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Prayer Request: I won't be lonely with you.

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I won't be lonely with you. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Mu Shengyu sneers, "Why can't I be here?" Yin Qianqian, who was slapped by her last time, was still fresh in his memory. He was going to find someone to clean her up, but before she could find someone, Zhongji Li came to her, warning and threatening her, so that she dared not let people find her trouble. So that Yin Qianqian has been holding a bad breath, her tone is mean, "Today is my home court, you are not welcome here, get out of here!" Fortunately, she also knew that today was an important day in her life, so Yin Qianqian lowered his voice and did not shout out. Mu Sheng rain cold face has not spoken, Li Wanqing did not know when to come over. Li Wan looked at Yin Qianqian with a smile. "If you have an opinion about my future daughter-in-law, you have an opinion about me. Since we are not welcome here, it seems that I am not welcome either." Yin Qianqian's face suddenly became ugly, "aunt." "Don't shout if you're not married." To tell the truth, Li Wanqing doesn't like Yin Qianqian very much. Her temper is too strong and her shelf is too big. She looks like the kind of person who has been spoiled since childhood. If a girl wants to be rich, it's nothing to be spoiled,Calacatta Nano Glass, but if she is spoiled by this kind of cocky problem, a qualitative change has taken place. Li Wanqing really did not understand why her sister-in-law liked Yin Qianqian and insisted that she be her daughter-in-law. Had it not been for Li Qian's mother's pressure and threat of illness, she thought Li Qian would not have been engaged to her. Gu Fei saw that the situation was not right and hurriedly pulled Yin Qianqian away. Li Wanqing finished Yin Qianqian and put on an amiable smile when facing Mu Shengyu. Daughter-in-law, are you not feeling well? I don't think you look very well. Mu Sheng Yu: ".." Auntie, if you don't have a daughter-in-law, I won't be so uncomfortable. Seeing that she did not speak, Li Wanqing asked nervously,white marble mosaic, "What did Gu Fei say to you just now?" Probably guessed that Gu Fei would come to hold her good friend's field, but also did not expect two people to meet so easily. Auntie, I'm fine. Li Wanqing is still not at ease, "there is a room upstairs, I take you to rest?" Mu Sheng Yu thought it was too troublesome, and what if Zhong Ji Li couldn't find her. At this time, an acquaintance came to chat with Li Wanqing, Li Wanqing introduced to them since Mu Sheng Yu, ready to take her upstairs. She pouted and was about to speak when Yu Guangjian saw Mu Xiao walking in the direction of the bathroom. Mu Sheng Yu: "Auntie, you chat, I want to go to the bathroom." Hearing this, Li Wanqing loosened her hand and finally mercifully released her. Other people's children. Mu Shengyu often treats things with a cold attitude of "the enemy does not move and I do not move". But she felt that she had really gone too far this time, and she could not help feeling a little guilty. After a little hesitation, she followed up. Although she has a cold temper, Agate Stone Price ,White Marble Mosaic, she knows her family's feelings for her. Grandpa was very serious and old-fashioned, but he seemed to be very different to her and loved her very much. My brother has always been very good to her, and a lot of things are in line with her. There is also my aunt, who has never been married and has no children, but she can occasionally feel the warmth of her mother. This time she came to China without saying a word and did not contact any of them. Without her news, she must be very anxious. In this way, the sense of guilt in her heart suddenly increased. As soon as Mu Xiaotian came out of the bathroom, he saw Mu Shengyu, who was obviously waiting for him. She rarely "take the initiative to send to the door" to come, Mu Xiaotian calm face, although did not speak, at the foot is to turn a corner, step toward the back garden of the villa. There were many people in the hall, and he knew that Mu Shengyu should want to talk to him at the moment. Gu Fei looked at Mu Shengyu's face and unconsciously thought of her aunt Mu yuan. She always noticed the movement of the rain, and when she saw her going in the direction of the bathroom, she didn't think much about it. I wanted to talk to her just now, but Yin Qianqian stirred it up. The two brothers and sisters, who were chatting quietly in the woods somewhere in the back garden, had no idea that there was a Gu Fei in a more secluded place. Elder Brother It took her a long time to come up with such a word. Mu Xiaotian has been looking at her with a look of scrutiny, that sharp eyes as if to stare her out of a hole. Mu Xiaotian: "Do you know me or your brother?" Mu Shengyu has nothing to say. "I see you've had a lot of temper lately, and you have the courage to disappear."? Zhong Ji Li is used to it? He looked at the diamond ring on her neck and chuckled, laughing a little creepy, "You are really ruthless to cut off all contact with us, how, for a Zhongji Li is to break off relations with us?" Mu Shengyu: "No." "Why don't you go back after so long?"? The old man had come back from France ahead of time. If I didn't know where you were, my grandfather would have called the police in a hurry. When are you going back, or are you never going back? What you said at the beginning is good, even if you go far away, you will often go back. Now, it's been almost a month, and you don't even have a phone. Mu Xiaotian looked at her with some disappointment and did not say another word. Mu Shengyu felt guilty and dared not look up at him. For a long time, she held back a slightly pale "I'm sorry." You should reflect on yourself. Gu Fei, who was hiding in a hidden place, saw Mu Xiaotian walking back, and she was so frightened that she hurried back to the direction of the hall. Unexpectedly, Mu Shengyu turned out to be Mu Xiaotian's younger sister, and as far as she knew, Mu Xiaotian was her uncle Gu Ancheng's son, Gu yuan. Then she..! "Gu Fei?" 'Ah.. Ah ?” Hearing a sudden sound behind her, Gu Fei shivered with fright. Li Wanqing noticed that not far away Gu Fei looked around unnaturally, and then the direction she stared at from time to time was exactly where Mu Xiaotian and Mu Shengyu appeared one after the other. Gu Fei remembered that when she was very young, the relationship between the Gu family and the Zhong family was still very good, as if the relationship between the two families had become more and more distant after her uncle's family had an accident. Just seeing her, Gu Fei still had to politely call out Aunt Li. What's the matter,White Marble Slabs, Aunt Li? Li Wanqing: "Oh, I just look at your face.". Why, what do you see? 。

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