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Prayer Request: Fengqing [Zhao Fengqing Jiangfu] This bowl of porridge

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Fengqing [Zhao Fengqing Jiangfu] This bowl of porridge (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Zhao Fengqing recalled his voice, clear and cold. She opened the text message. There is only one word on the screen, and there is not even a punctuation mark at the end. Just one word. Fuck off. Zhao Fengqing looked at it and stroked the word with his finger. That was the first thing he said to her. When my cousin came out of the bath, she saw Zhao Fengqing sitting on the bed with her knees in her arms. She stared at her cell phone and asked, "Qing'er, what are you laughing at?" Zhao Fengqing raised his head and smiled, "I'm looking at my classmate's short message." "What classmate?"? To make you so happy. "A lovely classmate." "A man?" "Yes." "No wonder." My cousin had already guessed it. Zhao Fengqing usually likes to smile, but her eyebrows and eyes are too flirtatious, and there is always a little charm in her smile. When she was looking at her cell phone just now, the spring breeze was blowing on her face, and the softness in her eyes diluted the evil spirit. At that moment, my cousin only saw an ordinary and lovely little girl. Chapter 5 This story is pure fiction. The winter vacation of senior three is very short. After playing for a few days, school started early. Jiang Fuli and yuan Zao took two days off. On the first day of school, Zhao Fengqing couldn't wait to go to Class 2, Grade 3 to meet Jiang Fu. Rao Zi could not see past it. He threw his winter vacation homework in front of her and said, "You haven't done your homework yet. I have copied it.". The teacher will come to collect it in the afternoon and copy it quickly. "I'll copy it in the next class." She put his exercise book under the Chinese textbook. Then,smart interactive whiteboard, put on the framed glasses. Rao Zi was even more sullen. He couldn't bear to see her humble appearance. Where are you going? He looks down on you like a bird from above. "So what?" There is no fairness in love. Rao Zi was so angry that he had to go out and smoke a cigarette. Zhao Fengqing went to the second class and stood in the best viewing position. Jiang Fu was not in his seat, but moved a chair to sit next to a girl. Zhao Fengqing pushed his glasses. Jiang Fu is half a foot away from the girl. The two men lowered their heads. The girl wrote in a book. He put his index finger in the corner of the book and said something to the girl. Zhao Fengqing smiled. This is academic communication, have the problem that does not understand, consult the classmate with good achievement, very normal. At this time, many students around showed the look of watching a good show. Zhao Fengqing naturally will not pay attention to them, after watching Jiang Fu and the girl's academic exchanges,facial recognization camera, she went back to copy homework. She thought, even her poor students have homework exchanges, Jiang Fu to help girls solve a problem, what is strange. Two days later, Jiang Fuli and yuan Zao came back to class. After a winter vacation, Jiang Fuli lost a lot of weight. The original round face showed a pointed chin. Zhao Fengqing asked about the follow-up of the Baqi Hall incident, Jiang Fuli had no expression, "the police are investigating, temporarily did not find yuan Zao head.". The other group, I paid for it privately. Zhao Fengqing pinched Jiang Fuli's face, "don't worry blindly, digital signage kiosk ,face detection android, let nature take its course." They haven't been together for more than half a month, so they went out for a meal at noon. Jiang Fuli was afraid that the partition wall had ears, so she booked a closed box. For yuan Zao's future, the Great Lakes showed an innocent optimism, "Don't worry, the police will certainly investigate clearly.". yuan Zao didn't hurt anyone, and he was beaten. In other words, he was a victim. yuan Zao looked embarrassed. Since the accident, his whole person has been silent a lot, often listening to others, he is quiet as if he did not exist. Zhao Fengqing was in a complicated mood when he saw him like that. A person's life, from time to time will be wrong. Not to mention the frivolous period of youth. yuan Zao. She took a puff on her cigarette. "Don't associate with that brother Sheng." "He won't go to them again." Jiang Fuli with a straight face, "the matter is over, anyway, the police do not look for words, as do not know." "Hey." Rao Zi knocked on the table and said in a low voice, "Don't say anything about this.". We got into a gang fight, and we saw blood. It's very troublesome. The crowd nodded and agreed. Also Rao Zi looked around at the students and finally fixed his eyes on yuan Zao's face. "If you're unlucky and you're caught, you can't give up the people who saved you." Jiang Fuli froze. Zhao Fengqing, with a cigarette in his mouth, glanced at yuan Zao. yuan Zao raised his head and looked back at Rao Zi. "Well, I swear." "That's not necessary.". I'll just give you a heads up, as long as you know the pros and cons. Rao Zixiao, "I hope everything goes well and is safe." However, a few days later, the police came up. yuan Zao was taken away after the second class. Jiang Fuli wanted to chase him, but Zhao Fengqing stopped him. Don't be impulsive. "He's finished." Jiang Fuli almost lost control. Sister Li. Rao Zi came over. "Don't put yourself in it." Jiang Fuli gritted her teeth and leaned against Zhao Fengqing. Zhao Fengqing looked at yuan Zao's slightly bent figure from a distance and knew in his heart that he had no chance to take the college entrance examination. yuan Zao is not in good condition in the Bureau. His old wound is not healed, and he is under great psychological pressure. The situation is neither up nor down. He was afraid to stay at the police station, so he confessed leniently. Can give up the victory elder brother, yuan Zao also can't avoid trouble. Brother Sheng and his gang are real villains, and they are sure to retaliate. But on balance, the most important thing is to get out first. Jiang Fuli has the most complicated interpersonal network in this group. She went all over the place to dredge up relationships and went through all the relationships she could trust. yuan Zao was not the mastermind of the incident in Baqi Hall, and he did not hurt anyone. He was detained for ten days and fined one thousand yuan. He finally came out. After a long period of mental pressure, he could no longer face the school, so he had to ask for leave to rest at home. yuan Zao's case caused a warning from the school. Several classmates who had a good relationship with yuan Zao were taken to the discipline office for questioning. However, everyone said they didn't know. The dean of discipline blew his beard and stared. "Have you ever thought about your future?"? Cover up the students who cause trouble, but also feel that they are very loyal, right! Do you kids know what loyalty is? Loyalty is the positive energy of unity and progress,smart whiteboard price, not to know and not to report to the teacher! Boy a trembled slightly, his face turned pale and struggled. As soon as the experienced dean of discipline looked at it, he knew who the breakthrough was. So he asked questions one by one.

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