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Prayer Request: Penglaike-Palm Jiao (Palm Jiao) [End]

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Penglaike-Palm Jiao (Palm Jiao) [End] (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
On the same day, after contacting Mrs. Will, Zhen Zhu left the chaotic capital and was escorted by Adjutant Wang and returned to Tianjin smoothly. After leaving the station, the driver had already come to pick him up and waited there. Adjutant Wang said that the officer had ordered him to take Miss Xue back to Xu's residence. The author has something to say: There is no second watch tonight ~ the next watch will be around 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Chapter 81 the depths of the world of mortals. Zhen Zhu hesitated and declined. Adjutant Wang was stupefied and looked embarrassed. "This is what the officer ordered.." It's also for Miss Xue's convenience. If Miss Xue doesn't go, I'm afraid the officer will blame me. Zhen Zhu smiled slightly: "He wants to blame you, you ask him to look for me." Adjutant Wang had no choice but to send her back to Kailuan Hutong. What happened in the capital yesterday was all over the streets and alleys of Tianjin today. When Miss Tang returned in the evening, she was delighted to see that Zhen Zhu had returned safely. Zhen Zhu gave her a small gift she had bought in the first few days of her trip. In response to her curiosity, she briefly talked about what she had seen at that time. Miss Tang sighed and sighed that she had nothing to say that night. The next day, Zhen Zhu resumed his normal work. When he returned to his residence in the evening, he saw a car parked at the entrance of the alley. He didn't pay much attention to it. When he entered the door, he saw Miss Tang hurrying out and saying, "Miss Xue, you have a visitor. It's a lady.". You didn't reply just now, so I served it for you. Confused, Zhen Zhu went into the room and saw that it was Mrs. Shi who had come with a basket of fruit. He was very surprised. He apologized to her, saying that he had come back late and let her wait. Then he let her into his room. Seeing her sitting there, his eyes fell on him all the time. He seemed to be slightly excited and looked a little unusual. He hesitated and asked, "Mrs. Shi?" I wonder if Mr. Shi has returned? Only then did Mrs. Shi seem to come to her senses and smile. "Some time ago, his father was not in good health. He was looking for him in the newspaper. He still had a little conscience. He had already returned." Zhen Zhu nods: "Although I and Shi Gongzi are only casual acquaintances, but also know,interactive panels for education, he is a man of temperament, filial piety naturally needless to say.". Just go home. Mrs. Shi smiled, and her eyes fell on her face again, staring. Zhen Zhu couldn't help it and said, "Mrs. Shi, do you have something to do with me tonight?"? What is it? You said it. If I can do it, I will try my best. Mrs. Shi finally said,smart interactive whiteboard, "Miss Xue, I already know that you are my sister's daughter. You should call me aunt." Zhen Zhu was stunned. Mrs. Shi looked at her with a happy and excited expression on her face: "Last time I saw you for the first time, I thought you were very similar to my sister who died many years ago. So I asked you about your origin, but I was not sure at that time. After I went back, I asked someone to go to Mr. Xu's old home in Yixian County to inquire about it. Two days ago, I finally learned the news." You are indeed the child I have been looking for for years. I am your own aunt! Zhen Zhu looked at her in surprise. Mrs. Shi wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, steadied herself, and told Zhen Zhu what had happened before. It turned out that Xue Hongjian's birth mother and Mrs. Shi were a pair of sisters. When they were young, because their families were poor, they were sold into the opera troupe to learn drama together. The two sisters had outstanding appearances and voices, especially Xue Hongjian's birth mother, who was even more outstanding and became famous actors for a time. They fell in love with Xue's father at first sight and were redeemed by him. At that time, Xue's father was a new Jinshi with unlimited prospects, and he was also very kind to her. Mrs. Shi was also happy that her sister had a good home, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smart board whiteboard, but she did not expect that the good times would not last long. Two years later, soon after she gave birth to Xue Hongjian, Xue's father was dismissed from his post and imprisoned for his involvement in the New Party. Xue Hongjian's mother lost her dependence and was forcibly occupied by a man who had long coveted her. Before she died, she died of illness and depression. Before she died, she told Mrs. Shi that if there was a chance in the future, Please ask her to take care of her daughter for herself. Later, by chance, Mrs. Shi followed Shi Jinglun's father and sent several people to visit Xue Jiachuan's hometown in the west of Sichuan. But in the past few years, there were several disasters and wars, and the Xue family left their hometown and moved several times. Later, they only heard that Xue's father died soon after he returned home, leaving a pair of children missing, and there was no other news. Over the years, Mrs. Shi has never forgotten the entrustment of her sister before she died. Every time she thinks of it, she feels very sorry. She doesn't know the whereabouts of Xue Hongjian's life and death. She knows what's on her mind. Listening to her long sigh, she can only comfort her. That day she went to find Zhen Zhu, this is to inquire about the whereabouts of Shi Jinglun, but did not expect to have an unexpected discovery, after going back, immediately sent someone to Xu Zhishen home to inquire about the news, this time finally have the exact news, know Xue Hongjian is his sister's daughter who has been looking for many years without success, very excited, tonight to find a recognition. When Mrs. Shi talked about the emotional place, her eyes were moist again. She hugged Zhen Zhu, who was still stunned, into her arms and said, "You can go back with me tonight and live in my place in the future. I won't let you suffer outside again." Zhen Zhu finally came to her senses and let Mrs. Shi hold her in her arms. She listened in silence as she talked about her past with her birth mother. Gradually, when she calmed down, she called her aunt and shook her head, saying, "I appreciate my aunt's kindness. It's just that it's not convenient to live in your place.". If my aunt misses me in the future, just let me know, and it's the same when I go to see you. Mrs. Shi refused at first and insisted that she live with her in the Shi Mansion. She tried to persuade her again and again, but when she saw that Zhen Zhu still refused, she had no choice but to say, "All right, then you can stay here first. Let's talk about it later." Lady Shi stayed with Zhen Zhu for a long time and said a lot of words. It was not until very late that she was sent out by Zhen Zhu. Before she left, Zhen Zhu saw her stop and hesitated to speak. She said with a smile, "If my aunt has something to say, just ask me." Mrs. Shi nodded and said in a low voice, "How is the relationship between you and Mr. Xu now?" Zhen Zhu was stunned. "That's right," Mrs. Shi said hurriedly. "I sent someone to inquire about it. I learned that when you were young in the first few years, you went to the Xu family for a few years. Later, when Mr. Xu returned to his hometown,digital interactive whiteboard, I heard that he sent you back to the Xue family. But when he left, he took you to Tianjin, and you lived in the Xu residence for some time.." 。

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