared a three-year plan specially. In fact, it copied the First Five-Year Plan of the Soviet Union and tried to make China complete the transformation from an agricultural country to an industrial country in a real sense in three years. But as Mu Ouchu said, there are 400 million people inside the Shanhaiguan Pass looking forward to sharing the "Northwest Dividend" after the Northwest entered the central government, while there are 42000000 people in the Northwest looking forward to sharing the "Expansion Dividend", if we can not achieve a balance of interests between the two sides, then they and even the Northwest will disappoint the people, or even abandon them. Is that your opinion, classroom interactive whiteboard ,65 inch touch screen, or their opinion? After hesitating for a few seconds, Sima asked. The reason for this question is that although Mu Ouchu is now the director of finance, on the other hand, he is also a special executive committee member of the Chamber of Commerce, and other executive committee members must hope to convey some meaning to themselves through Mu Ouchu. Sima, before I came, I talked with several members of the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. If you say you must fight and be a member, everyone will support you, just like in the past! Even though everyone has different opinions, you haven't made a clear statement so far. You want to wait until the time is ripe to make a statement. The dispute of the Chamber of Commerce is based on this. The fundamental reason for their dispute is whether you will continue to promote the Northwest Model in the whole country. If you promote the Northwest Model in the whole country, will it bring down the Northwest! This is the root of everyone's concern, and everyone wants a reassuring pill. Mu Ouchu also pressed a sentence in his heart, the northwest is not Sima's northwest, but belongs to everyone. Of course, Mu Ouchu will never say this sentence, like this kind of forbidden words, what it means, Mu Ouchu is very clear. "So you want me to wait and let the parliament go on?" Reassurance pill! Hearing this word, Sima asked in reply, his voice seemed a little cold. For the threat of Sima has never compromised, but Sima did not expect to be now. They, who have benefited directly from the Northwest, are trying to force themselves to give them a reassuring pill in this way. Xiangyao, tell me, what is the mode of reassurance they hope for? After a little hesitation to suppress the anger in his heart, Sima asked Mu Ouchu in front of him. Now that Mu Ouchu has come, naturally they already have a solution. Sima, this kind of military affair is not something they can intervene in, and they have never thought of interfering in the affairs of the Northwest. I think you know this better than anyone else. Chinese businessmen are more satisfied than businessmen from any other country! What is their disagreement? You already know. Now the question is whether you are willing to solve the problem. Mu Ouchu, who knows Sima, understands more or less what Sima is thinking in front of him. I'm afraid it's more anger. Mu Ouchu can understand this kind of anger. Industry is the foundation of Northwest China, and Sima is naturally very clear about the advantages of Chinese businessmen in this era, but if this precedent is set, what will happen in the future? If these businessmen get the benefits of interfering in government affairs, will they become even worse? Although Sima knows that their starting point this time is more or less for the northwest, of course, more worried about their own interests, but what will happen in the future, Sima can not guarantee what will happen in the future after setting this precedent. Chapter 183 four unlike the government. While the members of the executive committee of the chamber of commerce were still arguing for their own interests, the young guards, who had set out from the northwest for six days,smartboards in classrooms, finally set foot on the capital city in the true sense. After marching 357 Li in six days, the young guards finally entered Changping on January 24, the 7th year of the Republic.

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