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Prayer Request: Iron-blooded Republic of China

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Iron-blooded Republic of China (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Reach out your hand, do not care about her subconscious defense, gently hold her, let her sit on his lap, head on his shoulder, feel the heat of her breath, Zhang Xuejie quietly told her about his last life experience, military Academy, army, soldiers, selection into the special forces.. She is like a kitten, sitting on her lap, quietly listening to her story, that kind of complete trust makes Zhang Xuejie feel good, thank God, she is still alive! This moment of quiet so that always rigid Iron-blooded Colonel can not help but warm up, if this has been going on, he and Mengmeng two people married, married, gave birth to a lot of small turnip head,face recognition identification, and then he hugged Mengmeng like this, two people chatted, said this, slowly growing old.. How beautiful such a day must be! Feeling the gentleness and unstoppable happiness in Zhang Xuejie's words, Yiling looked up a little strangely at Zhang Xuejie who was giggling, lowered his head in puzzlement, and continued to lean on him,digital signage screen, so, very good, how long has no one given himself such a warm feeling! Deliberately frozen heart in a trace of melting, perhaps it is still so cold, but one day it will show its true colors! How Prestige Is Acquired (2) Meeting again the next day, yuan Zuting keenly noticed that there was something wrong with the expression between them, hehe, a lot of intimacy. You're here? Let's pick up where we left off yesterday. Deliberately ignoring the thief smile on yuan Zuting's face, Yiling smiled and handed him a cup of hot tea. It seems that people are really in high spirits when they meet happy events. The person who didn't sleep yesterday is even more energetic than the person who slept all night! Sitting on the stool, yuan Zuting still did not forget to tease. Garrulous, now that you're here, listen to me. Worthy of being two people who have experienced the storm, the slightest calm, just shallow smile, information kiosk price ,touch screen kiosk, that wipe in the corner of the mouth of the happy smile is really obvious ah! "Oh, don't make trouble. Yesterday, we finished talking about military affairs, intelligence and economy. Today, we will talk about the most crucial thing." "What is it?" Looking at his companion's solemn expression, yuan Zuting slowly became serious. It's politics. "Politics?" "Well, don't forget that in 1912, Song Jiaoren formed the Kuomintang with the Three People's Principles as its administrative program. In 1921, the Communist Party of China was founded. I don't need to say this. We have a very clear understanding of the strength of the Communist Party!" Yiling smiled shallowly, but this is the most crucial question! "This?" The other two were silent. Both of them were very clear about the history of the anti-Japanese war. They also knew the two cooperation and two breakdowns between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, but they were a little hesitant about what role they played between them. Needless to say, although the KMT had a good time in the past few decades, it was driven out of mainland China in the end, so there is no need to consider it. As for the Communist Party, there is no denying that the Communist Party is the most advanced and revolutionary party, but the current Communist Party is still too naive and too radical. If they want to join the Communist Party, they will definitely be criticized in the end. They will eliminate counter-revolutionaries again and again, and they will be criticized again and again. It is really not easy to survive in this era's Communist Party! It's not that I'm worried about my fate, but that I don't want to see my country go through those twists and turns again. Didn't the great man later say it very well? Whether it is a white cat or a black cat that catches mice is a good cat, it depends on whether a policy is correct, and the key is whether it can achieve three benefits. The present Communist Party is not an object they can consider, but without a clear policy program, how can we call on the masses and lead them forward? Can we create a political party ourselves? Yeah, why not? Why not form a political party of your own? They have the most advanced vision, the most correct program and the most firm confidence in this era. Who else can guarantee that they will never do anything wrong? Both of them, who were thinking, brightened their eyes and looked at Yiling, who was drinking tea with a smile. "Did you think of that long ago?" "Maybe it's because I'm used to these strategies!" Said lightly, these past life experiences have become her engraved in the heart of the brand, in any case can not get rid of. Good idea. Now that you have thought of it, what are you going to do? "First of all, let's talk about the administrative program. The current Marxism-Leninism is definitely not applicable, so the administrative program of the Communist Party is not suitable. There are many loopholes in Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Three People's Principles, and it is not very suitable to explain many of the current forms. If we really want to say a good idea, Comrade Deng Xiaoping said that we should build socialism with Chinese characteristics." Everything that does not conform to Marxism is called socialism with Chinese characteristics; there is also the advocacy of nationalism. After a pause, Yiling smiled sarcastically. "We all know very well that any country's participation in international affairs is based on its own interests. There is only a combination of interests in the international community, and there is no real internationalism to speak of. Unfortunately, the current Marxism advocates class theory. The newly established Communist Party is too naive to believe that the Soviet Union will really help China." Just because they are a country founded by the proletariat, it is simply a great absurdity in the world. Fortunately, Chairman Mao woke up early, otherwise the Chinese revolution would have been defeated by the international communism. There are also problems with the class struggle and historical materialism of communism. Our country has carried out class struggle for decades before, but it has not made us prosperous and strong. On the contrary, it was after the reform and opening up that our country developed rapidly with economic construction as the center. If I were to experience the era of class struggle as the center now, I would absolutely not be able to stand it. Historical materialism even obliterates spiritual life,facial recognition thermometer, and I feel terrible when I think of that chaotic era. Remembering the era in Chinese history when everyone shouted to expose and criticize, Song Yiling shivered, and Zhang Xuejie and yuan Jiawen felt sorry for each other.

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