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Prayer Request: Industrial hegemony

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Industrial hegemony (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Chen Jinfu was even more interested. He asked Lin Zhenhua, "Xiao Lin, tell me what you want to do." Lin Zhenhua asked, "Master Chen, do you think the simple gear hobbing machine I just mentioned is promising?" Chen Jinfu thought for a moment, then nodded and said, "This thing is a bit of a trick. It's not used in the big factory I used to work in. We have our own gear hobbing machine, which is much better than yours.". Some small machinery factories may use it. Every factory will encounter the matter of milling gears. Milling workers with poor technology will set the tool after each indexing, and sometimes they will not be right. With you, you can save a lot of things. "Master Chen, do you think if our factory produces such machines and sells them to those small machinery factories, can we make some money?" "You can try that," said Chen Chin-fu. I just heard you say that with the technology of our factory, we should be able to do it. I can do a few key parts myself. But to sell it to those factories, someone has to sell it. Cen Youxin stayed beside them all the time, listening to them. Now when he heard the word "sales promotion", he remembered the topic he had talked with Lin Zhenhua on the way. He immediately came forward and said, "I don't know about production. If I want to sell, I can go for a run." "You?" Cen Youjun was stupefied for a moment. "Brother Youxin, do you also want to work in our factory?" "Platoon leader," said Lin Zhenhua, "I talked to Brother Youxin on the way, and I think he's quite suitable for selling. You don't even have a salesman in this factory now. How can you not lose money if you run a factory behind closed doors like this? Cen Youjun looked at his cousin, thought about it, laughed and said, "Yes, it wasn't Xiao Lin who reminded me. I really didn't notice it.". When I was a child, we went to the street to sell vegetables. Brother Youxin sold faster than me. Now that I think of it, Brother Youxin really has the ability to do business. When Lin Zhenhua saw that Cen Youjun was getting started, he said, "Platoon leader, let's go outside and talk about this." Chen Jinfu naturally would not get involved in these things, Lin Zhenhua and Cen brothers walked out of the workshop together, went to a pile of iron in the grass, each picked up a piece of scrap iron as a stool to sit down. Lin Zhenhua said, "Platoon leader, I have seen it just now. The foundation of your factory is not bad. If you have a few marketable products, it should not be a problem to earn tens of thousands of yuan a year.". So, I think you should take the factory down. Cen Youjun hesitated and said, "Xiao Lin, if the factory can really earn tens of thousands of yuan, I don't need to contract it, do I?"? If the factory is ready, I can get a monthly salary, isn't it? After all, I am still a national cadre, and it is not appropriate to contract down the factory. "Don't think so, platoon leader," said Lin Zhenhua. First of all, I help you find the product, which is a favor for you. If it wasn't for your business, I wouldn't have to suffer. All the money earned later was taken away by the commune, face recognition identification kiosk , which may become the capital for cadres to eat and drink. I am not willing to do this kind of thing. Cen Youjun sighed helplessly and said, "Xiao Lin, your thoughts have always been so extreme.". But then again, there is some truth in what you said. Some cadres in the commune eat and drink very much. No matter how big the family property is, they will eat it out. "This is it." Lin Zhenhua said, "The second point is that if an enterprise wants to develop, it must have a stable operation. It can't have too many mothers-in-law, let alone be picked by others after it develops to a certain extent.". If you contract the factory for five or ten years, no one else can interfere, and you have the final say in the affairs of the factory, so that you can do it freely, and no one will be crooked. Cen Youxin interjected: "Well, Youjun, if you don't contract the factory, I will help you run the sales, others will not be convinced, but also say that you use your own relatives.". "You have to be a brother to fight the tiger. If I hadn't helped you and others had helped you, how could you have been so dedicated?" Cen Youjun hesitated for a moment and said, "What you said is reasonable.". But, Xiao Lin, do you really think I can make money after contracting? What if I lose money? "Platoon leader," said Lin Zhenhua, "no one can guarantee you anything like this. I have a few product ideas here, and I will meet with Master Chen later to see how to do it. If there is no accident, it should be more than enough to support your small factory with these products. Of course, everything has risks, in case of any abnormal situation, it is also possible to lose money. "That's right," said Cen Youjun. "I'm just worried about losing money. It's easy to say how to make money. If I lose money, what can I do to compensate for my family's situation now? "It's not that serious, is it?" Asked Lin Zhenhua? We start to do it now, the worst case, that is, the product can not be sold, wasted materials and man-hours, which is not worth much money. Cen Youjun said with some embarrassment, "Xiao Lin, in fact, after I came here at noon today, I went to see the deputy secretary in charge of industry in the commune and asked about the contract.". He said that if he wanted to contract, he could pay a contract fee of 5000 yuan a year, and the rest of the expenses in the factory would be borne by himself. The commune did not care about the losses and profits. I'm worried now. What if I can't earn 5000 yuan a year? "5000 yuan," Cen Youxin stared round his eyes. " Only 5000 yuan? Lin Zhenhua also stared round his eyes. After the two men said a sentence separately, they found that their tone and position were very inconsistent, so they looked at each other. Xiao Lin, do you think 5000 yuan is not much? Cen Youjun asked cautiously. Lin Zhenhua nodded: "I don't think it's too high." "But this factory has not been profitable in the past two years." Cen Youxin said, "does the commune want to get money for nothing now?" Cen Youjun, in turn, stood on Lin Zhenhua's side this time. He said, "Xiao Lin is right. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of assets in the factory. Even if you put them in the bank to earn interest, there are thousands of yuan.". If I contract it, I won't pay any money, and it's not appropriate. Cen Youxin said hesitantly, "If you have to pay a contract fee of 5,000 yuan a year, it's really a bit risky.". If you lose money, it's not enough to sell the ancestral house. 。

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