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Prayer Request: White Bone Order

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White Bone Order (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Wei Qianli laughed and said to himself, "Not only is it possible, but I've already done it." "What can I do?" He said. "I didn't think of it at all. It's your fault to remind me. I don't know what you suspect.." Qu Shiying seemed to believe it and said nothing more. Wei Qianli suddenly asked, "It's strange. Why didn't your complexion improve at all after you finished your exercise?" When Qu Shiying heard this, his face changed and he was speechless. Wei Qianli suddenly remembered that his wound had been made by himself, and now he mentioned it again. It was clear that he was trying to be sarcastic. No wonder Qu Shiying's face changed immediately. He hurriedly opened the conversation and said, "Do you think we should start, too?" With a hum, Qu Shiying walked out of the door. Suddenly he stopped and said, "Before we set out, let's go to the alley where you eat dumplings.." "All right," said Wei Qianli abruptly, "I'll take you there so that you won't have an excuse later." But secretly laugh unceasingly in the stomach. There were already several guests in the alley. The dumpling seller is very busy. "Qu Shiying stopped Wei Qianli and said," I'll go by myself. Wei Qianli shrugged his shoulders and stopped at the entrance of the lane to look around. Qu Shiying went to the stall, looked down, and saw that the ground was wet, and there was a broken pot in the corner not far away. When he looked around like this, the dumpling seller raised his head and shouted, "Grandpa, sit here.." As soon as his eyes touched little Yan Luo and Qu Shiying, he felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar and was stunned for a long time. When he calmed down, Naqu Shiying turned and walked out of the alley. That little Yan Luo Qu Shiying always knew that his eyes had the power to frighten people's hearts and souls. When he saw the dumpling seller in such a situation, he couldn't help thinking,outdoor digital signage displays, "Could it be that that fellow was really afraid of me, so he didn't dare to come and report it immediately?". It seems that Wei Qianli's words are not false! But he was not anxious, and Wei Qianli went to the branch of the elm village. When they got there, they looked around, but there were no pedestrians. Then they performed their flying skills and landed in the courtyard of the house in a blink of an eye. But this was the backyard, so no one noticed. Wei Qianli followed Qu Shiying to the porch. The light from the window showed the figures of the two men. But the two men were silent at their feet, like two ghosts, so they still did not come out to look. They found the hole and looked closer. Inside was a brightly lit hall where four men were discussing something. As soon as the two men heard this, they heard a man say,temperature check kiosk, "Although we have untied the secret note, we still have to leave here immediately.". Wei Qianli may not be able to find us alone. But there is Qu Shiying, the owner of Shaozhuang. At this point, the man suddenly stopped and seemed to take a breath of cold air. Then he looked at everyone with a strange look and said, "If you have him together, you may not be able to find him." "I don't believe him," said the other. "Let's use carrier pigeons to pass on the news to everyone. At the same time, evacuate the area immediately. "But the news we got from the homing pigeon is a little strange!"! If it's not true, won't we be held responsible by the old Villa Leader? One of them protested. When Wei Qianli heard this, he gasped and thought, "It's over. That fellow has already used a carrier pigeon to deliver the message.." Qu Shiying pushed him. With a slight signal, he laughed coldly and said, "You're alert enough, but it's a pity that you're too late.." When he spoke, he clapped his fists and smashed the window in front of him. The four men were all too dull to move. Just because of the prestige of Xiao Yan Luo Qu Shiying and his ruthlessness, he was really able to control the people of Yushuzhuang. Qu Shiying rose with the sound, Interactive digital signage ,temperature scanning kiosks, and in the flying hall, his eyes, as cold as the devil's, swept over the faces of the four men, like a thunder, and woke them up again. They immediately stood up together and retreated in all directions. Without moving, the devil asked coldly, "If anyone of you dares to move first, I will kill him first as an example.." After saying that, he looked around, but no one dared to move. Wei Qianli looked out of the window and recognized two of them. They used to be in Yushu Village. One was named Yao Kai, and the other was named Qin Renzhong. Both of them were very good at martial arts. In Yushu Village, they were second only to Black Bat Qin Li. Therefore, if you are sent out, you will always be able to take charge of a lot of things. But looking at what they had just discussed, the other two, though they had never seen it before, could be inferred that their status was not low, at least comparable to that of these two. With the position of the four of them, it is strange that they should gather together in Kaifeng. At the same time, with the skill and position of the four of them, once they meet the little Yan Luo Qu Shiying, they dare not move, just like a mouse seeing a cat, they can also infer the power of that Qu Shiying. Why are the four of you here? Is there anyone else? Qu Shiying asked. "Young Villa Leader," said Yao Kai, "please remember the love of the past year and show mercy to your subordinates. We can say everything we know." Qu Shiying only snorted, but did not say yes, nor did he mean to show no mercy. Qin Renzhong said, "I dare not tell you the truth. Now the organization of Yushu Villa is going to change greatly, so all the people at the helm are concentrated in Luoyang waiting for orders.". Sent out now, only a limited number of dozens of people, four of us in Kaifeng mansion, mainly not to deal with less ZhuangZhu you old, but to meet two people, get the echo, and then return to Xiangyang. "Xiangyang?" Qu Shiying was surprised. Instead of asking them who they were coming to meet, he asked, "Is the old Villa Leader already in Xiangyang?"? How long has it been? Qin Renzhong said, "When the younger one came, the old Villa Leader was still in Luoyang, but he was waiting for the younger ones to report back to Xiangyang.." Qu Shiying thought for a moment, then restored the cold expression of the past, slowly tunnel: "I have the heart for the sake of the past, let you go, but..." He stopped suddenly, and all that could be heard in the hall was the heavy, hurried cries of the four men. But according to the rules of the village, you can't and dare not hide your whereabouts for me, can you? He glanced inquiringly at the four men, only to see that they were expressionless. You should know that the rules of the Elm Village were very strict. It was really many times more sad than death. So the four men suspected that although they wanted to live,interactive whiteboard prices, they dared not rashly promise not to reveal his whereabouts. So You can't blame me for being hot. As soon as the voice stopped, suddenly a palm split a man on the right side. The action is as swift as a ghost, and the strength is strong.

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